Super Fun Drama Chat Time (Melo Edition): Inspiring Generation Episodes 17- 19

After a long sojourn that unfortunately did not involve an adventure sailing the seven seas on the I Love Master yacht Lore and E-Kun are back with super fun drama chat time. We are covering three episodes of Inspiring Generation, so get ready for some ranting. Cheers!

Lore: Episode 17- the Shanghai Club grand opening (and for some reason we were not there with SuJu and Big Bang)?! Confused….

E-Kun: I was like really? Really? But I ask that question a lot when it comes to this show. Mind you I do not hate it, I just don’t understand why it took 50 million episodes of irrelevance to get to this point. This was the episode with Il Hwa and Jung Tae fighting right?

Lore: Yes! I am an Il Hwa fangirl, no matter what this show does. Yep, he does the whole “I am here, fight me” shout and Jung Tae goes out to meet him. Note- Is it really that easy? You just show up at someone’s hangout and say “Fight me!” and it works every time (at least in this show)….

Age of Feeling Ep 17 1

E-Kun: Well, pride was the only thing a lot of people had back then. If you were a coward you gets no respect and your pride (and the only thing that seems to be free besides air) is bruised. It’s that simple. But I am just not for the whole Jung Tae is able to defeat all his opponents after one night of constant practice! These people have trained and disciplined themselves for years! There is a thing as natural talent but this is just one thing with the show I cannot be on board for. Every time Jung Tae wins I say, “Oh, the other person threw the fight” even if they are bleeding and whatnot. Even Gaya has a few years under her belt! Goodness!

Lore: What! You don’t buy the intense training sequences that have Jung Tae learning super difficult martial art moves in one day, a night, or a week? I can’t believe you would question that…..

E-Kun: Ha! Call me a skeptic.

Lore: I know- it is totally ridiculous! So, Il Hwa and Jung Tae fight and then Ok Ryun is taken prisoner by Aoki. Which leads to Jung Tae formulating a brilliant plan to rescue her. Except things go wrong , very wrong.

Age of Feeling Ep 17 2E-Kun: Oh, that plan was flawed from the start. Jung Tae’s biggest weakness is himself. He is often caught in a trap because he is impatient, impulsive, and no one can do the job as well or better than he can. Jung Jae Hwa told him to wait but he didn’t… look what happened

Lore: Yep- Jung Tae is usually fight first, think later. I will admit he is starting to get better, since he started to at least come up with a plan (even a flawed one is better than just punching). Speaking of Jae Hwa, his character really grew on me this episode. Jae Hwa’s character was kind of hard to get behind upon first introductions, but he really seems to at least kind of care (a little) for the people.

Age of Feeling Ep 17 +99

E-Kun: I think it is because they did not know what to do with his character– make him friend or foe. I felt like that from the first moment we saw him. But the actor is one of the best at playing characters that straddle the fence in the viewers mind. This was a great role for him, I hope to see more from him in the future. *sorry for the rabbit trail, I just real love the actor*

Lore: 100% agree. So, Jung Tae breaks into the jail to get Ok Ryun out, but she is busy being driven around by Dog Boy (who offers her a recording contract aka a we own you contract via the Chinese Gang). Aoki springs a trap on Jung Tae and the two fight. But before Aoki orders Jung Tae to be shot we have GAYA! And fire distraction! And Aoki just letting Jung Tae go?! WTF

E-Kun: So we are going into episode 18 now… I was mad Aoki let him go to! I was like *Bang bang bang* Shoot him and then put out the fire. It felt nonsensical for him not to kill him if he was going to do it anyway. I loved Soo from Heartless City, but Aoki is a disappointment time and time again. The best thing he did was involving Sexy Ninja which we will get to later.

Age of Feeling Ep 18 3

Lore: Right – why did everyone have to stop to investigate the fire? I thought they should have shot too (not like I want anyone to die but for all intents and purposes it made sense). Aoki is a disappointment, but I think a lot of that has to do with the writing. I have no doubt the actor can pull off an interesting role (Soo) but AOF’s story is not giving him a chance. I mean, he was barely around for the first half of the series and all of a sudden BHAM he is right in the thick of things.

