Running Man Episode Guide

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RM Ep 1


World Meet Running Man

Guest Starring: Hwang Jung Eum, Lee Hyo Ri

Times Square, Seoul

Broadcast Date 7/11/2010

Filming Date 6/25/2010

Rating ****


World meets RM. World sends fruit basket and heart felt thank you note to RM PDs.

RM Ep 2


Stadium Challenge 1

Guest Starring: Goo Ha-Ra, Lee Chun-Hee, Song Ji Hyo

Suwon World Cup Stadium

Broadcast Date 7/18/2010

Filming Date 7/5/2010

Rating ***


A taste for the larger than life locations that RM is known for.

RM Ep 3


Stadium Challenge 2

Guest Starring: Goo Ha-Ra, Lee Chun-Hee, Song Ji Hyo

Suwon World Cup Stadium

Broadcast Date 7/25/2010

Filming Date 7/5/2010

Rating ***


The diving portions are not to be missed. This was the first challenge that had me thinking- wow, are they really going to do that?!

RM Ep 4


Science Museum 1

Guest Starring: Jessica, Nichkhun, Song Ji Hyo

Gwacheon National Science Museum

Broadcast Date 8/1/2010

Filming Date 7/18/2010

Rating **


Mediocre. The earlier episodes of RM can be hit and miss- the cast has not yet found their chemistry and the games can be spastic in the entertainment department.

RM Ep 5


Science Museum 2

Guest Starring: Jessica, Nichkhun, Song Ji Hyo

Gwacheon National Science Museum

Broadcast Date 8/8/2010

Filming Date 7/18/2010

Rating **


See episode 4.

RM Ep 6


Adult Vs. Child Team

Guest Starring: Kim Shin Young, Se7en, Song Dam Bi

N Seoul Tower

Broadcast Date 8/15/2010

Filming Date 8/2/2010

Rating **


Watch this for great Yooruce Willis moments. Oh, and for Se7en.

RM Ep 7


Theater Antics

Guest Starring: Ham Eun-Heong, Jo Kwon, Jung Yong Hwa

Sejong Center for the Performing Arts

Broadcast Date 8/22/2010

Filming Date 8/9/2010

Rating ***


Jo Kwon and Gary’s dances are not to be missed.Yong Hwa first appears on this episode (currently the most recurring guest in RM history).

RM Ep 8


History Special- Plus Old Clips Of The Cast

Guest Starring: Lee Joon, Park Jun Gyu, Victoria

Seoul Museum of History,

Gyeonghui Palace

Broadcast Date 8/29/2010

Filming Date 8/16/2010

Rating ****

Monday Couple Moments: Gary reveals his crush


Must see. The cast is forced to watch clips from their early years in the entertainment industry. By far Yoo Jae Suk’s is the funniest…and most disturbing. Also the episode where we learn that Gary feels no pain (unless Ji Hyo rejects him that is).

RM Ep 9


Amusement Park Madness

Guest Starring: Lee Hong Ki, Kim Soo Ro, Shin Bong Sun

Lotte World

Broadcast Date 9/5/2010

Filming Date 8/22/2010

Rating ***


Shin Bong Sun and all of her obsession with KJK steals this episode for me. Remember KJK- She would even buy you a gym! The roller coaster karaoke game is so funny I watched it twice. And then I had nightmares it happened to me (shudders).

RM Ep 10


Art Is Fun!

Guest Starring: Cha Tae Hyun, Yoon Se Ah

National Museum of Contemporary Art

Broadcast Date 9/12/2010

Filming Date 8/30/2010

Rating ***

Monday Couple Moments: Gary offers to take Ji Hyo’s punishment- first couple time.


Not the best episode ever created but any time an art museum is involved I think variety shows an get a little dicey.

RM Ep 11


Post Office Madness

Guest Starring: Jung Yong Hwa, Kim Je Dong

Seoul Central Post Office

Broadcast Date 9/19/2010

Filming Date 9/6/2010

Rating ***

Monday Couple Moments: JI Hyo inks Gary’s face


Packing box jenga. Nuff said.

RM Ep 12 


Seoul Design Fair- Happy Birthday Joong Ki

Guest Starring: No Guests

Seoul Design Fair

Broadcast Date 9/26/2010

Filming Date 9/19/2010

Rating **

Monday Couple Moments: Gary goes easy on Ji Hyo


Joong Ki’s birthday could not save this episode. It was pretty ho hum.

RM Ep 13


SBS Is Better To Run In

Guest Starring: Jang Dong Min, Lizzy

SBS Broadcasting Center

Broadcast Date 10/3/2010

Filming Date 9/20/2010

Rating ***


Funny and well thought out run through SBS.

RM Ep 14


Fun At The Safety Experience Center

Guest Starring: Lizzy

Boramae Safety Experience Center

Broadcast Date 10/17/2010

Filming Date 9/27/2010

Rating ****

Monday Couple Moments: First use of term Monday Couple


This is one of my favorite episodes. Not because it was terribly clever or different but because it embodies the early days of Running Man perfectly. The cast was finding their chemistry/characters and episode 14 gets both of these elements righ

RM Ep 15


Subway Sweetness

Guest Starring: Kim Kwang Kyu, Tony Ahn

Seoul Metro Subway Yard

Broadcast Date 10/24/2010

Filming Date 10/4/2010

Rating ****

Monday Couple Moments: Gary is able to raise Ji Hyo’s heartbeat


I liked this but I felt sorry for Song Ji Hyo in the x vs. x game. Awkward. Really awkward.

