Super Fun Drama Chat Time: Inspiring Generation Episodes 5 & 6

It was eye candy week in Inspiring Generation land, so naturally E-Kun and I have some things to discuss. Such as eye candy, and new Stone Cities product, and why Jung Tae needs to stop getting punched every three minutes and eye candy. Time for this week’s edition of Super Fun Drama Chat Time! Cheers!


E-Kun: I got a lot of eye candy this week.

Lore: Yes! It was an eye candy week!

E-Kun: Sexy ninja, Soo, and Jae Wook… Oh My! And to add the cherry to my Sunday is Song Jae Rim! Too bad he is always playing an assassin of some sort– except in Paris Nail Shop, but I couldn’t bring myself to turn that on. I heard it was pretty bad.

Eye Candy Inspiring Generation

Lore: After the last 2 episodes I wanted to call the casting director of AOF and ask how they got a hold of my super-hot guys that are hotter playing badasses list. Because that is what I felt like, especially after seeing Song Jae Rim! Boy was I happy to see him! Soo, Song Jae Rim, NINJA. If this show does nothing else for 20 episodes, at least it gave me plenty to drool over.

E-Kun: Ok, enough fan-girling over hot (Totally Hot) guys… So the first thing I have to throw out there– Chung Ah isn’t dead!? Show is trying to play us Unnie!

Lore: I know- what the heck? I was so confused when Jung Tae revealed he was looking for her. I thought she had done thrown herself off a freaking cliff?! Whaaaaaat? So who took her? The same gang that keeps taking and selling kids (seriously, the last 2 episodes made me think Jung Tae’s new motto is “Save the children”)! We have to save the children! Again!! Oops, no time for a date- we must save them! Think of the children!!! Okay, I will stop now. Promise, sort of.

Must Save the Children Inpiring Generation

E-Kun: Look, I tweeted that Gaya needs to forget Jung Tae and make out with Sexy ninja or Soo for that matter (she lucky she gets to pick) and Ok Ryeon needs to frolic and play with Jae Wook Oppa. Because Jung Tae ain’t got time for either one of you heifers (and I mean heifers in the nicest way possible)!

Lore: Nope, he is too busy SAVING THE CHILDREN! Inspiring Generation tip 24- if you want to lure Jung Tae into a trap mention children.

E-Kun: I know, apparently he is not to quick witted. Slimy dog dude has been hoodwinking you for a cool minute Jung Tae. I need him to use his head instead of his fist all the time.

Lore: I am still not buying Gaya and Jung Tae’s doomed love because we saw so little of a foundation for it. She should just shack up with ninja or Soo. As far as Ok Ryeon- her love for Jung Tae is a broken record thus far. Girl, he is not showing up and he can’t be there for you. Say hello to someone else. Regarding hit-first-think-later –  my hubby (who has been watching with me) finally yelled at the screen “Stop getting hurt for ten minutes” Hahaha. But it is so true, Jung Tae pretty much goes from scene to scene getting punched and cut and punching and cutting and…..a vicious cycle.

Inspiring Generation Ep3_4 3E-Kun: Glad that your hubby was screaming at the TV with me because I said the same thing! The only time I felt bad for him these past two episodes was when that one hyung in Dolbi was trying to act out on him. Why is he so hostile towards Jung Tae?

Lore: Yeah, that hyung really got him in trouble with the hyungnims. I think it must be some jealousy, after all Jung Tae rose throw the gang ranks pretty quickly. So, were you confused by the 3 year jump? The only purpose it seemed to serve was allowing Gaya to complete training. Jung Tae and the other characters seemed to pick up right where we left off. And it took 3 years to find the couple that stabbed Jung Tae in China? Maybe that is why it felt weird to me, like nothing happened in 3 years for anyone except Gaya.

E-Kun: I need us to get on the boat to Shanghai where the show started! All this back story is a little much, but I forget the show is 24 episodes. It is true that it seems only Gaya has grown, but it also seems like they have Ok Ryeon and Jung Tae dating to show how they have grown. BBBBBBOOOOOOOOOO! What is he thinking? He doesn’t even like her like that. He needs to let her know what is up. Gaya and Soo have both been doing big things in the last 3 years.

Inspiring Generation Ep3_4 5

Lore: Yes, Gaya and Soo seemed to have the most going on. They are now poised to do whatever it is Evil Grandpa wants them to do. I agree that Jung Tae and Ok Ryeon dating is a joke, because Jung Tae is really stringing her along (I believe he has a deep affection for her, but not the type she has for him). We did get a few new characters with the jump and of course the adult actors took over. Still, it felt like in 3 years something more should have changed, especially for our characters in Manchuria (Dolbi Gang, etc). Perhaps I ask too much. It will be nice to go to where we started, that boat to Shanghai, since this is a whole lot of setup. So, what else happened in episode 5? Seems like a blur. Oh- we met our Chinese Kungfu gang leader Il Hwa (Jae Rim)!

