Running Man Headlines: Kwang Soo receives gifts & Singapore Fan Meet

Happy weekend eve! What better way to start a weekend then reading Running Man Headlines (hint, hint). Cheers!

RM Ep 168

Ratings episode 167

1. MBC Real Man 17.9

2. MBC Dad! Where Are We Going? 16.9

3. SBS Running Man 11.7

Next week on Running Man…

Park Myung Soo, of Infinity Challenge fame (among other things) makes his first guest appearance on Running Man. Joining him is IU, making her first guest appearance this year (she has guested in the past). I am looking forward to this episode because of Park Myung Soo – he has amazing comedic chemistry with Yoo Jae Suk so I cannot wait to see how these two interact. You can check out the preview below:

This week in Running Man headlines…


If you ever doubted how nice of a guy Yoo Jae Suk is then you clearly have not been reading Running Man Headlines. It seems like every other week we hear about how YJS is being an amazing person – humble and funny and just plain awesome (not that I am complaining, just noticing). This week’s Yoo Jae Suk is a nice guy story comes courtesy of an episode of KBS’s Full House. During the show the Grasshopper’s fellow comedians voiced what they think makes Yoo Jae Suk so successful. Comedian Lee Yoon Seok said that it is YJS’s integrity and social nature, while comedian Pyo Young Ho attributed his success to his humbleness and caring. Whatever it is, I think we can all agree that the nation’s MC is one nice guy.


On October 24th Lee Kwang Soo took to his twitter to express his appreciation for his fans, tweeting: “Oh my gosh! Thank you Gwanggal members!” The Giraffe also posted a picture showing the gifts his fans have sent him. Is that one of those awesome photo collages that use tiny pictures to make someone’s face? I love those things!


While not receiving gifts, Lee Kwang Soo was busy this past week filming for Running Man. Pictures were snapped of Asia’s Prince filming with T.O.P. from Big Bang. Yay! T.O.P. will be appearing as a guest during episode 170, alongside Kim Yoo Jung and Yoon Je Moon, his costars in the film Commitment. Get excited!

They grow up so fast! Tears. What am I talking about? Haha and Byul’s little bundle of joy, aptly named Dream, turned 100 days this past week. Byul took to twitter to post pictures of the party decorations (Haha made the banner – how freaking adorable) they held to celebrate along with the following words:

“Today is the day, Last Sunday night. We had a small get-together with our loving family to congratulate us. Dream. I love you. Grow up healthy. Heet. That banner is Dream’s father’s work.^^ Mommy was touched too. Dream as well. He is such a good father. ehheheet.”

Dreams Bday

In the last piece of news – okay the big piece of news – for this week, five members of Running Man (Ji Suk Jin, Haha, Kim Jong Kook, Gary, and Song Ji Hyo) are in Singapore preparing to hold a fan meeting tomorrow. The cast flew in today (minus Gary, who arrived yesterday, or yesterdayish with the time difference) and have already sat down for their press conference. Check out the press conference interview and pictures below (interview translation courtesy of MeRadio as posted on the Soompi Forums).



At the press conference, the Running Man cast proved their reel-life friendship extended to their real lives. As soon as the five members took their seats on stage, it didn’t take them long before they started whispering in each other’s ears.


HaHa, who was so entranced with the backdrop, took a photo and showed it to Suk Jin, who was sitting on his right before Jong Kook closed in to take a look at what the duo was looking at.

When Jihyo was quizzed what she thought of being the only female cast member, both HaHa and Jong Kook interrupted her before she could say a thing, teasing that she is “more powerful than a man”.

“More powerful than me … sometimes,” Jong Kook replied.


Fans can be sure to expect more of that chemistry at the fan meet tomorrow, as the cast shared that there will be special collaboration performances from Gary and Jihyo, as well as Jong Kook and HaHa. We wonder if Jong Kook, HaHa and Gary will perform the song ‘Words I Want to Say to You’, found on Jong Kook’s album Journey Home, released in October last year.

Later, Jong Kook tried to “take care” of Jihyo, by nudging her to answer a question, only to be rejected with a confused “no”.


While the members of Running Man, which included Korea’s Nation MC Yoo Jae Suk and Lee Kwang Soo, each have their own pool of fans, there was no doubt Jihyo and Gary — dubbed the ‘Monday Couple’ — probably stole the limelight.

Apart from the interesting games the cast played on the show, the love line between Jihyo and Gary is also one of the programme’s highlights. On one particular recent episode (with guest stars BIGBANG), Gary, who was typically shy, found his courage somehow and kissed Jihyo on the cheek, to the surprise of the other cast members.


When asked what drove him to do that, Gary replied his usual calm and collected tone, “I think I must be crazy then,” before everyone burst into laughter.

So what did Jihyo think of the kiss?

“I guess I liked it,” she grinned.

Recently, Jong Kook was spotted with Kinesio tapes on his back, leading fans to wonder if the singer sustained any injuries. However, he clarified, “I put them on to protect my back. We get injuries from time to time, but nothing too serious.”

Is there a time when they would like to just stop running?

Ever the comedian, HaHa quipped immediately, “Every week!”

Filming at the Singapore Flyer?

Running Man has filmed in Asian countries like Hong Kong and Vietnam, are there any chances that they would film an episode in Singapore?

Apparently, hope is not lost. Running Man fans, be ready to stake out at the Singapore Flyer.

Suk Jin said, “This is my first time in Singapore, although I’ve always wanted to visit. I noticed the Singapore Flyer just now and thought it’d be nice if we could film an episode [of Running Man] there.”

Gary also named the celebrities he would like to have on the show, sending another love call to first-generation idols SHINHWA.

He explained, “We lost to them the other time when they came on the show. I hope to challenge them again, and this time, we hope to win them.”


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  1. Ah yes, the Monday Couple TOTALLY hammed it up during the Singapore fan meet. Did you read about the bit where Ji Hyo said “I love you” to Gary? 😀

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