Running Man Announces a Two Nation Special

Running Man Header

Running Man is planning an out-of-country outing. On January 3rd SBS announced that Running Man is working on a multi-country special called “Running Man in Asia”. The episodes are in a race format and feature two Asian countries (the countries have yet to be confirmed). The special will be filmed in early 2013.

SBS cited Running Man’s popularity in other Asian countries (and farther abroad) as the reason for this special. According to SBS Running Man is invited to film in many locations worldwide due to the cross country popularity of the show.

The last international filming for Running Man was in late 2012 (Hong Kong). I am looking forward to the cast country jumping after a year plus without an international special. And I don’t know about you but I am going to be counting down towards a possibly epic airport scene. Hoping for another hallyu VJ sign and Gwang Soo popularity explosion.


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