RM Ep 16


Let’s Go Shopping- But Watch What You Eat

Guest Starring: Yuri

Park Mall

Broadcast Date 10/31/2010

Filming Date 10/11/2010

Rating ***

Monday Couple Moments: Ji Hyo acknowledges Gary as Monday Boyfriend


Yuri bursts into tears after the x vs. x game. Ouch!

RM Ep 17


University Special

Guest Starring: Jong Yong Hwa

Hanyang Women’s University

Broadcast Date 11/7/2010

Filming Date 10/25/2010

Rating **


So so. Hide and seek game was exciting, other challenges fell flat.

RM Ep 18


Love Boat

Guest Starring: No Guests

Busan International Cruise Ship

Broadcast Date 11/21/2010

Filming Date 11/13/2010

Rating *****

Monday Couple Moments: Gary and Ji Hyo reenact Titanic


KJK dressed as a pirate, Monday couple titanic reenactment, the first use of Sumdwa, and the birth of Yoo Hyuk Dance Club President this episode is an all around RM treasure.

RM Ep 19


Kim Jong Kook (and Ha-ha?) Vs. The World

Guest Starring: Nichkhun

Namsangol Hanok Village

Broadcast Date 11/28/2010

Filming Date 11/8/2010

Rating **


Ha-ha vs. everyone else in a quiz challenge is funny (and perfectly showcases Haroro’s child like tendencies). Final hide and seek was a let down.

RM Ep 20


Fun With Weather

Guest Starring: Kim Heechul

Korea Meteorological Administration

Broadcast Date 12/5/2010

Filming Date 11/22/2010

Rating ***

Monday Couple Moments: Ji Hyo admits Gary is good looking


This episode was all over the place, sometimes in a good way and other times in a bad way. The lie detector bits were hilarious (given the casts knowledge of eachothers past).

RM Ep 21


Train Challenge

Guest Starring: Kim Je Dong

Gwangmyeong Station

Broadcast Date 12/12/2010

Filming Date 11/29/2010

Rating ***


A multi location episode, the suspense is evident as the cast partakes in their first run all over the place mission.

RM Ep 22


Christmas Special

Guest Starring: Choi Si Won, Kim Min Jong

Lotte Mart

Broadcast Date 12/19/2010

Filming Date 12/6/2010

Rating ***

Monday Couple Moments: Monday couple Christmas shopping


Shopping challenge was fun and light hearted.

RM Ep 23


Ski Vacation Special

Guest Starring: Shim Hyung Rae

Alpensia Ski Resort

Broadcast Date 12/26/2010

Filming Date 12/13/2010

Rating **


Gags are the name of this game. Unfortunately this game gets boring fast.

RM Ep 24


Apartment Challenge

Guest Starring: Lee Kyung Shil, Song Eun Ee

Xi Wi City

Broadcast Date 1/2/2011

Filming Date 12/20/2010

Rating **


Episode 24 followed its predecessor in the mediocre department. Disappointing.

RM Ep 25


Manhwa Special

Guest Starring: Park Bo Young

Museum Comics Information Center

Broadcast Date 1/9/2011

Filming Date 12/27/2010

Rating ****


Loved the costumes. Bo Young proved that she has variety skills (enough that should they ever add a second female cast member she has my vote).

RM Ep 26


Shopping Mall Foreign Music Special

Guest Starring: Jung Jin Young, Lee Moon Sik

Nakwon Instruments Shopping Center

Broadcast Date 1/16/2011

Filming Date 1/3/2011

Rating ***


The final debate challenge was annoying. The find the guest mission (the first on RM) was entertaining largely due to the cast’s reaction and the new concept.

RM Ep 27


Seoul Arts Center- TVXQ

Guest Starring: Max, Chang-Min, U Know

Seoul Arts Center

Broadcast Date 1/23/2011

Filming Date 1/10/2011

Rating ***


Games are laugh out loud, second find the guest mission does not disappoint.

RM Ep 28


Nature At The Ansung Natural Resort

Guest Starring: Kim Byung Man

Ansung Natural Resort

Broadcast Date 1/30/2011

Filming Date 1/17/2011

Rating ****

Monday Couple Moments: Gary and Ji Hyo meal time PDA- Ji Hyo Dance Special


Best Running Man Dance number. Ever.

RM Ep 29


New Years Special

Guest Starring: No Guests

COEX Aquarium

Broadcast Date 2/6/2011

Filming Date 1/24/2011

Rating ***

Monday Couple Moments: Gary fills out his profile- goal is to become Ji Hyo’s boyfriend


This episode wastes a lot of time with pointless challenges. Despite that fact the last one chance mission did showcase the cast’s amazing teamwork, and variety skills.

RM Ep 30


Korean Traditional Arts Special

Guest Starring: Seung Ri

The National Center for Korean

Traditional Performing Arts

Broadcast Date 2/13/2011

Filming Date 1/31/2011

Rating ***


Sorry- still looking at the above pic and laughing.

RM Ep 31


Water Park Extravaganza

Guest Starring: Hyun Young

Alpensia Ocean 700 Water Park

Broadcast Date 2/20/2011

Filming Date 2/9/2011

Rating ****


Maknae FD, a water park, and water karaoke. Throw in a cowardly Ha-Ha and a one chance mission from hell and you have RM gold.

