Running Man Headlines: Drama and the Tiger’s Birthday

RM Ep 142

Ratings Episode 142

1. SBS Running Man 17.5

2. KBS 1 Night 2 Days 13.2

3. MBC Dad! Where Are We Going? 13.1

Next episode on Running Man…

Get ready for some superpower karaoke! Episode 143 promises major entertainment- not only is this a super power special but the guests have high potential to create great interactions with the cast. Appearing on this episode are two actors (Kim In kwon and Ryu Hyun kyung) as well as a variety genre legend (Lee Kyung kyu). Check out the preview below:

Now on to the headlines!

Song Ji Hyo: Drama Queen

Running Man’s ace is currently appearing in the KBS Wednesday/Thursday saguek titled Mandate of Heaven. The show premiered on 4/24 and stars Lee Dong Wook as the leading man. Ji Hyo plays a nurse/assistant/love interest to Dong Wook’s doctor character. I have yet to watch the first two episodes but I am resolute to check it out this weekend.

To promote her new drama Miss Mong attended a press conference on April 17th with her fellow cast members. Check out the pics (and yes, that is 2AMs Seulong on the left):

Mandate of Heaven Press Conference

Mongji also turned to her facebook to promote her new drama, showing off a cute filled pose and the following message:

Ji Hyo Drama

Everyone, hello! It’s been a while ^^. It’s~ today, isn’t it? The broadcast of ‘Mandate of Heaven’!! As you saw during the press conference, I’m working hard filming in a great atmosphere. Make sure to watch the broadcast on KBS 2TV at 10 PM! Don’t change the channel! Please love ‘Hong Da In‘, and support me ^^“.

Ratings wise the show is in so-so territory- not a hit but not a bomb. Wednesday saw the show coming in second at 9.3% to When a Man loves 10.5%. Thursday’s airing saw the show coming in lower at 8.9% to When a Man loves 10.2%. So I guess they both dropped- and Mandate of Heaven is still in second place. Delusional shipper thoughts: I wonder if Gary is watching.

Jae Suk

My Favorite Funny Man

A research firm in Korea conducted a poll asking citizens who their favorite comedian is. Running Man fans rejoice- our favorite MC was chosen as the most popular male comedian by poll respondents. The grasshopper took 42.3% of the votes, winning the top spot for Yoo Jae Suk. The winner among female funny women was Shin Bora with 27% of the votes.

What in the hell is Brinicle?!

Please reference this post. I am still confused. And check out the video to see members of the Running Man cast joining in on the confusion. Aishhh!

Happy Birthday Tiger

Lee Gwang Soo took to twitter to give a birthday shout out to his Running Man nemesis Kim Jong Kook. Kookie turned 37 on April 25th (38 in Korea). Despite their comedic differences played out on the show the two are close friends. See below for the picture/ message combo the giraffe shared in honor of the tiger’s birthday. Awwww! P.S.- Why do I feel like after this picture was taken LGS went for KJK’s nametag?  I just can’t trust that look on his face.

“Today is Kim Jong Kook hyung’s birthday♡”

Happy Birthday Tiger

Nation’s Siblings?

Happy Together YJS Ji Hyo

Yoo Jae Suk and Song Ji Hyo showed off their close brother sister relationship during the April 18th episode of YJS’s KBS show Happy Together. Yoo Jae Suk revealed that when he met Song Ji Hyo for the first time she was so down to earth and easy going that he was surprised. Their first meeting occurred when Ji Hyo appeared on an episode of YJS’s (and Kim Jong Kook’s) former variety show Family Outing. YJS stated that many guests would become tired on set because of the early shooting schedule of the show. Due to this the PDs would give guests time to take a rest. YJS was surprised when Ji Hyo took this time to fall into deep slumber, with her mouth open none the less. Ji Hyo responded:

“I was really tired. I am naturally a person who needs a lot of sleep and it was the first time I went on a real-variety show like that. I was nervous in front of the camera so during the break, I let it all go.”

YJS managed to add that Ji Hyo looked awful when she woke up, leading the actress to retort angrily. The two’s sibling like chemistry show just how close the duo is after three years appearing together on Running Man.

Parting Thoughts-cheers!


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