Halfway There: You From Another Star

You From Another Star, the SBS Wednesday / Thursday drama, hit the halfway point last week. I cannot believe we are already halfway done with this show- it feels like only yesterday I was laughing my **s off over Song Yi’s poor use of social media. *Sigh* dramas, they grow up so fast! One moment they are all new and shiny and then pretty soon you are faced with only 10 more episodes until D-Day. Tears. Time for some review. Cheers!

You Who Came from the stars Poster

Our Story Thus Far

For a look at the characters and the plot setup please check out the first impressions post here.

Spoilers ahead


Song Yi and Min Joon are constantly thrown together – mostly because the entire world detests Song Yi and the girl needs a place to hide (and a new manager). The catalyst for this wave of hate? The death of fellow actress Yura and the subsequent rumor that the woman committed suicide due to being bullied by Song Yi. The rumors are untrue however. Song Yi is not to blame for Yura’s death, which the show makes abundantly clear by building up our evil murderous villain Jae Kyung (who also happened to be seeing Yura).


Jae Kyung is a pretty badass Mother- he puts puppies to sleep for fun. No.really. I am being serious. It was in the show. After doing away with Yura, Jae Kyung finds himself going toe to toe with Song Yi and Min Joon over a flash drive that just so happened to fall into Song Yi’s hands. What’s on the flash drive, you ask? Well, evil stuff.


In an effort to get the flash drive back Jae Kyung: plants a camera in a bear and sends it to Song Yi, breaks into her apartment, kidnaps her from a hospital, tries to shove her off a cliff, and other such lovely acts of kindness. In other words – a lot of this show thus far is Jae Kyung trying to kill Song Yi over that USB stick.

Song Yi, unaware of the fact that Jae Kyung is any kind of evil, is pretty okay with the guy (though she gets some of the creepy feels now and then). After all he is the hyung of one of her oldest friends (a guy that just cannot keep chasing after her, but not in the murderous way).

LFAS 9Meanwhile, Min Joon, our resident alien, has put all of the pieces together and knows that Jae Kyung is our baddie. Min Joon tries his best to protect Song Yi, amidst their burgeoning feelings for each other. The problem- Min Joon’s time on earth is coming to an end. What will happen to Song Yi if Min Joon is gone? And when will he tell her (will he tell her!) he is a man from another star?


Lore’s Comments


I adore the lead characters in this show and I adore the romance even more (if that is possible). Song Yi has completely stolen my heart with her egomaniac air-headed actress self. Despite her bad (or maybe less endearing is a better term) qualities we witness little glimpses of her that show just how very real and honest her heart is. Her confession to Min Joon was a high point for this character in my opinion, because she seemed so real and genuine while retaining everything I love about her, namely her ego and flightiness.

Min Joon’s character has also progressed nicely. I was a bit surprised to see how easily he fell in love (whether he admitted it or not), but I guess that is the whole reincarnation fate thing rearing its head. His dynamic with Song Yi is both cute and romantic; I am completely happy watching them bicker and support each other episode after episode, and I am a huge fan of how much they are both growing through being together. If I could only hug character growth. Sigh.


I have so much love for our leads, it is difficult to admit that I could basically take or leave the supporting characters (namely Se Mi and Hwi Kyung). Se Mi rubs me the wrong way every time I see the girl. She is mopey and conniving and mopey and conniving and then some more mopey. Color me annoyed. I have a feeling that her part in this story is going to become much more evident as the plot heats up – namely I expect her to back-stab Song Yi three ways to Sunday (because, yunno, she has only back-stabbed her two ways to Sunday so far).

LFAS 7Hwi Kyung, Hwi Kyung. *Sigh* Is your role written as “Clueless brother of a Murderer who does not understand the word NO”? Because I feel like that. With all of his barging in and taking ownership over Song Yi (She said she doesn’t want you man, get over it already) I find myself pretty annoyed by this man. I kind of wish he would just hook up with Se Mi because these two would make perfect characters – if they left the show to go on their honeymoon.