RM Ep 32


Office Olympics

Guest Starring: Kim Kwang Kyu, Tony Ahn

Woongjin Think Big Office

Broadcast Date 2/27/2011

Filming Date 2/14/2011

Rating ***

Monday Couple Moments: Valentines day date


So so. If not for the Monday couple moments I would have given it two stars.

RM Ep 33


Fugitive City Chase

Guest Starring: Oh Ji Ho

Incheon International Airport

Broadcast Date 3/6/2011

Filming Date 2/21/2011

Rating ***


Chase was well executed, the episode was hilarious.

RM Ep 34


I Miss You Friend

Guest Starring: Park Jun Gyu, Uee

Hongdae Area

Broadcast Date 3/13/2011

Filming Date 2/28/2011

Rating ***

Monday Couple Moments: Hongdae Date


Best 1 vs. x ever. I felt bad for Uee but was too busy laughing at the ridiculous cast of “friends” that my empathy was fleeting.

RM Ep 35


Camping Special Part 1

Guest Starring: Dae Sung, Jung Yong Hwa

Nanji Camp

Broadcast Date 3/20/2011

Filming Date 3/7/2011

Rating **


I enjoyed the premise but this episode was too long in the execution.

RM Ep 36


Camping Special Part 2

Guest Starring: Dae Sung, Jung Yong Hwa

Nanji Camp

Broadcast Date 3/27/2011

Filming Date 3/14/2011

Rating ****


I liked this episode better than the first portion of the camping special. Also, I now know the ultimate flavoring for any dish. Thanks Running Man!

RM Ep 37


Park Ye Jin Special- Who Is The Better Salesman?

Guest Starring: Park Ye Jin


Broadcast Date 4/3/2011

Filming Date 3/21/2011

Rating ***

Monday Couple Moments: Parody of Secret Garden


The fan signing event was hilarious. Park Ye Jin proved she has variety skills.

RM Ep 38


Physical Examination Challenge

Guest Starring: No Guests

Seoul Medical Center

Broadcast Date 4/10/2011

Filming Date 3/28/2011

Rating *


The episode where Jae Suk honed his water gun mastery skills (and had his pants pulled down in RMs infamous scandal). This was the only episode where I thought the cast went a little too far…the insults were, I hate to say it, insulting and not always in a funny way. Besides the last bully like challenge the episode was fun. Unfortunately there is the large black hole at the end that keeps me hoping that we never enter that territory again – just my opinion. While I do not blame the cast  I think this challenge was a little too mean for variety. Lesson learned.

RM Ep 39


Late Night Snacks

Guest Starring: Sunny, Yoona

Seoul Folk Flea Market

Broadcast Date 4/17/2011

Filming Date 4/4/2011

Rating ***


Paranoia is the word of the day as the RM cast reels from last episodes introduction of the spy concept. Funny first mission as the cast is chased by SNSD, all while suspecting each other. Running Man PDs, pat yourselves on the back.

RM Ep 40


France And An Orchestra Special

Guest Starring: Nichkhun, Taecyeon

Petite France

Broadcast Date 4/24/2011

Filming Date 4/11/2011

Rating ***


Jail never looked so fun. And French songs never sounded so bad. All around a good episode, the cast and their hi-jinks make it.

RM Ep 41


Ransacking Ha-Ha’s Apartment & Song Joong Ki Bids Farewell

Guest Starring: Lee Sun Gyun, Park Joong Hoon

National Digital Library of Korea

Broadcast Date 5/1/2011

Filming Date 4/18/2011

Rating ****


A look inside Ha-Ha’s apartment, if it was being raided by repo men. Haha’s disbelief, annoyance, and dramatic outbursts make this episode. This is the last episode where Joong Ki is a cast member. His farewell, full of heartfelt words, is a tearjerker. Prepare the kleenex before you watch this episode.

RM Ep 42


Running Man Championships Part 1

Guest Starring: No Guests

SBS Production Center

Broadcast Date 5/8/2011

Filming Date 4/25/2011

Rating *****

Monday Couple Moments: Gary saves Ji Hyo from Kookie


The first episode that attempted to answer “Who is the greatest Running Man of them all?”. The answer will surprise you. Very funny episode.

RM Ep 43


Epic Road Race

Guest Starring: Iu, Shin Bong Sun

Daegu Stadium

Broadcast Date 5/15/2011

Filming Date 5/2/2011

Rating ***


Rest stop soda challenge is a riot.

RM Ep 44


Office Get Together Challenge

Guest Starring: Jang Hyuk

Cheil Worldwide Building

Broadcast Date 5/22/2011

Filming Date 5/9/2011

Rating **


Who can throw the best employee get together? The cast goes all out with this challenge, trying to attract as many employees to their individual get together location. Love the energy of this episode.

RM Ep 45


Office Carpool Race

Guest Starring: Jang Hyuk

Cheil Worldwide Building

Broadcast Date 5/29/2011

Filming Date 5/10/2011

Rating ***

Monday Couple Moments: Gary and Ji Hyo have a fashion model face off


Funny race to pick each cast member up and get to work. Great chemistry, funny challenge.

RM Ep 46


Employee Vote- Who Is The Running Man That Will Win?

Guest Starring: Kim Hyun Joong

Kyobo Book Center

Broadcast Date 6/5/2011

Filming Date 5/23/2011

Rating **


The employees of the book center are asked to vote for the cast member they think will win. Hilarity ensues as the RM see their ballot boxes and reflect on the voter confidence.

RM Ep 47


Go To Work / Office Survival

Guest Starring: Kim Hyun Joong

Kyobo Book Center

Broadcast Date 6/12/2011

Filming Date 5/24/2011

Rating ***


Suspenseful, well executed.

