Introduction to Running Man Part 7: The soundtrack to the chase

When I have one of those days, where nothing goes my way, I feel like I am being chased around by a sound clip from St Agnes and The Burning Train- I am having Kwang Soo moments. The music clips that play during episodes of Running Man have become so ingrained in the show that they are synonymous with certain situations and cast members. Henceforth is a listing of the background music you hear playing when we encounter KJK with his Sparta-kooks persona, Ji Hyo with her anger, and Ha-ha and his playboy ways…

Yoo Jae Suk:

Pink Panther Theme (OST Pink Panther)

Step By Step (by New Kids on the Block)

Kim Jong Kook:

What We Need Is A Hero (OST Beowulf)

This Is Sparta (OST 300)

Lee Kwang Soo:

Saint Agnes and the Burning Train (by Sting) 

No Matter How I Think About It (by Sweet Sorrow)

Scar (by BOIS)


LeeSsang Blues (by LeeSsang)

Woman Who Can Not Break up, Man Who Can Not Leave (LeeSsang)

Our Meeting (by LeeSsang)

You’re The Answer to A Guy Like Me (by LeeSsang)

Song Ji Hyo:

Tears (by So Chan Whee)

Hot Issue (by 4minute)

Angry Birds Theme Song


Pororo Theme Song

Rosa (by Haha)

Perfect Love (by Lutricia McNeal)

Ji Suk Jin:

The House You Live In (by Park Jin Young)

I Swear (by All 4 One)

Angel (Romeo and Juliet OST by Gavin Friday)

One thought on “Introduction to Running Man Part 7: The soundtrack to the chase

  1. HAHHAHAHA this is amazing…all of these spark running man feels almost instantaneously, it’s like the crew has wired us to associate the tracks instinctively to the specific character and instance!

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