Super Powers, Prison, and Deep Cover: Running Man List-o-mania part 1

Running Man

It is Sunday today, which in my mind translates to…Running Man day! Time to kick off a new Lore in Stone Cities two part series, Running Man list-o-mania! Ever watched an episode with super powers and ended up scratching your noggin because you could not remember who had the death note and who could turn back time? Do you vaguely remember the cast being arrested but cannot remember their crimes? Hopefully part one, focusing on the episode-centric, will jog your memory. I hope you enjoy. Cheers.

Profile This- Episode 29

In episode 29 the cast (in all of their relative Running Man newness) had to fill out profiles while “playing” together at COEX Aquarium. Complete with the marine animal look-a-likes, the RM profiles had lofty goals (like becoming Ji Hyo’s boyfriend or the President).

Yoo Jae Suk

Name: Yoo Hyuk

Age: 12

Height: 178 cm

Weight: 69-70 kg

Specialty: Bong Dance

Ambition: King of the dance




Name: Roro

Age: 7

Height: 170.5 cm

Weight: 70.5 kg

Ambition: To become the President

Specialty: Running errands for Kim Jong Kook



Name: Typhoon

Age: 9

Heigth:172.9 cm

Weight: 70 kg

Ambition: Ji Hyo’s boyfriend

Specialty: Love

Complex: Being alone

 Ji Hyo

Ji Hyo

Name: Mong Ji

Age: 5

Height: 167 cm

Weight: 48 kg

Specialty: Cursing occasionally

Ambition: A cursing grandmother (added by Gary: Gary’s wife forever)

Complex: Sniffing habit


Kim Jong Kook

Name: Water Ball (In Korean Mulgugi, a homonym for cute)

Age: 10

Height:178 cm

Weight: 76 kg

Ambition: Owner of a gym

Specialty: Nagging

Complex: Being cute

Note- Unfortunately Ji Suk Jin and Lee Gwang Soo’s profiles were not shown in this episode L

 RM Super Powers

Super Powers- Episode 74

Super Man and the Green Lantern take note- RM super heroes unite! Episode 74 was the first time RM played with super powers. See below for the first insanely creative powers given to the cast:

Space Controller

Jae Suk– Space Controller. He can move everyone else to a different location. Can be used only once.

Kwang Soo– Death note. The ability to eliminate one person, and one person only, by writing their name on his “death note.

Ji Hyo

Ji Hyo-Mind Controller. Immediately knows the power of all other Running Man cast members.

Jong Kook-Sixth Sense. Ability to know if others are nearby (via the handy speaker in his ear)

HaHa– Time Controller. Ability to reverse time to one hour prior to the moment he invokes his power.

Suk Jin– Phoenix. Imbued with three lives. He cannot be ousted by the same person more than once.

Gary Duplicator

Gary– Duplicator. Surrounded by look-a-likes (aka lolols) he can create an instant diversion with his posse.

Wanted Running Man

Criminal Undertakings – Episode 91

You cannot escape from the long arm of the law. The Running man cast found this out in episode 91 as they were put in jail for their assortment of crimes. Check out the following list for the dirty deeds they committed (and if this was real prison I am pretty sure Lee Gwang Soo would be in for 15 life sentences):

 Wanted Yoo Jae Suk

Jae Suk

Serving time for: Obsession with the color green, wearing too tight of pants, being a perfectionist.

 Wanted Lee Gwang Soo

Lee Gwang Soo

Serving time for: 12 counts of betraying various members of Running Man, 7 counts of submitting to fear, 3 counts of crime of misfortune, 20 other miscellaneous crimes

 Wanted HaHa


Serving time for: Lecherous behavior towards female guests/ Acts of desperation

 Wanted KJK

Kim Jong Kook

Serving time for: Yoon Eun Hye (hypersensitivity whenever her name is mentioned)

 Wanted Song Ji Hyo

Song Ji Hyo

Serving time for: Not wearing makeup/ being unkempt

 Wanted Ji Suk Jin

Ji Suk Jin

Serving time for: Bad acting

 Wanted Gary


Serving time for: Being ugly

Deep Cover: Running Man as Secret Agents- Episode 95

Every spy needs a good cover. In episode 95 our cast took a turn as secret agents. Never fear the PD’s and writers figured it all out for them. From a Chinese restaurant working Gary to a flower shop employed KJK our RM spies had the perfectly hilarious jobs to disguise their secret identities. Take that Clark Kent.