RM Ep 48


Royal Treasure Race

Guest Starring: No Guests

National Museum of Korea

Broadcast Date 6/19/2011

Filming Date 6/6/2011

Rating ****

Monday Couple Moments: Kang Gary with all of his antics have nothing on a blind folded Ji Hyo


I love the first three challenges, the cast knows something is not right and their uneasiness is hilarious.

RM Ep 49


Queen Bee Race

Guest Starring: Noh Sa Yeon, Goo Ha Ra

Dream Forest, Seoul

Broadcast Date 6/26/2011

Filming Date 6/7/2011

Rating ****


Poor Gary. Poor Jae Suk.

RM Ep 50


Bangkok, Thailand Special Part 1

Guest Starring: Kim Min Jung, Nichkhun

Bangkok, Thailand

Broadcast Date 7/3/2011

Filming Date 6/19/2011

Rating *****


RM goes international with a trip to Bangkok. The fans reactions are not to be missed. Love this episode.

RM Ep 51


Bangkok, Thailand Special Part 2

Guest Starring: Kim Min Jung, Nichkhun

Pattaya, Thailand

Broadcast Date 7/10/2011

Filming Date 6/20/2011

Rating ****


The Thailand fun continues.

RM Ep 52


Locate The Golden Crowns

Guest Starring: Choi In Soo, Yoon So Yi

Gyeongju World

Broadcast Date 7/17/2011

Filming Date 7/4/2011

Rating ****

Monday Couple Moments: Gary and Ji Hyo spend a lot of time together


The first time I glimpsed the scariest man in the world, Choi in Soo.

RM Ep 53


Water Park Fun

Guest Starring: Choi In Soo, Yoon So Yi

Blue One Resort

Broadcast Date 7/24/2011

Filming Date 7/5/2011

Rating ***


Choi In Soo at a water park. How cute! Never mind, he is still scary.

RM Ep 54


Protect The Boss Special

Guest Starring: Choi Kang Hee, Ji Sung

63 Building, Seoul

Broadcast Date 7/31/2011

Filming Date 7/18/2011

Rating **

Monday Couple Moments: Ji Hyo puts sun screen on Gary


Ho hum. Fun guests, fun interactions but nothing spectacularly clever.

RM Ep 55


Two Is Better Than One- Partners Race

Guest Starring: Ji Yeon, Luna, Sulli, Suzy

Wootdali Culture Village,

Gyeonggi Do

Broadcast Date 8/7/2011

Filming Date 8/1/2011

Rating **

Monday Couple Moments: Ji Hyo and Gary form a team for the first missions


Couples race with idols. The boys could not be happier (even Gary, he gets partnered with Ji Hyo).

RM Ep 56


Don’t Drink The Flower Tea- Partners Race Part 2

Guest Starring: Ahn Mun Sook, Kim Sook, Shin Bong Sun, Jung Ah

Wootdali Culture Village,

Gyeonggi Do

Broadcast Date 8/14/2011

Filming Date 8/2/2011

Rating *****

Monday Couple Moments: Gary and Ji Hyo are a team


One of my all time favorites. Beyond clever, freaking hilarious.

RM Ep 57


Jeju Island Race Part 1

Guest Starring: Chae Tae Hyun, Shin Se Kyung

Jeju Island

Broadcast Date 8/21/2011

Filming Date 8/15/2011

Rating ***


Who is the most frugal running man of them all? The challenges are fun, the interactions are classic.

RM Ep 58


Jeju Island Race Part 2

Guest Starring: Chae Tae Hyun, Shin Se Kyung

Jeju Island

Broadcast Date 8/28/2011

Filming Date 8/16/2011

Rating **


The wake up mission is hilarious.

RM Ep 59


Hip-Hop Special

Guest Starring: Choiza, Gaeko, Simon Dominic, Tiger Jk, Yoon Mi Rae

Old Seoul Station

Broadcast Date 9/4/2011

Filming Date 8/22/2011

Rating ****

Monday Couple Moments: Ji Hyo betrays Gary


One of my top ten. A good mixture of great guests and spies.

RM Ep 60


Fool Gary

Guest Starring: No Guests

D-Cube City

Broadcast Date 9/11/2011

Filming Date 8/29/2011

Rating *****


A huge game of 1 vs. x. I still wonder what Gary’s reaction was…

RM Ep 61


Beijing Race Part 1

Guest Starring: Kang Ji Young, Kim Ju Hyuk, Lee Yeon Hee

Beijing, China

Broadcast Date 9/18/2011

Filming Date 9/4/2011

Rating ****


The airport arrival scene is a funny contrast to what waited for the cast in Thailand. Well thought out games that take place at legendary locations around Beijing.

RM Ep 62


Beijing Race Part 2

Guest Starring: Kang Ji Young, Kim Ju Hyuk, Lee Yeon Hee

Beijing, China

Broadcast Date 9/25/2011

Filming Date 9/5/2011

Rating ****


This episode further confirmed that Ji Hyo is one of the best players on RM. Not to be missed.

RM Ep 63


Snsd Special Part 1

Guest Starring: Hyoyeon, Jessica, Seohyun, Yoon, Yuri, Taeyeon


Broadcast Date 10/2/2011

Filming Date 9/19/2011

Rating ***


Running Man- Ji Hyo (she was ill) + SNSD= Great episode. I am not hating on Ji Hyo but her absence threw the male cast into their most shameless lecher behavior to date.

