Anything but Heartless: Heartless City Episode 4

Extrakun is celebrating her (insert age here) birthday this week! Help me celebrate this week with Heartless City and a glass of wine! 


Episode 3 ended with Gyung Mi asking why Shi Hyun Oppa (aka Doctor’s Son) is “here”. We go into the memory of both characters and discover that Gyung Mi and Doctor’s Son are old friends. Gyung Mi decided to become a cop based on the information Shi Hyun Oppa offered: “The world is like a mirror—if you spit and curse at it, it will do the same to you. If you try to laugh and smile—it will surely smile back at you. That is how you take your revenge.” (I love that Shi Hyun was whopping asses with a switch!)


Soon after this beautiful montage… She gets shot in the head. Needless to say, she is no longer alive.


Everyone is grief stricken by the death of Detective Lee Gyung Mi. Unfortunately, I did not shed a tear because I was prepared (I can be cold blooded sometimes). We also discover that Soo Min is a new cadet in the police academy. What a tragic moment to have good news mixed with life shattering news of the death of a loved one. And I called it… Gyung Mi was about 2 months pregnant. Damn.


Deputy Commissioner has a conversation with the director of the police force. Despicable commissioner is trying to convince our director to let him in on the information that is going on with Hyung Min’s special unit—after all, “we are all like family right?” Please ignore my rudeness to my elders as I roll my eyes.


Emo is being held because…  she almost killed a man; but we also discover she has history with the director. I am serious Emo… I know that you were a prostitute—but the way you have these men catatonic is beyond me! You should stick to what you know… just sayin’…


As thinker cop tries to pump Emo for information about catching Doctor’s Son, she gives him some advice to really think about… It just happens to be the quote of the day—it will come at the end of the post. It is the only thing she said that I EVER fully agree with…


Soo Min, confused and in a range of emotions, tells thinker cop that she will not blame him for Gyung Mi’s death because he is probably in as much pain as her. She does offer to take on the undercover job that her Unnie was working on… She wants to catch the bastard who killed her sister… Doctor’s Son. Let me put a pause on your cockamamie scheme Soo Min—you just got into the police academy like 2 seconds ago! How in the world are you going to be able to go undercover to catch Doctor’s Son?


While at work, Soo Min’s boss drugs and attempts to rape her (I can’t stand nasty old men trying to take advantage of girls)! She wakes up in time, hits him over the head, and takes her wages out of the register.


Nasty old boss presses charges again Soo Min (I know right!) and she is placed under arrest. Thinker cop pulls an unthinkable, and uses this as an opportunity to get her in with Emo, this is his way of getting close to Doctor’s Son whereabouts. He knows ultimately it is not the right thing to do (as told by his conscience Gyung Mi), but he is “convinced” Soo Min is “hood” enough to make it happen. This will be her only way of clearing her name, and to become a police officer in the future (talk about putting the cart before the ox). She takes him up on the offer, Soo Min is sent to prison.


Director is called out to a location to meet with an important person… We see Doctor’s Son with a gun getting ready to shoot the director over Gyung Mi’s death! Director makes a point to tell Shi Hyun, “I am the only one who knows you are undercover… if you kill me it’s all over. You are a POLICE OFFICER!”


AAAAAAWWWWWWWWWW SUGAR HONEY ICE TEA!!!! I am free to love Doctor’s Son as much as I want with no ill feelings of him being a criminal! (The kid in the picture is a younger version of himself…. He is not about to shoot a kid!)


Favorite quote of the episode is delivered by our neighborhood idiot and menace Emo (I am shocked too but true): “You won’t be able to do it. Because “that” world… You can’t learn about in a book.” Well said Emo… well said.



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