E-Kun: I know, I felt we could have utilized his character for so much more. But I think we are supposed to see that he is the only Man out of Jung Tae, Sexy Ninja (Shinichi), and himself that actually loves Gaya just to love her. Over the course of the show I have come to see that (or they writer has switched things up) Shinichi only loved Gaya because of her mom. Jung Tae is a MESS but he feels indebted to her because of his father (blah Blah Blahr). Aoki has no other stipulations or reasoning besides them being tools for Japan.

Age of Feeling Ep 17 23

Lore: True, very true. Aoki loves Gaya for her, not because of a past incident. I had not really thought of that before but it makes sense. In the end he is the one that is trying to protect her (but more on that later). So what else happened in episode 18? Oh- the massacre of the citizens.

E-Kun: Hwangbang aka the Chinese lost they mind *hood gyrl voice*! How you just killing innocent’s and holding Ok Ryeon prisoner to start some (S)ugar (H)oney (I)ce (T)ea!? I can’t stand them.

Lore: Ha! I love your hood gyrl voice! Hwangbang – yeah, they are definitely suger honey ice tea starting bad guys. To randomly slaughter a bunch of people just to take down a rival? Yep, pretty sure they are not on anyone’s nice list. I was seriously smiling when Il Hwa found the killers. He was dayum smooth when he walked into their camp and I appreciated that. Probably more than was healthy.

Age of Feeling Ep 18 4

E-Kun: I enjoy the show, to see what Il Hwa will do next! I knew he would find the killers and out smart the Chinese in the process. At the same time to protect Ok Ryeon who is chilling with “Aboji”, Jung Tae has to try and kill Jae Hwa!

Lore: Aish! That plot twist made no real sense to me (episode 19 here we come!). So Jae Hwa is propositioned by Aoki, while Jung Tae is propositioned by Hwangbang to kill Jae Hwa. Which leads to bad blood between the two.

E-Kun: I think Jae Hwa knew what was up from the start. He did all he did all of it look real, even bringing out the Tiger Claws but I am certain after he got to know Jung Tae, he knew he could not stay there as the leader of Bamsamtong? Is that what the Korean refugees are called?

Age of Feeling Ep 18 6

Lore: I still felt like like Jae Hwa should have avoided the fight, but I guess that would not have been in character. Other events of episode 19: Gaya up and announces her love for Jung Tae to Grandpa Gangster. Thoughts??

E-Kun: At this time I was mulling over my thoughts about how Aoki really loves her ne? So when she said that I was like, “Girl! You bet on the wrong horse!” I know she was only saying it to get answers out of granddad, but look what happen to Shinichi because of it! Aoki had to slit one of his arms! I was throwing popcorn at the TV!

Age of Feeling Ep 18 5

Lore: Shinichi….oh Shinichi. Sorry, I am verklempt. Okay, I am getting ahead of myself. But Shinichi!

E-Kun: I cried girl…

Lore: Yeah, I had a lot of somethings in my eyes. A lot. Sexy ninja *sniff sniff* Parting thoughts?

E-Kun: I just can’t see how anything from the first few episodes tie with what the show is up to now. I like the show, and if it was like this from the start we could have ended this show in 16 episodes. I like these later episodes a lot more, we should have done this from 21 Jump Street.

Lore: Parting Thoughts: Come on now- let’s just get along. We don’t need to fight and massacre people. Let’s have a campfire and make smores and sing a nice song? You know you want to…..okay, who am I kidding. You all want to punch and stab each other. At least I have Il Hwa to look at….

2 thoughts on “Super Fun Drama Chat Time (Melo Edition): Inspiring Generation Episodes 17- 19

  1. I still have no idea why these people random just bust out in a fight. I am only there for Mo Il Hwa, ….nothing to see, lalala, nothing to see, wait for it…oooh looky skirt swagger in the house! What a fun quirky character.

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