RM Ep 64


Snsd Special Part 2

Guest Starring: Hyoyeon, Jessica, Seohyun, Yoon, Yuri, Taeyeon

Paju English Village

Broadcast Date 10/9/2011

Filming Date 9/20/2011

Rating ***


The fun with SNSD continues.

RM Ep 65


Dice Race

Guest Starring: Kim Ju Hyuk, Kim Sun Ah

Baekje Military Museum

Broadcast Date 10/23/2011

Filming Date 10/3/2011

Rating **

Monday Couple Moments: Gary and Ji Hyo are a team


Ho hum.

RM Ep 66


Tour Of The Nation

Guest Starring: Kim Sun Ah, Song Joong Ki

Hangang Park

Broadcast Date 10/30/2011

Filming Date 10/4/2011

Rating ***


Joong Ki returns. The challenges are funny and clever. I love the final challenge- any time I can see KJK dressed up as a theme park animal is a good time indeed.

RM Ep 67


Coins And Water Guns

Guest Starring: Kim Soo Ro, Park Ye Jin

Gungpeyong Village

Broadcast Date 11/6/2011

Filming Date 10/17/2011

Rating *


Not that good, really.

RM Ep 68


Spies Are Better In Pairs

Guest Starring: Kim Soo Ro, Park Ye Jin

Canal Walk, Incheon

Broadcast Date 11/13/2011

Filming Date 10/18/2011

Rating **


So so. Spies are a little lacking.

RM Ep 69


Grasshopper Hunting

Guest Starring: Choi Min Soo

Incheon Culture and Arts Center

Broadcast Date 11/20/2011

Filming Date 10/31/2011

Rating *****

Monday Couple Moments: Monday Couple IM eachother


There is something seriously wrong with this man. He is terrifying.

RM Ep 70


Telephone Race- Stupid Ring Tone!

Guest Starring: Lee Min Ki, Park Chul Min, Son Ye Jin

KT Building

Broadcast Date 11/27/2011

Filming Date 11/14/2011

Rating ***

Monday Couple Moments: Gary and Ji Hyo are a team


Bungee jumping challenge made me scream and hide my eyes.

RM Ep 71


Queen Race

Guest Starring: Jo Hyu Ryun, Oh Yeon Su

Gyeonghui Palace, Seoul

Broadcast Date 12/4/2011

Filming Date 11/15/2011

Rating **


Some premises get old. The queen / princess race is one of those premises I am tired of.

RM Ep 72


Hong Kong In 24 Hours Part 1

Guest Starring: Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Min Jung

Hong Kong, China

Broadcast Date 12/11/2011

Filming Date 11/28/2011

Rating ****


Jackie Chan, what is all over your face?

RM Ep 73


Hong Kong In 24 Hours Part 2

Guest Starring: Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Min Jung

Hong Kong, China

Broadcast Date 12/18/2011

Filming Date 11/29/2011

Rating ***


Ji Hyo once again proves why they call her Ace.

RM Ep 74


Who Is The Best Running Man Of Them All- Super Powers Special

Guest Starring: No Guests

KINTEX, Gyeonggi-do

Broadcast Date 12/25/2011

Filming Date 12/12/2011

Rating ****

Monday Couple Moments: Gary uses his superpowers to protect Ji Hyo


The second time the Running Man cast has faced off in an epic battle royal. This episode introduces the super powers concept to hilarious effect. Love it.

RM Ep 75


Mathematics Challenge

Guest Starring: Choi Si Won, Hyorin, Minho, Sohee, Sulli

Paris Park, Seoul

Broadcast Date 1/1/2012

Filming Date 12/13/2011

Rating **


When simple math saves the day.

RM Ep 76


The Killers

Guest Starring: Joo Sang Wook, Lee Chun Hee, Kim Sung Soo, Ji Jin Hee

Yeosu City Hall

Broadcast Date 1/8/2012

Filming Date 12/26/2011

Rating **


The guests have their own fun chemistry. Funny and suspenseful.

RM Ep 77


Bingo Challenge

Guest Starring: IU, Ji Jin Hee, Joo Sang Wook, Lee Chun Hee

Hahwa Island

Broadcast Date 1/15/2012

Filming Date 12/27/2011

Rating *


Bingo is too convoluted.

RM Ep 78


Unify The Kingdom Race

Guest Starring: Hoo Soo Hyun, Lee Beom Soo

Lotte Mall

Broadcast Date 1/22/2012

Filming Date 1/9/2012

Rating ***


Funny challenges, good cast interaction.

RM Ep 79


Sherlock Holmes- The Weirdest RM Episode In History

Guest Starring: Kim Je Dong, Yoon Do Hyun

Club Harmony Cruise Ship, Busan

Broadcast Date 1/29/2012

Filming Date 1/10/2012

Rating *****

Monday Couple Moments: Gary and Ji Hyo join forces to solve the mystery


Best editing to date. Bizarre guests, stranger over all premise. After watching this episode I wondered if the images I had just watched are the same type of thing that happens when you take a hallucinogen. Epically odd, hilarious, one of my all time favorites.

RM Ep 80


Charlie’s Angel’s Edition

Guest Starring: Go Ah Ra, Hyo Min, Im Soo Hyang

Paradise Spa Dogo

Broadcast Date 2/5/2012

Filming Date 1/16/2012

Rating **


This episode was way too spastic.

