Answer This…or Life Lessons from Answer Me 1997

How you complete me Answer Me 1997. With all of your coming of age-ness and tamagotchi remembrance you make me feel young again.

Henceforth are the life lessons I learned from the refreshingly nostalgic Answer Me 1997…

1. Do you miss your brick phone and the simplicity of times gone by? Welcome to the club.

Our youth, our teenage years are just that. A time to live and die on a word or a date. A time to appreciate simplistic actions. When those actions can be pinpointed by period specific items (think pong for the 70’s, Flock of Seagulls for the 80’s, etc) remembrance becomes a tangible longing.

Life lesson: I hold onto my NKOTB tape like no tomorrow. Try to take it away- I will body slam you.


2. Love is a long, long drawn out process.

Affection. Admiration. Both may take along time. Get some popcorn- the emotional growth of some people takes longer than the blooming of the corpse flower at WI University.

Life lesson: Patience and a sense of understanding is key. Oh- and realize if he kisses you and saves you from a rapist he loves you.


3. Mom likes to make a feast fit for an army

2 people coming over? Time to make 50 pounds of kimchi.

Life lesson: Bring on the food. Seriously, take the suggested serving size and multiply it by 300. Then, and only then will you have the serving size that is required of a good Korean hostess.


4. The wooly sheep.

When life gives you major awkwardness k-drama gives you sheep noises.

Life lesson: I have a baahing app. The next time I make an ass out of myself I will utilize the newest technology- bbaaaaaaahhhhhhhh.


5. Growing up is hard to do.

AM1997 made me think of the Wonder Years. Both series were poignant and brought just the right amount of humor and thought provoking drama to remain refreshing yet intelligent.

Life lesson: Voice-overs that explain life lessons suck. They suck so much I cry as soon as they begin. Life lessons are hard! Too hard to listen to!


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