Stone Cities 1st Annual K-Drama Halloween Awards

The veil between the worlds is thinning. Sorry, I like to say that around Halloween because I think it sounds cool. Okay, okay, I will stop with my Halloween dorkiness. Or just dorkiness, because I can’t stop with the Halloween. Nope, that is what this post is all about. In the past I have rambled on about folktales that feed scary dramas, supernatural dramas in general, and other such scary things come Halloween time. This year at Stone Cities we are taking a new approach to the most frightening holiday of the year. Drumroll please…

Stone Cities 2013 Halloween Korean Drama Awards!

Please join us in celebrating the scariest, most horrifying, or just downright supernaturally kick**s moments from the last year in Korean Dramas. Queue awards show opening music and opening montage:


Note- The MC for the awards show is the trash can ghost from Master’s Sun. Please imagine him announcing/ motioning towards the following winners with commentary provided by the Co-Presidents of the I Love Master Corporation (yep, that would be Lore and Extrakun). *spin garbage lid*

Trash Can Ghost

Evilest Evil Supernatural Creature: Papa Gu, Gu Family Book


Lore: I hate to call Papa Gu evil, because he was a nice guy at one time. Wol Ryung (I just can’t get over calling this character Papa Gu) started his supernatural life as a nature spirit / gumiho. Due to some woman troubles he ended up as a thousand year demon…that could suck the life out of people and turn them all ashy. His powers were pretty bad a** to the point that he wins the evilest evil supernatural creature of the year award. Here is to you Papa Gu!

Extrakun: Gumiho Daddy (that is what I called him) was great. I didn’t even care that he was a demon killing people; I just wanted him to kill the woman who made him that way! I don’t think he was evil per se, just a victim of evil circumstance. Either way, congrats Gumiho Daddy!

Nicest Nice Supernatural Creature: Gong Shil, Master’s Sun

gong shil

Lore: I count Gong Shil as a supernatural creature, because, um, she can kind of see ghosts. Not normal if I do say so myself. The best part is that her reason for seeing ghosts is as kind and nice as nice can be. Plus Gong Shil is hilarious to watch and is easy to cheer for. And all that ghost seeing gives her a nasty case of insomnia, poor girl.Hugs!


Extrakun: Congrats Gong Shil! You shine like the sun and have the bling bling award to go with it (and Master!). This girl is too lucky…

Best Supernatural Power: Soo Ha’s telepathy, I Hear Your Voice

Soo Ha

Lore: Because if you want to date a lawyer, being able to read minds is a major asset. MAJOR asset. And it is just cool, despite the fact you have to hear all sorts of stupid thoughts to back up your already questionable opinion of some of the people you meet. I so feel bad that Soo Ha gained this power through a tragic accident, but I love how much this power is understated in the show. Plus I love Soo Ha (in a non-creepy Noona is rooting for you kind of way. Wait- who am I kidding?! Creepy noona hearts!)

Scariest Ghost: Dragging the leg-shoe-ghost, Master’s Sun

Shoe ghost

Lore: This ghost was just plain scary. If I was being chased by a ghost dragging her leg, I would run into the arms of So Ji Sub too. Ahhhh, who am I kidding, there does not to need to be a ghost for me to do that.

shoes 1

Extrakun: Dragging leg-shoe-ghost, you did not scare me—but I would be running all over the mall trying to get my shoe back as well! They were cute (even though I don’t do pink).

Sexiest Ghost: Lee Hyung Joon, Who Are You

who are you

Extrakun: Besides the fact that I am a Jae Wook groupie ho and his phenomenal job (the only thing making the show worth watching) as Hyung Joon is that he was smoking hot. Even when he was lying in a bed, I was like, “Oh, the Devil is a liar (and he is)!!” Congrats Jae Wook!

Scariest Couple: Kim Na Na and Jung Sung Woo, Monstar

the couple that will not be

Extrakun: Why ExtraKun? BECAUSE THEY DID NOT END UP TOGETHER!!! How dare you all play with a noona’s heart and emotions just to result in this couple not getting together at the end! I had nightmares about it!

Lore: I just, ahaladjkdhlhaklhlkhahhhhhhhhhhh! That is how much these two scare me. I can’t even bear to say their names…..*hiding eyes and plugging ears at the mention of the couple that would not be*

Best Halloween Costume: Surfer Dude Jay, Heirs

surfer dude

Lore: Perhaps the easiest as well as the most awesome character to party as, the Jay the surfer dude costume has you dressing as a beach bum and looking like an idiot (don’t forget to say “Party at Tammy’s” a lot as well). You are sure to win all of the costume contests with this one, at least if there are any Korean Drama fans judging. Never mind – you will be pelted with beer bottles. Hey, it is an easy costume to assemble!

And the grand award goes to….

Most Frightening Drama Moment: Level 7 Civil Servant/ When a Man Loves being broadcast

Level 7when a man loves

Lore: I have said a few things about Level 7 In my opinion it is still the most terrifying thing that happened in drama land this year.

Extrakun: I did not see Civil Servant but this has to be a dual award. I am giving my award to When a Man Loves. Name something related to this drama and the response is scary (except for the hotness of SSH… but that can scare some women as well)!


Clap, clap. This has been a wonderful first annual awards show. Cheers!

*Spin garbage can lid*

Trash Can Ghost 2

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