RM Ep 81


Only Gary Knows About Europe

Guest Starring: No Guests

Songdo Convensia, Incheon

Broadcast Date 2/12/2012

Filming Date 1/30/2012

Rating ***

Monday Couple Moments: Ji Hyo protects Gary from the others so he can sleep


Did you really think Gary would win a relaxing trip? Ha. The PDs put Gary to work, dragging him from country to country in order to create the premise for the LOLOL’s revenge. Love it. Funny.

RM Ep 82


Spy Challenge

Guest Starring: Lee Da Hae, Oh Ji Ho

Shinsegae Department Story, Busan

Broadcast Date 2/19/2012

Filming Date 2/6/2012

Rating **

Monday Couple Moments: The “official” end of Monday Couple- Ji Hyo’s real life relationship is revealed


Monday couple ends *sniff sniff*.

RM Ep 83


Spy Challenge

Guest Starring: Lee Da Hae, Oh Ji Ho

Nurimaru APEC House, Busan

Broadcast Date 2/26/2012

Filming Date 2/7/2012

Rating ***


Good cast interaction. Great gift ideas.

RM Ep 84


Big Bang Special Part 1

Guest Starring: Dae Sung, G-Dragon, Seung Ri, Tae Yang, T.O.P.

Seodaemun Museum of Natural History

Broadcast Date 3/4/2012

Filming Date 2/20/2012

Rating ***


Big Bang (one of the most popular idol groups) makes an epic appearance.

RM Ep 85


Big Bang Special Part 2

Guest Starring: Dae Sung, G-Dragon, Seung Ri, Tae Yang, T.O.P.

Cheil Industries Office, Seoul

Broadcast Date 3/11/2012

Filming Date 2/20/2012

Rating ***


Fun with Big Bang continues.

RM Ep 86


Running Man Championships

Guest Starring: Gaeko, Ha Ji Won

SBS Broadcasting Center

Broadcast Date 3/18/2012

Filming Date 2/21/2012

Rating ***


Running Man sports challenge. Not the best episode ever but still entertaining. Plus Ha Ji Won owned it.

RM Ep 87


First Love Race

Guest Starring: Ha Ga In

Korea Job World

Broadcast Date 3/25/2012

Filming Date 3/12/2012

Rating ***


The flash back scenes are hilarious. Clever concept. Gary and Ha-ha realizing they may be each others first love still has me laughing.

RM Ep 88


Crack The Running Man Code

Guest Starring: Boa, Jung Jae Hyung

The Shilla Jeju

Broadcast Date 4/1/2012

Filming Date 3/5/2012

Rating **


Loved the Da Vinci museum (Jae Suk- I’m an artist). Clever premise.

RM Ep 89


Alice Has Nothing On RM- Wonderland Special

Guest Starring: Boa, Jung Jae Hyung

Illchul Land, Jeju

Broadcast Date 4/8/2012

Filming Date 3/6/2012

Rating ****


Second strangest episode (after the Sherlock Holmes challenge). Julian Kang makes a guest appearance, Maknae FD is the white rabbit. The world truly is insane. Great episode.

RM Ep 90


Fishing Challenge

Guest Starring: Lee Deok Hwa, Park Sang Myun, Park Jun Gyu


Broadcast Date 4/15/2012

Filming Date 4/2/2012

Rating ****


The opening is priceless. I can imagine the PDs and writers giggling to themselves as the cast looked eagerly towards the flower framed doorway, certain that an idol would make an appearance. Loved all of the chairman hair jokes, also loved the same aged friends.

RM Ep 91


Prison Break

Guest Starring: No Guests

SUNY Korea, Incheon

Broadcast Date 4/22/2012

Filming Date 4/9/2012

Rating ***


Return of Yoomes Bond.

RM Ep 92


Jjajangmyeon Race

Guest Starring: Chun Jung Myung, Park Jin Young

Somuui Island

Broadcast Date 4/29/2012

Filming Date 4/16/2012

Rating **


Entertaining. Not the greatest premise but still fun.

RM Ep 93


Running Man- Survivor Style

Guest Starring: Han Seung Yeon, Hyuna, Park Gyu Ri, Krystal, Suzy

Seoul Land

Broadcast Date 5/6/2012

Filming Date 4/23/2012

Rating **


At least they were not trapped on an island. Wait…that might be awesome.

RM Ep 94


Wedding Race

Guest Starring: Han Seung Yeon, Hyuna, Park Gyu Ri, Krystal, Suzy

Mokdong Wedding Palace

Broadcast Date 5/13/2012

Filming Date 4/24/2012

Rating ***


The cast was uber competitive during this episode. Fun, good not great.

RM Ep 95


Mission Impossible Special

Guest Starring: G.O., Lee Joon, Seung Ho, Thunder, Bora, Dasom, Hyorin, Soyu

Pantech Building, Seoul

Broadcast Date 5/20/2012

Filming Date 5/7/2012

Rating ****


I cannot get enough of the opening of this episode. The places we find the cast working (as “covers” for their spy identities) are clever and had me laughing long into the first challenge.

RM Ep 96


Superpower Soccer

Guest Starring: Park Ji Sung, Iu, Jong Tae Se

University of Incheon

Broadcast Date 5/27/2012

Filming Date 5/20/2012

Rating *****


The super power concept returns, this time featuring Park Ji Sung (who displays a natural ability for comedic timing). Awesomeness ensues.