Inspiring Generation Ep3_4 2E-Kun: Jae Rim! Girl he is gangsta– literally in this case. Gaya went in there trying to threaten him and he didn’t seem fazed, I like that in my gang leaders. We also met Jae Wook’s character Ok Seon? Is that his name? *intermission* No, it is Soo Ok. He is a swindler– I love it! I hope he sweeps Ok Ryeon off her feet. In every way you can take that.

Lore: Jae Rim is one fine gangster. I loved the scene where Ninja and Gaya show up in China to lay the smack down. And then in waltzes Jae Rim and shit got real. As far as gangsters go, I am one happy girl with the gang ridden cast of this show. Something about the bad ass fighters and fights that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside (must be what Jung Tae feels when he saves children).

E-Kun: LOL! I do tend to like baddies– only in a show though. In real life I have a thing for geeks. My phone number is 434…

Lore: Hahaha! Me too, only in shows. Soo Ok’s character is an interesting addition. I am curious to see how he ends up fitting in with Jung Tae (because I am pretty sure they are going to become friends at some point). I guess we needed a conman in the middle of all of the smugglers and martial artists. I would like to see him go out with Ok Ryeon as well, because her whole thing with Jung Tae reeks of misery on her part. Best go with the charming guy that brings music onto an ice rink for your birthday, Ok Ryeon, trust Unnie on this.

Inspiring Generation Ep3_4 1

E-Kun: Trust us both girl! We would never steer you wrong, hence why we are steering you towards Soo Ok. And he can beat people up too, you can get the charm and the hoodlum in one package!

Lore: Yep- and he would con his way out of a situation to not miss a date with you. Trust us! Plus, he will probably never stand you up to save THE CHILDREN. Nope.

E-Kun: He is going to do that and still make it for your date, I feel like we are trying to sell her a new product: “Get your Soo Ok Conning charming Hoodlum Doll! Available for a limited time only.”

Lore: Ha- charming hoodlum doll. Love it! Here is hoping she will listen. Too bad she probably won’t. Sigh. I am less excited to push Gaya at ninja, because I want sexy ninja doll for myself. No one else need inquire, sexy ninja doll is not being mass produced.

E-Kun: OOOOOOOO! We got our new product: “Eye Candy Dolls of Inspiring Generation”! Soo, Jae Rim, Jae Wook, and the very limited addition Sexy Ninja!

Stone Cities Eye Candy Dolls

Lore: Yes! Money, money, money!

E-Kun: We can make a couple of the ahjussi’s from Dolbi gang as well, because I love them too

Lore: Agreed- limited edition Ahjussi dolls!

E-Kun: Anything else before we discuss final thoughts?

Lore: I don’t think so. Parting thoughts- Thank you Inspiring Generation for giving me so much badass pretty to look at. Jung Tae, seriously, you cannot save all the children so why don’t you take a break or something and learn how not to be beaten every five minutes? Ok Ryeon- listen to your unnies. Gaya- You don’t like Jung Tae. Really, you may think you do but you don’t. You should trust your Unnies too. Show – Your story is not what I want it to be, you are still stuck in setup land, but you are nice to look at. Here is hoping as the next few weeks go by you tighten your plot into something amazing (and the setup comes together to create a kick ass story).

E-Kun: Here are mine: Show? Why do I feel like nothing is happening when something should be happening? All we do is see Jung Tae fight and I am tired of that. Love Sexy Ninja, Soo, Jae Rim, and Jae Wook! If there is nothing else that you do right, you got the eye candy part absolutely CORRECT! Gaya… whatever girl. Ok Ryeon, guys who show up are always a better alternative to you being unhappy, mopey, and a mess. Did I mention how I went catatonic when I saw Soo in a uniform? It is true, a uniform can make you see a man differently. Please show hurry up and get to the boat to Shanghai!

Inspiring Generation Ep3_4 4


4 thoughts on “Super Fun Drama Chat Time: Inspiring Generation Episodes 5 & 6

  1. I watched the first 2 episodes and was like, uh, I’m confused. There are too many dirty people running around and I don’t know who and why, and whating the what…. Maybe I should check this out when it returns to grown up characters. So last night I see Epi 6 up with Kim Hyun Joong back in action. So, I watch epi’s 5 & 6, and have no problem picking up the story I think, but you know, I was kind of distracted. HOLY MOLY Hot Guys everywhere! And seriously Jae-rim as Il Hwa, WOW.

    • MVP of last week- Inspiring Generation Hot Guy edition! The background story is really dragging so far, but I can’t complain that much given what I am looking at getting to the main story. 🙂 Love how you summed up your viewing experience!

    • Well honestly you haven’t missed too much– let me catch you up: Jung Tae like Gaya, Gaya likes Jung Tae. Gaya’s dad betrayed Jung Tae’s dad. Aka killed Gaya’s dad- but Gaya saw Jung Tae’s dad over her dad’s dead body. Love story torn asunder! But none of that matters— Jae Rim, Jae Wook, Soo, Sexy ninja!!!!!!!! Those are the important things in this show! You’re welcome.

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