2013: The Year of the K-Entertainment Cliffhanger

Two nights in a row I sit in suspense. I feel a wave of anxiety and anticipation rush over my body. Shock, awe, confusion! What does it all mean! Two nights in a row I think “Seriously Korean press, knock it off with the cliff hangers!” That’s right- I am totally not wasting my time refreshing the screen five thousand times. the constant clicks are a good use of my time. Perfectly good use. I am fine, I just need fewer cliffhangers, that’s all. I blame it on the journalists…

kmh jisI am rambling again. Some context- last night Dispatch hyped up the couple reveal of the century (or so they made it seem). Drum roll please….the non couple reveal of the century turned out to be Jo In Sung (That Winter the Wind Blows) and Kim Min hee (Helpless). They have been dating for four months now and have been acquainted for well over a decade, having modeled together in their youth. While I love both of these individuals for their work and I understand they are popular I could not help but be let down. After all of the hype we got a story on two thirty-something’s dating? Shocking! Insert sarcasm here.

So what great mystery is keeping me at the edge of my seat now? A mystery that I hope proves more rewarding than last nights “shocking couple news”. Note quotation marks. No Dispatch- I am not bitter. We can still be friends. I promise I did not throw your clothes in the yard or sell your Air Supply album. Nope. BFFs?

Okay, back to the topic at hand. Tonight a video has been making the rounds in k-web land notable for the appearance of every Korean entertainer you can think of. Where the real mystery lies is what the video is for- it consists of the celebrities saying only one word “Brinicle”. So what in the what is Brinicle? That is the question of the day. While I have no doubt that the answer to this mystery is anticlimactically tame, I cannot help but want to know what it all means.


Literally brinicle describes an icicle-shaped spear of ice formed when hyper-salinated water (brine) descends from newly-formed sea ice on the surface, towards the sea bed below (per Oxford dictionary). That’s…..exciting? So I doubt the video is referring to the word in a literal sense. I am assuming, based on the excellent participation rate of celebrities, that Brinicle refers to some kind of cause or charity. Or maybe the article refers to an underwater icicle thing that won the lottery and started a signature clothing line. Either one.

Unfortunately for us impatient people the answer to the mystery will not be revealed until April 26th, so we all have some waiting to do. While I doubt I will be shocked by the answer to this question I have an affinity for the unknown. If you are wondering about the video, check out the clip below (including an appearance by Running Man members):

While I wait for the next great cliffhanger to appear in K-entertainment news I have decided to take a look back at the plethora of revealed secrets, shocking stories, and page refreshing rumors that have made 2013 the year of the secret reveal (with a bent for stories about celebrities appearing in dramas). Cheers! And tell me what Brinicle means already!

Rain Kim Tae Hee

Rain and Kim Tae hee: Dispatch rings in the New Year

Story broke December 31, 2012 / January 1, 2013

This was literally, and I mean literally, the top story that passed on 2012 to 2013 in K-entertainment. Dispatch, the informatively intrusive news site, brought the New Year in with a bang by revealing that the nation’s goddess was stolen by the man who had a dance off with Stephen Colbert. The love story between the two, love it or hate it, was a huge secret revealed. For the drama watchers Kim Tae Hee has starred in My Princess and Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love while Rain has appeared in Full House (and is a super star singer to boot).

Park Shi Hoo and A: Bad stuff                 

Story broke February 18, 2013

Park Shi Hoo’s (Princess Man) sexual assault allegation has been all over k-entertainment since it broke in February. To sum it up a trainee (referred to as ‘A’) has accused the actor of rape. While I am not sure what happened, what articles to read, and who to believe I am certain of one thing- this has been a huge scandal in 2013. Here is hoping that no matter who is correct in their recollection of events justice is served.


Actresses Three: Propofol Abuse

Story broke January 11, 2013

Early in the New Year rumors began to fly in regards to three female celebrities that had been abusing the prescription sedative propofol. The actresses are accused of visiting plastic surgery clinics and receiving injections of the drug without a prescription. By March it was revealed that the three actresses are Park Si Yeon (Nice Guy), Lee Seung Yeon (3-Iron), and Jang Mi In Ae (I Miss You).  While the case and charges against them have not yet been proven the story about their alleged abuse has made the rounds on the k-websites.

pillar wifey 41

The Pillar gets the Girl: Flower Boy Ramyun Shop has a plot change

Story broke April 8,2013

Fulfilling the dreams of all of those people with second lead syndrome, April marked the announcement of Lee Ki Woo (the Virus) and Lee Chung Ah’s (Wonderful Mama) real life relationship. The duo starred in a tVN drama together (Flower Boy Ramyun Shop) and have recently participated in a celebrity skiing team together. I heart you news!

Now for the most shocking news of all….

(Credit for the following portion belongs to netizenbuzz.blogspot.com, parts originally featured on telzone. Cheers!)

A Sports Seoul (and current Dispatch) journalist followed around Lee Seung Gi (Gu Family Book) for three straight years and this is what he was able to find:

He returns his sponsored clothing

“He returns his sponsored clothing.”

 Treats female staff with manners

“Treats female staff with manners.”

Visits the hair salon

“Visits the hair salon.”

Takes turns sharing his umbrella with his manager

“Takes turns sharing the umbrella with his manager.”

Goes out for brunch

“Goes out for brunch.”

And the most disturbing thing of all is his past photos feature scense like this

“And the most difficult find of all, as well as the only glimpse into his past, is a picture him eating out for a meal of ddukbokgi with his high school classmates.”

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