Oppa Korean Drama Style! Or my K-drama associations with Psy’s Pop Hit

I told myself I would never type a word about Gangnam Style. Why you ask? Because sometimes there is nothing left to say, sometimes a concept has drawn out what it needed from society. Now I am not hating on Psy, in fact I like his personality and music. I just think there are some subjects that are best left in my mind and not on my blog, especially those that are saturating the senses at a particular moment.

Alas, I had to. As I watched Gangnam Style for the hundredth time today I realized part of my enjoyment of this video is how it connects with dramas, at least in my brain. I see little strands of drama goodness joining some of my favorite makjang with the horse dance. I know, I know. Typing the last sentence was an achievement for me as well.

Henceforth is my k-drama association with the hit Gangnam Style….

1. Elevator Gyrations (K-Drama Equivalent: Secret Garden)

The terror at watching Noh Hong Chul and his jeojil dance is fresh in my mind. A terror that pales in comparison to that which was felt by Joo Won from the time of his accident until his emotional awakening. Yeah, I am frightened regardless of the scenario. Claustrophobia- fighting!

2. Dance Off (K-Drama Equivalent: City Hunter)

What the what what? I know I know- makes little sense how a scene with Jae Suk and Psy in a comical dance contest could relate to a Lee Min Ho drama. But wait for it- the scene where the City Hunter, in all of his bad ass goodness (is that a cancellation in adjectives?) saves everyone’s favorite prosecutor Young Joo from a death by poisonous gas, so similar to Jae Suk and Psy’s epic battle in a parking garage. Weak association? Perhaps. I tend to find the least bit of a connection to City Hunter at every turn. Ahhhh…Lee Min Ho.

3. Horse Stables (K-Drama Equivalent: Boys Over Flowers)

Was there ever a question about this reference? There should not have been. No matter where I am if there are horse stables involved my mind goes to one place- F4. Lottery. Sports. Contest.

4. Swan Boats (K-Drama Equivalent: Lie to Me)

While a huge disappointment, I still have a soft spot for this drama. While a mess, I liked it, at least sentimentally. As soon as I saw Psy gallivanting on a swan boat my mind flashed to one place, Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan on a floating water fowl (I have too much respect for the actors to think of them as the characters they played in this haphazard drama. Fighting!)


5. Spa (K-drama Equivalent: Haeundae Lovers)

Gangsters in a spa. Awesomeness. Check and check. Psy brought the humor to the spa scene; Uncle’s Fishery brought the k-drama.

6. Carousel (K-drama Equivalent: King 2 Hearts)

Every time I see a carousel I think of one thing- Prince Jae Ha dramatically rescued by his kick ass soon to be wife Hang Ah. Oh…and I think of Gangnam Style. Amusement Parks were never so entertaining. Spin carousel spin!

7. Bathroom (K-drama Equivalent: My Lovely Sam Soon)

Way to go Gangnam Style. Rapping in a bathroom is always daebak. Akin to such behavior is the start of a classic K-Drama story, My Lovely Sam Soon. Bathrooms seem to be hip hang out places. Forget I just said that. Really, poor judgment on my part.

8. Playground (K-Drama Equivalent: Boys Over Flowers)

I did it. I referenced BOF twice in one rambling post. Psy’s casual playground antics made me think back to an equally entertaining playground scene- that of Ji Pyo and Jan Di. While their affection could be viewed as stiff, I still cannot help but think back to the k-drama crack that was Boys Over Flowers.

9. Subway (K-Drama Equivalent: Running Man: Episode 15)

I know… Running Man is not a Korean Drama. However, Running Man is freaking awesome. So awesome I go beyond weak associations to outright fan-girlism, I will give a big shout out wherever possible. Ahem…I mean critically I have to include my interpretation of Psy’s pursuit of Hyuna. A noble chase, it is so similar to my favorite train car / subway madness: RME15. Well done Psy- well done. (Fist-pumps and tries to recover critical eye)

10. Final Dance Scene (K-Drama Equivalent: Every Drama Ever)

While watching Gangnam Style I counted Joseon’s, boxers, doctors, idols, service workers, martial artists, and various other characters that remind me of K-drama land, in a mosaic weird sort of way. Characters build the drama (and apparently dance with Psy). The final big dance number of this MV was like a huge k-drama character cast reunion, in a schizophrenic sort of way. Fighting!

2 thoughts on “Oppa Korean Drama Style! Or my K-drama associations with Psy’s Pop Hit

  1. This is fascinating…I noticed a few of the Kdrama parallels when I watched this video but never realized the extent of the similarities. Is this a case of art intentionally art mirroring art, or is it actually two different forms of art mirroring actual life? Consider my mind blown.

    • Whatever it is, I like it. Whether it is intentional or not I find the parallels entertaining. From swan boats to rapping in the bathroom I appreciate the associations I can make between the most popular Korean song in the U.S. and my guilty pleasure, Korean Drama. 🙂

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