Running Man Headlines: Hanbok, Macau Pandomonium, and Haha gives it all away

Another week, another seven days of RM cast headlines. From the over sharing to the fan insanity, the week has been anything but boring. Cheers.

Running Man Madness in Macau

While RM was filming in Macau fans turned out in full force- proving the popularity of RM internationally. Fans cheered on the cast, causing traffic standstills at the filming locations. Pictures:

RM Macau 2

RM Macau 1

 source: enews


The Ace Welcomes the Year of the Snake

The lunar New Year was celebrated on February 10th, ushering in the year of the snake. YESSE, a woman’s wear brand that claims Ji Hyo as a muse, featured pictures of our Ace in hanbok on their website in time of New Year’s celebration. Here is hoping Gary updated his wallpaper.

source: allkpop

Haha Explains

TMI! Haha shares pregnancy story on Moonlight Prince

Inquiring minds have wondered how Haha’s wife is three months pregnant when the couple held their wedding ceremony two months ago. Thankfully Haha cleared all of the rumors up by explaining that he and Byul had legally registered the marriage a month prior to the ceremony (fact) and only had sex once- after checking Byul’s ovulation schedule. Oh, and he used the phrase “I poured out my strength on a safe day”.

Some netizens are up in arms at the honest comments citing the fact that Byul may be offended by such revelations due to her dedication to her faith.  I say the pair was technically married and more power to them- if they are both okay with it so am I. Plus I love how honest they both are and the thought of little Haha-Byuls running around. Fighting!

source: tv report

Lee Gwang Soo song Ji Hyo

Lee Gwang Soo-a Loyal Friend?

The Maritime Marco press tour continues (I am loving the comments coming out of these interviews). Lee Gwang Soo and Song Ji Hyo are voicing characters for this animated tale of a monkey hero out to save his true love.

On February 12th Gwang Soo and Ji Hyo appeared on MBC’s Good Morning to promote the film. While the host questioned the pair about Gwang Soo’s betrayer character Ji Hyo replied ““Despite his character in ‘Running Man’, Gwang Soo is really a man of his word and a loyal friend.” Awwwww. I nominate them for Noona Dongsaeng couple of the year.

source: enews

4 thoughts on “Running Man Headlines: Hanbok, Macau Pandomonium, and Haha gives it all away

  1. there are random times where I ship kwang soo and ji hyo and this is one of em,lol and HaHa should be more careful how he words things. I think he’s revealing a bit too much. He could just have said we had already registered the marriage so by the time she got pregnant we were already married. But saying things like we did it only once and after checking her ovulation schedule is a bit too much.

    • Ji Hyo and Gwang Soo are just too cute. I smile every time I see a new article detailing an interview with the pair. I agree that Haha could have worded his response and left out the details. It was a bit much to include the part about ovulation. Yet there is something about his honesty (aside from the TMI part) that I find endearing. He is not afraid to tell it like it is, which is nice.

      • especially when he called her a weed,lol i found it cute and weird at the same time and only kwangsoo can come up with something like that,lol In a way his honesty is good but he should still be careful.

      • I loved when he called her a weed also- too funny. I think that Haha should try not to over share in the future but still be honest- because his over-sharing makes me shudder at potential future comments. And I really, really, really do not want to hear some of the details of the pregnancy that is best left to the couple.

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