RM Ep 97


Race To Star In The Asian Dream Cup

Guest Starring: Park Ji Sung, Iu, Jong Tae Se

POSCO Global R / D Centre

& SCG Stadium, Thailand

Broadcast Date 6/3/2012

Filming Date 5/21/2012

Rating ****


Everyone wants to be Park Ji Sung’s new best friend and win a spot on the field during the Asian Dream Cup. The desire of the cast create hilariously competitive situations.

RM Ep 98


Zombie Race

Guest Starring: No Guests

Tesco Home Plus Academy, Incheon

Broadcast Date 6/10/2012

Filming Date 6/4/2012

Rating ***


Clever, great cast chemistry.

RM Ep 99


Conquer The Land Challenge

Guest Starring: Im Ho, Lee Tae Gon

XI Gallery

Broadcast Date 6/17/2012

Filming Date 5/8/2012

Rating *


Kings and spies. My head hurts.

RM Ep 100


If The Gods Were Running Man Challenge

Guest Starring: Kim Hee Sun

Mecenatpolis, Seoul

Broadcast Date 6/24/2012

Filming Date 6/18/2012

Rating *****


Fans are pretty divided over this episode, some look at this concept as a let down (considering this is the 100th episode) while others love it. I belong to the later category. KJK as a human facing gods is fitting, and the methods that are available to eliminate the deities are well thought out.

RM Ep 101


C.S.I. Special

Guest Starring: Yoon Jong Shin, Yoon Do Hyun, Kim Bum Soo

Korea Institute of Science and Technology

Broadcast Date 7/1/2012

Filming Date 6/19/2012

Rating ***


Love the concept. Hate the fact it felt like it was scripted.

RM Ep 102


Running Man Vs. The Ultimate Thief

Guest Starring: Kim Soo Hyun

SBS Tanhyeon-dong Production Center

Broadcast Date 7/8/2012

Filming Date 6/25/2012

Rating ***


Spies. Running Man. Golden Turtles. You decide.

RM Ep 103


Princess Race

Guest Starring: No Sa Yeon, Yoo Jun Sang, Shin Se Kyung

S Oil Building, Seoul

Broadcast Date 7/15/2012

Filming Date 7/2/2012

Rating **


Again with the princess/ queen race? Tell me this is the last time?!

RM Ep 104


Running Man / Idol Olympics

Guest Starring: Eunhyuk, Ham Eun Jeong, Jung Yong Hwa, Nichkhun, Lee Joon, Si Wan, Yoon Doo Joon

Hanseong Bakeje Museum

Broadcast Date 7/22/2012

Filming Date 7/9/2012

Rating ****

Monday Couple moments: Gary and Ji Hyo join forces and proudly represent the Running Man team.


Running Man celebrates the Olympics by going up against a team of young idol stars. Great chemistry among the cast as they face off against younger and stronger competition.

RM Ep 105


Vacation Spending Money Race

Guest Starring: Han Ji Min, Kim Je Dong

Aqua Planet Jeju

Broadcast Date 8/5/2012

Filming Date 7/22/2012

Rating **


So So.

RM Ep 106


The Vacation Continues

Guest Starring: Han Ji Min, Kim Je Dong

Daum Comm. Office, Jeju

Broadcast Date 8/12/2012

Filming Date 7/23/2012

Rating **


So So part 2.

RM Ep 107


The Chaser Special

Guest Starring: Gaeko, Jang Shin Young, Kim Sang Joong

Yonsei University International

Campus, Incheon

Broadcast Date 8/19/2012

Filming Date 8/13/2012

Rating **


Heavy plotting. Still fun. The beginning is hilarious if you have watched the drama.

RM Ep 108


Rom-Com Challenge

Guest Starring: Gong Hyo Jin, Lee Joon

NS Home Shopping Building

Broadcast Date 8/26/2012

Filming Date 8/14/2012

Rating ***


Maknae FD plays siblings! Take that Hong Sisters. I know you are jealous.

RM Ep 109


A Challenge For Every Season

Guest Starring: Park Tae Hwan, Son Yeon Jae

Herb Island

Broadcast Date 9/2/2012

Filming Date 8/27/2012

Rating ***


There is a lot going on here, the entertainment value is high.

RM Ep 110


Filming During A Hurricane

Guest Starring: Park Tae Hwan, Son Yeon Jae

Daejin University

Broadcast Date 9/9/2012

Filming Date 8/28/2012

Rating **


When a hurricane throws a wrench in the RM PDs plans we still end up with a funny episode of spur of the moment games. And that is why I love RM.

RM Ep 111


Busan Step Race

Guest Starring: Im Ha Ryong, Lee Jong Won, Shin Jung Gun, Son Byung Ho, Taeyeon, Go Chang Suk

National Maritime Museum, Busan

Broadcast Date 9/16/2012

Filming Date 9/3/2012

Rating ***


Fun episode, great guests.

RM Ep 112


Busan Village‘s Are Scenic

Guest Starring: Im Ha Ryong, Lee Jong Won, Shin Jung Gun, Son Byung Ho, Taeyeon, Go Chang Suk

Moorim P&P Paper Mill, Ulsan

Broadcast Date 9/23/2012

Filming Date 9/4/2012

Rating ***


Fun episode, great guests part 2.

RM Ep 113


Ddakji Race

Guest Starring: Jeon Mi Seon, Yeom Jeong Ah, Yu Hae Jin


Broadcast Date 9/30/2012

Filming Date 9/17/2012

Rating ****


Best ending ever. The look on the PDs faces…priceless.

