Running Man: 10 Fist-Pumping Missions

Korean Variety programs are my current viewing crack. While they will never replace dramas or Bollywood in my heart they are the best supplement I have had since I watched 1995’s Pride and Prejudice for the 7th time. I have been a Running Man junkie lately and the time is right to name the episodes that have had me fist pumping, screaming, and jumping for joy (sorry neighbors, you try watching RM and being quiet). Henceforth are the episodes I remember fondly, always subject to change as long as RM is airing….

1. Scariest man alive…

Episode #(s): 52, 69

Air date: 7/17/2011, 11/20/2011

Fist-pump Because: I have Choi Min Soo night terrors almost every week. Somehow my nightmares started on July 17th of 2011 and intensified after November 20th of the same year. I hate to admit a coincidence but…sorry, I thought he was sneaking up on me. I am okay now. Amusement park phobia aside, I am totally fine.

2. 1st Battle Royale

Episode #(s): 42

Air date: 5/8/2011

Fist-pump Because: Everyone is an enemy. Betrayal makes sense. The RM members are involved in a Battle Royale, only one person can survive. Full of the backstabbing, nerve-wracking intrigue that makes RM a great show this is one episode that takes the name tag.


3. Don’t drink the flower tea…

Episode #(s): 56

Air date: 7/7/2011

Fist-pump Because: Some of the best reactions from RM members to date. This variety romp is often fraught with the celebration of attractive female celebrities. Take that celebration and turn it into a feeling of shock the male members of RM are not soon to forget (reference episode 94). One of my favorite parts of this episode was Ji Hyo explaining to her bunkmates how she is passed over when female guests are on the show. Response “We will get revenge for you”. Hahahaha. Ji Hyo Fighting!


4. Super Powers

Episode #(s): 74, 96        

Air date: 12/25/2011, 5/27/2012

Fist-pump Because: In the 2nd battle to determine the best Running Man the writers outdid themselves. Running Man’s first foray into super powers was unpredictable, a creative game changer that threw the entire competition on its head. In a hilarious turn the best Running Man, as crowned after episode 42, ended up being an unlikely victor with a killer prize. The second appearance of super powers was during an epic soccer match between one of the best soccer stars in Korea and the entire RM cast (minus 1). I will never forget Ha Ha’s magical flights over the field. Never.

5. Diving

Episode #(s):  3

Air date: 7/25/2010

Fist-pump Because: The diving challenge of episode 3 was the first time I thought “Wow, this is some serious freaking competition”. Loved the concern each cast member felt for each other, loved the terrifying dare-devilish behavior of the few and the brave.


6. Queen Bee

Episode #(s): 49

Air date: 7/26/2011

Fist-pump Because: This episode starts strong with a hilarious find the guest mission. The laughs continue as we have very different royal teams, all competing towards an epic game of bodyguard. Love the interactions between Jae Suk, Gary, and Noh Sa Yeon. This was the first in the “Queen and Princess” type missions and the similar premised episodes that followed never quite lived up to the original.

7. Hip Hop

Episode #(s): 59

Air date: 9/4/2011

Fist-pump Because: Swag! Love the rappers, love the tongue twisting rhymes. And love the final showdown. I am still sighing and awwwing to this day.

8. Roller Coaster Karaoke

Episode #(s): 9

Air date: 9/5/2010

Fist-pump Because: Almost a year to the day before the RM members took part in a Swag Hip Hop episode they were brutally subjected to a terrifying mission of karaoke- on board a moving roller coaster. I was screaming in terror by the time this mission was over! I cannot imagine karaoke on a good day, much less while riding a roller coaster. *shudders*

9. Running Man Olympics

Episode #(s): 104

Air date: 7/22/2012

Fist-pump Because: The Running Man cast know how to celebrate the Olympics. Or should I say the Running Man PDs know how to? Probably the later. Facing off against a team of young idol stars the RM are put to the test, a hilarious competition that begs to be re-watched.

10. 100th episode special

Episode #(s): 100

Air date: 6/24/2012

Fist-pump Because: After the super power extravaganzas that were episodes 74 and 96 the 100th episode special’s use of god powers can pale in comparison. Yet, there is something fitting when Jong Kook is facing gods as a mortal man. And I still cannot believe Jae Suk’s luck. Really?! You were totally pushed, fell in, and still made it out alive? Here’s to you grasshopper.


3 thoughts on “Running Man: 10 Fist-Pumping Missions

  1. I’ve seen some of these, but since I’ve been watching on Dramafever I’ve only seen from May 2012 onward. I do love this show, so I need to find a source to watch the earlier ones, too. Thanks for your lists, they remind me how much I enjoy watching these 🙂

    • Thanks! I am glad you like the list:)
      You can find episodes prior to May 2012 on the isubs website. Isubs is a free fan subbing squad, they have streaming and downloadable files for Running Man and Family Outing. You will need to sign up to access the streaming and downloads, however there is no post requirement.

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