My Five Favorite Odd Couples of Korean Drama

Odd Couple

Milo has Otis. Sherlock Holmes has Watson. Marty McFly has Doc. Some of the best friendships start with two individuals who possess completely opposite outlooks, personalities, and overall human traits. And then they combine into a team of sheer awesomeness! This opposites attracts rule applies to K-drama land as well; the odd couple element can lend a comedic element to the most serious dramas. Henceforth are my favorite Korean Drama odd couples…

 Park Ha and Joseons

Park-ha and the color coded Joseon’s (Rooftop Prince, 2012)

If an odd friendship ever existed it was this one. Imagine living in a rooftop apartment. Not a great place, not even really a good one. And then one day-bang! You have four Joseon time travelers in your house. Weird? Yes, Justin Bieber dating Kathy Griffen weird. A friendship built on omu-rice and reincarnation…daebak.

 King 2 Hearts Special Ops Team

North and South Korean Joint Special Ops Team (The King 2 Hearts, 2012)

Alternate universes are fun-odd couple fun. Take two rival countries, sharing one peninsula, and bring them together as a super special ops team. Guitar playing, fun training, bomb scare friendships will ensue and lead to a crack team of the worlds best soldiers. And I will never forget their match against the U.S. special ops team…now that is what I call epic.

 City Hunter and Ahjussi

City Hunter and Ahjussi (City Hunter, 2011)

Imagine a gorgeous young man, raised with a singular purpose that involves a whole lot of revenge. Throw in a home shopping addicted gambler named Bae Man Duk. Put the mixture in the oven for twenty episodes and you end up with one of the best odd couples in K-drama land: the City Hunter and his Ahjussi. I still cry when I think about the scene where Ahjussi had his credit cards cut off due to his shopping frenzy. Tears!

 Na Yoon and Myung Ran

Na Yoon and Myung Ran (Protect the Boss, 2011)

Gangster girl meet rich girl. It helps that Na Yoon (rich girl) is suddenly faced with the real world in a wish-that-happened-to-that-popular-girl-in-high-school envy sort of way. Two women, so different in their upbringings surprisingly find a common ground of friendship during an oddity filled turn as roommates. Myung Ran (gangster girl) plays a role of the sturdy and real world support for the recently disadvantaged Na Yoon-to great comedic effect. One of my favorite takes on the odd couple dynamic in K-drama; I still smile when I think about their drunk singing and fist-pumping.

 Hee Jin, Don Wook, & Han Ji Eun

Hee Jin, Don Wook, & Han Ji Eun (Full House, 2004)

Okay, okay, not exactly a “couple”. They are still awesome. Imagine that your two best friends send you on a fake vacation (with a one way ticket and no return trip not to mention $0 funds). Then they sell your beloved house. Why would you still be their friend?! I really do not know. I would file a lawsuit and put their pictures on my dartboard. Yet I am thankful these characters kept active in each other’s lives (even though many subsequent interactions were slightly if not outright hostile). Via their f***ed up friendship amazing things happened. Marrying Rain amazing things.


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