LFAS 8The writers seem to have set up Jae Kyung as a villain so villainous he is kind of comical. I know I should not find a murderer (or murder) funny, but I can’t help it. I mean, this guy is always wearing black, wears a freaking nail as a ring, and has killed a few people in the last 10 episodes. Heck, he may have killed more than a few people (but I am just desensitized to it by now). The scene where Jae Kyung went to the shelter / vet and revealed that he likes volunteering there so he can PUT PUPPIES TO SLEEP sealed the deal for me. Yeah, writers, I get it. This guy is so bad he kills cute dogs.

LFAS 4Which brings me around to the one element of this show that I am not entirely in love with – how the writers approached the characterization of the second leads and supporting roles. While the writers have managed to create interesting and well fleshed out main leads, they have stumbled with other characterizations. Like the evil guy. Trust us writers, we get that he is evil without him trying to kill someone every week. Or the ex best friend. Yes writers, we get that she is a mopey b***ch, you don’t have to cut to her moping every twenty minutes.

Narratively I am happy with the writing. The story is not a masterpiece of storytelling, but it is engaging and interesting with black comedy undertones. I have high hopes that the series will deliver a great second half. The story is sure to heat up as we delve into the next few episodes and approach the story climax – after all we have a murder mystery AND an alien in love. I will not try to guess what will happen, because I will probably be wrong (I have a bad track record with drama predictions). Instead I am going to enjoy the ride to get there, and maybe watch that scene of Song Yi rapping five or twenty five more times. Cheers!


E-Kun’s Comments

There are so many things that I love about this show! Thursday has become my favorite night of the week simply because I get to indulge in Soo Hyun, Snacks, and this wonderful show!

Song Yi has become one of the few women that I like in a drama! YAY!!! I was starting to think something was wrong with me, but seeing how she reacts and thinks about certain things lets me know I am not an alien (no pun intended). Her genuineness towards herself, friends, and life makes it easy to deal with her “b*** fit” or crazy shenanigans. She totally has a fan in me!


On the other hand we have Se Mi– mentioning her name makes me want to rip out my own tongue! She is the most triflin, gutter butt slut, low down, stank attitude, mopey faced, manipulative, crab syndrome having wench!!!! The fact that she is always trying to bring others down and play with peoples emotions is not only horrible, it makes her very existence as a person regrettable. In the words of Unnichan, “Why isn’t this Game of Thrones or Sons of Anarchy? If it was she would be dead!” This girl always gets a, “B*tch please!” from me.


Jae Kyung or as I like to call him “Cowlick of Destruction Hyung” is a psychopath. It has been too many times I felt like he will kill his own brother– I now have questions if he killed the eldest son!  When people are like that, it is not just that he is a bad dude that is power hungry or controlling blah, blah, blah– this man is sick! He needs to be committed into a facility so he can no longer be a danger to himself or others. I honestly think that is why his ex- wife is locked up now, because she knew too much. I am so scared of this man, I want people to stop asking him questions and snooping in his business so they can stay alive!


The person that has most surprised me is Hwi Kyung (or Hee Kyung, you know who I am talking about)! The way he handled the Se Mi loving him situation really made me look at him differently. I gained a new level of respect for him already and then in this weeks episode he upped his game x100! It just goes to show that he is a dependable friend. His motives seemed purely selfish and burdensome when we first meet him, but after the last few episodes, I find myself really giving him a kudos and a cookie. I think that he actually loves Song Yi enough to let her go, and that is kinda bomb.


Last but not least– the reason I sing happy songs in the morning time– Do Min Joon! What is there not to love about this man?! I love how we can see the change in him as a “person” because of his interaction with Song Yi. I stated previously that I did not care about his loneliness because he didn’t care; now that he feels some kinda way about it, I can empathize with him as a character and how he feels. I thought my heart would fall out of my chest when he was talking to his BFF about just wanting to be with Song Yi for the last moments of his life. Min Joon is the type of character that I want him to have everything that he wants in the world because he deserves it! Even though I think this show might end with him dying, I am optimistic the things he wants to accomplish before he leaves (back home or dying) he will get the opportunity. Soo Hyun is rocking this role from start to finish!


Overall I am really enjoying the show, there are a few other elements that I feel we need to address i.e. Hyung’s wife, Song Yi’s father and rancid mother, Yoo Ra’s Murder, etc. I have no real complaints. It is the perfect way to end my week and I will be really sad when the show is over.


What are your thoughts on the show? Let us know in the comments below! Peace!

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