K Drama vs. E Drama

Here it goes- the biggest battle my blogging mind can comprehend. K-drama’s best vs. English drama’s smartest. Darcy vs. anyone. Lee Min Ho in any role vs. Frank Churchill in all of his anticipative sneakiness- who will win; who could possibly win and become the champion of the battle of the greats? Let’s find out as we play a game of E drama vs. K drama!

Darcy (Pride and Prejudice) vs. Jun Pyo (Boys Over Flowers)

Winner: Darcy

Game Details: Darcy is far too aristocratically biased to care about the son of a 21st century millionaire. Jun Pyo, once he started outwardly displaying his annoyance in a verbal manner, was ostracized by Darcy. Rightfully So. Point to you Fitzwilliam.

Prince Lee Shin (Goong) vs. John Thorton (North and South)

Winner: Prince Lee Shin

Game Details: Thorton is the picture of stoicism blended with deep emotions that are cleverly hidden. Lee Shin is very similar, a reluctant romantic that feels deeply. In the end they argue over social classes, general beliefs in all things political and simple, and agree to disagree. Oh- and Prince Lee Shin wins this one. By a mile and a palace.

Heathcliff (Wuthering Heights) vs. Jin Pyo aka Steve Lee (City Hunter)

Winner: Jin Pyo

Game Details: Revenge is best played through the decades. While Heathcliff took revenge through his pseudo parenthood of cruel intentions towards Hareton he believed in his own vindictive intent. Jin Pyo experienced the worst thing a country could do to its soldiers and took revenge- drug lord thirty years coming sort of revenge. When face to face both men softened when the tools of their revenge crept into their cold hearts (with all of that troublesome emotional stuff). In the end Jin Pyo won- training a super assassin in the jungles of Thailand triumphs over an abusive parenthood inflicted on an English lad named Hareton. Sorry Miss. Bronte- I am going K-drama on this one.

Kang Hyun (Love and Marriage) vs. Emma (Emma)

Winner: Emma

Game Details: Kang Hyun is a match maker that ends up working at a divorced persons match making agency. Emma is an aristocratic woman that can make the best love matches in England yet ignore her own happiness. While Kang Hyun brought the intriguing plot twists, Emma delivered on the match maker creed. Emma could pair them all and only see her own love in the end. Sorry Kang Hyun- trust me it has nothing to do with the fact you kissed Ji Hoon. Really. Nothing. About. that. *sigh*


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