 Cover Job Gary

Gary: Chinese restaurant waiter

Cover Job Ji Hyo

Ji Hyo: Hair stylist

Cover Ha Ha

Haha: Shoe salesman

Cover Ji Suk Jin

Ji Suk Jin: Currently searching for an undercover job

Cover Gwang Soo

Lee Gwang Soo: Pharmicist

Cover YJS

Yoo Jae Suk: Dry cleaner

Cover KJK

Kim Jong Kook: Flower shop clerk

 Super Power Soccor Running Man

Super Power Soccer- Episode 96

Playing soccer against Park Ji Sung requires super powers. Hence episode 96’s hilarious use of the concept for a game of football:

Super Football Yoo Jae Suk

Jae Suk- The man who can call the wind. Can command giant fans to blow from behind his team’s goal, pushing the soccer ball away.

 Super Football Haha

Haha- The one who divides the air.. Can fly over the field using a nifty wire apparatus. Unfortunately cannot maneuver sideways or turn around. Super powers are a bitch.

 Super Football KJK

Kim Jong Kook- The red card. Can give a red card to anyone who gets in his team’s way.

 Super Football Ji Hyo

Song Ji Hyo- The one whose hands become feet. Ability to pick up soccer ball for 10 seconds and carry it like a football.

 Super Football Ji Suk Jin

Ji Suk Jin- Woosa. The power to move the goal post.

 Super Football Gary

Gary- The duplicator- soccer style. Ability to drop multiple soccer balls on the field at one time to confuse opponents.

 Super Football Lee Gwang Soo

Lee Gwang Soo- The one who can stop time. For thirty seconds can stop the other team from moving, may only be used once per game half.

RM Ep 100

Running Man meet Mt. Olympus- Episode 100

Why meddle with super powers when you can take on the persona of a god? In episode 100 the cast went completely out of this world –assuming mythological powers  to hilarious effect. Check out the gods of Running Man below.

Yoo Jae Suk

God: Poseidon

Weakness: water


God: Eros

Weakness: a kiss



God: Apollo

Weakness: marks

Ji Hyo

God: Athena

Weakness: Ankle

Suk Jin


Weakness: Alter ego

Note- Gwang Soo and KJK were “humans” in this challenge

 Super Baseball

Super Power Baseball- Episode 119

Episode 119 marked a return to the super power concept. In addition to super powers each cast member’s strengths and weaknesses were showcased as they stepped up to bat:

 Super Baseball HaHa


Super Power: The one who controls the batter. Smoke will billow in the batters face.

The one who controls the ball. Ball will be caught by the catcher using a long arm glove.

The one who controls Ryun Hyun Jin. Batter can switch out the ball Ryun Hyun Jin throws at any time.

Strengths: New groom

Weaknesses: He is now a married man

Super Baseball Yoo Jae Suk

Jae Suk

Super Power: The one who controls bases. The home plate moves to third, once you cross third you are home.

The one with incredible strength. If he carries one of his teammates over home plate two points are scored.

Strengths: Common sense, the chase

Weaknesses: Choi Min Soo

Super Baseball Song Ji Hyo

Song Ji Hyo

Super Power: The one who controls the bat. Can turn the bat into a paddle.

Strengths: Running Man’s Ace

Weaknesses: Sleep and food

Super Baseball Gary


Super Power: The one who calls in a hit by the pitcher. Summons body suit large enough to ahem let the pitcher inevitably hit him with any pitch.

Strengths: Unending discovery of new skills

Weaknesses: Love

Kim Jong Kook

Strengths: All sports

Weaknesses: Yoon Eun Hye, Moon Geun Young

Super Baseball Lee Gwang Soo

Lee Gwang Soo

Super Power: Pitcher Lolols. Can summon other lolol pitchers to join him while he pitches.

The one who controls Choo Shin Soo. Can switch out the bat Choo Shin Soo is hitting with at any time.

Note~ unfortunately (once again) Lee Gwang Soo, Kim Jong Kook, and Ji Suk Jin’s full super power / weakness / strengths were not divulged. Screen time sucks.


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