Introduction to Running Man Part 6: Behind the Camera

Once upon a time there was a Monday couple – made up of Ha-ha’s coordi Seon Ah and VJ Yoo Seok. And then there was a great man that would cross dress, try to confuse, and run a convenience store in the name of comedy- everyone’s favorite Maknae FD. And In the beginning we realized how hard RM challenges really are, one person could never keep up- Jae Suk’s VJ (imagine having to run and carry a camera)

The individuals that put on the show (literally) have made appearances on the other side of the camera from time to time. In fact some of the funniest moments on Running Man involve a peek into those who film, write, manage, dress, and produce the show. Let’s take a look at the daebek production crew we have to thank for making Running Man possible.

FD Dong Wan

FD stands for floor director, which has a whole range of duties (including giving cues, ensuring equipment is working properly, informing the director of action off camera).  Despite the full workload FD Dong Wan still finds the time to cross dress, run a convenience story, and just be generally freaking awesome. Probably the second crew member in terms of time on the other side of the camera (Kwon Ryeol probably has about the same amount of time on air), FD Dong Wan is freaking hilarious. Often used to distract the RM during find the guest missions this man has sported a variety of wigs, dresses, and equally hilarious costumes in the name of comedy.

Ryu Kwon Ryeol

Jae Suk’s VJ, Kwon Ryeol was first brought to the other side (other side of the camera that is) in one of the first few episodes. Often scolded by Jae Suk for his lack of fitness early on, Kwon Ryeol has morphed into the mostly loyal VJ that the nation’s MC counts on.

Hwang Meon Seon

The audio director, Meon Seon made RM history with an inadvertent picture taken of him relaxing during one of the late night RM shoots (episode 30). Discovered while the cast was playing a game of silly faces, it was decided that no one could top the photo of the pensive audio director. The picture still makes me crack up.

Kim Yoo Seok

One half of the Monday Couple that exists behind the camera (his Monday girlfriend is none other than Haha’s coordi), this VJ has a sense of humor and a likeable aura. He always makes me smile.


Seon Ah

Ha-ha’s cordi (stylist), Seon Ah is one half of the crew Monday Couple. With wit and attitude she has made her every appearance on the show viewing gold. My favorite Seon Ah moment was in episode 34 (which had many crew members appearing on screen in a game of 1 vs. x) when she responded to a comment Ha-ha made about her weight with a “Like you should talk”. Love it.

PDs Kim Joo Hyung, Im Hyung Taek, and Jo Hyo Jin

The trio that runs the show, you will glimpse the three of them here and there. While not a huge presence on the actual show, they are the driving force behind it (with the writers of course). Thank you PDs. Thank you.

6 thoughts on “Introduction to Running Man Part 6: Behind the Camera

  1. Thanks for posting fun facts about RM. LOVE the show. Btw, in episode 115, I saw Haha’s VJ Song Yong. He’s so cute! He ought to have more airtime, IMHO. 😀

    • Thanks! The VJs, other than Kwon Ryeol, have a tendency to switch up the cast member they are following around. I guess they need their variety too 🙂 I have not had the chance (sounds like opportunity) to notice Song Yong yet- please share if you have a pic.

  2. Thanks for posting fun facts about RM. LOVE the show. Btw, in episode 115 I saw Haha’s VJ, Song Yong. So cute. He should be given as much airtime as Kwon Ryeol, IMHO. :p

    • Two VJ’s who had to film guests in a couple of episodes! The guests had to try not be discovered, but the one-two punch VJ’s were wearing bright clothes :p It happened the first time with Daesung, and when they also were too obvious with another guest later one, Jae Suk started calling them One-Two Punch

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