Running Man Headlines: Jackie Chan and Bromance

Week after week something has seemed similar (other than my indelible quest to create a time machine). After much thought I screamed eureka and hugged the last few Running Man Headline posts. Impossible to hug a blog post? Probably, but hey I am really tired right now so the logical is pretty illogical at this point.  In conclusion I have realized that Lore in Stone Cities Running Man Headlines post is now a weekly occurrence- and I would not have it any other way. Whether a lot of people read these posts or a very few I enjoy recapping the last seven days of Running Man news. It keeps me remembering everything that is going on with my favorite cast and gives me a steady outlet for my love of this show (episode guide not withstanding).

If you are reading this I thank you- if you are not you have no idea what I am writing so….um….I hate Rachel Ray. I know that a lot of people love her but I cannot get on-board. She is way too perky. Okay, now with that off of my chest let’s take a look at what our cast is up to- and review the brand new RM Headlines feature: ratings (courtesy of enews). Cheers.

Ratings: Episode 133

1. SBS Running Man 21.0 percent

2. KBS 1 Night 2 Days 17.1 percent

3. SBS K-Pop Star 12.8 percent


Jackie Chan! Jackie freaking Chan!

I will admit I am biased. After all we are talking about Jackie Chan! And a fellow name Siwon (sigh). The big Running Man news of the week is that Jackie Chan and Siwon filmed an episode of Running Man, complete with an after shoot photo that swept SNS.

Netizens have questioned Jackie Chan’s lack of Korean language skills, betting on the fact that Siwon is translating (he knows Mandarin and Cantonese). I am not sure how the language barrier is breached and honestly I do not care. I only care that Jackie Chan is going to be on Running Man. Give me a second, I need to stop smiling.


Epic Bromance

Gwang Soo and Jong Kook have an epic relationship on Running Man- portraying the hunter and hunted and rarely the underdog sans winner and the brawns that could not. Gwang Soo has made it his mission to defeat the strong man Jong Kook while the strong man has made it his mission to put the giraffe Gwang Soo in his rightful place. Such is what makes both men’s persona epically portrayed caricatures of Korean Variety.


Gwang Soo and Jong Kook recently posed for Cosmo Men, looking dashing in suits (I seriously could not tell that was Jong Kook at first). Both men had only good things to say about eachother:

Gwang Soo: “Every time I met Kim Jong Kook for the past 3 years, I’ve never paid for our food. He’s a hyung who always takes care of even the smallest things. I trust him so much that to me, anything he says always seems right.

Jong Kook: “He’s the nicest and the most genuine and honest celebrity dongseng that I have ever met. If he has a good enough reason, I’m willing to even lend him hundreds of thousands of dollars.



Haha News

A burger to kill? During an episode of Porridge Making Man Undying Woman Haha created a monstrous heart attack burger. Cheese, Mayonnaise, a huge slab of beef, and a bun made up the Haha original. If he is smart he will attempt to trick Jong Kook into munching on it- I view this one as a weapon.


In other Haha news the question has been posed to fans- should hybrid cut his hair? Haroro posted on his twitter on the 17thHybrid… Should I cut my hair a little!!! Kuohohohoh,” Haha’s hair is now up to viewers. May the force be with you?


Song Ji Hyo News

Running Man’s ace has been busy. Firstly Ji Hyo starred in a spring themed photo shoot for the magazine Nylon. Other than taking pretty pictures Ji Hyo answered a question about how she selects projects:

“I tend to participate without much hesitation in projects with good scenarios. I don’t worry about the possible change of my image after one project because then I’ll have to start calculating everything I do. I put all my effort into becoming the character in the story and nothing else, because I’ll be distracted otherwise.”


In other Ji Hyo news rumors are floating around regarding her participation in the upcoming drama “Mandate of Heaven” a medical historical drama (whatever that is). I am enthusiastic about this piece of news, time to see Ji Hyo in a drama! Time will tell if she is cast.



4 thoughts on “Running Man Headlines: Jackie Chan and Bromance

  1. It took me some time to figure out it was jong kook too at first i though it was that one guy who was mishil’s brother on queen seon duk(or park si yeons ex bf on coffee house). You don’t know how happy it made me to know jackie chan is gonna be on running man and can’t wait to see the episode I just hope the pd’s don’t kill it by making everything about martial arts or something,lol
    HaHa should cut his hair,lol ji hyo pretty as always and really hoping she gets the drama, love the bromance between the tiger and giraffe and wouldn’t try haha’s burger* i guess maybe i would if he added bacon to it,lol*.

    • KJK is hard to recognize in the photos- but loving how he looks. Jackie Chan guesting is making me happy and nervous simultaneously- I am not sure how the episode is going to go down (language skills and martial arts and all). In my opinion HaHa is long overdue for a haircut, or a hair style change. I can dig long hair if it looks okay, his looks messy. The burger looks good and bacon makes everything better 🙂

  2. I always read your blog! Please keep up your weekly RM Headline post. I love this site because I feel like we have the same taste in kdrama also 🙂 Cheers!

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