RM Ep 114


X-Man Meets Running Man

Guest Starring: Moon Geun Young

Culture Park, Incheon

Broadcast Date 10/7/2012

Filming Date 10/1/2012

Rating **

Monday Couple Moments: Gary proclaims he is Ji Hyo’s “X-man”


Fun melding of Running Man and the old variety show X- Man ( Ha-ha, KJK, and Jae Suk starred on the program).

RM Ep 115


Incheon Bells Race

Guest Starring: Moon Geun Young, Max Chang-Min, U-Know, Yun-Ho

Coast Guard Main Station, Incheon

Broadcast Date 10/14/2012

Filming Date 10/2/2012

Rating ***


Love the return to the bells hide and seek game that was featured in many early RM episodes.

RM Ep 116


Psychic Challenge

Guest Starring: Ji Jin Hee, Ji Sung, Song Chang Ui, Suzy, Yubin

Suncheon Open Set

Broadcast Date 10/21/2012

Filming Date 10/8/2012

Rating **


Very confusing premise. While the idea was interesting the execution was terrible.

RM Ep 117


Riddle Race

Guest Starring: Ji Jin Hee, Ji Sung, Song Chang Ui, Suzy, Yubin

Asian Culture Complex

Broadcast Date 10/28/2012

Filming Date 10/9/2012

Rating ***


Up to the last ten minutes I was scratching my head at a complete loss for the answer to the riddle. Watch this episode if you want to see just how clever the RM cast are.

RM Ep 118


Running Man Hunting

Guest Starring: Choi Min Soo

Jungnang Camp Ground

Broadcast Date 11/4/2012

Filming Date 10/22/2012

Rating ****


He is back again. Night terrors start here.

RM Ep 119


Superpowers Baseball

Guest Starring: Choo Shin Soo, Jin Se Yeon, Ryu Hyun Jin

Gongrung Youth Baseball Park, Seoul

Broadcast Date 11/11/2012

Filming Date 10/29/2012

Rating ***


Superpowers return! As usual, hilarious use of special powers.


RM Ep 120

007 Water Gun Special

Guest Starring: Lee Seung Gi, Park Shin Hye

Poeun Art Hall

Broadcast Date 11/18/2012

Filming Date 11/12/2012

Rating ***


Lee Seung Gi, how I love you.

RM Ep 121


007 Internal Spy Challenge

Guest Starring: Lee Seung Gi, Park Shin Hye

SBS Prism Tower

Broadcast Date 11/25/2012

Filming Date 11/13/2012

Rating **


Lee Seung Gi, how they should listen to you.

RM Ep 122


Kpop Legends / 80s&90s Race

Guest Starring: Goo Hara, Kang Susie, Kim Wan Sun, Park Nam Jung, Kim Tae Hyung, Jung Won Gwan, Lee Sang Won


Broadcast Date 12/2/2012

Filming Date 11/19/2012

Rating ***

Monday Couple Moments: Gary is called Ji Hyo’s boyfriend during the introduction


Fun use of original kpop idols. Big nose hyung and Jae Suk were in their element. I also loved that KJK was on the idol team.

RM Ep 123


Kimchi Challenge

Guest Starring: Go Soo, Han Hyo Joo

Song Cham Bong Joseon Cultural Village

Broadcast Date 12/9/2012

Filming Date 11/26/2012

Rating ****

Monday Couple Moments: Gary logs out from Ji Hyo


Marriage has really changed Ha-ha. I am undecided if it is for the better.

RM Ep 124


King Of Running Man

Guest Starring: Go Soon, Han Hyo Joo

Jeonju University

Broadcast Date 12/16/2012

Filming Date 11/27/2012

Rating ****


Kwang Soo as a king- greatest thing ever.

RM Ep 125


Santa Clause Special

Guest Starring: Jung Hyung Don, Juvie Train, Ryu Dam, Shin Dong, Park Sang Myun

Konjiam Resort

Broadcast Date 12/23/2012

Filming Date 12/10/2012

Rating **


The first challenge was extremely spastic. The eating challenge was creative. Overall a so-so episode.

RM Ep 126


Fool Ji Woo

Guest Starring: Choi Ji Woo

Busan Racing Center

Broadcast Date 12/30/2012

Filming Date 12/17/2012

Rating ***

Monday Couple Moments: Gary logs back in after Ji Hyo explains that they have to be next to each other- it is Monday after all


I thoroughly enjoyed the return to the games that made the early episodes of Running Man super addicting. Punishments, running balls, and the 1 vs. x game have made a come back as of late. The return to the roots of RM is welcome, due to the many format changes these games have not been played for some time. The Running Man cast working together was another highlight of this episode, any time they can combine their deviously trained minds into a team of awesomeness is pure viewing pleasure.

RM Ep 127


Catch the Snake

Guest Starring: Choi Ji Woo, Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Gi Kwang, Lee Jong Hyun, Simon-D

Broadcast Date 1/6/2013

Filming Date 12/18/2012

Rating ****

Monday Couple Moments: Gary is the only cast member to chose Ji Hyo’s team. He announces that 2013 is the year the Monday couple starts over- a declaration complete with a couple wave. Later Gary turns into Gary guard for Ji Hyo.


This was one funny episode. Loved the teaming of the Monday Couple and the idol Busan F4 (okay, I know they are not all from Busan but come on- sounds better right?). Gary and his hip hop wig wearing rhyming is not to be missed. Ultimately hilarious, hitting all of the Running Man sweet spots.

RM Ep 128


Protect the Year End Bonus

Guest Starring: Park Shin Yang, Uhm Ji Won

Broadcast Date 1/13/2013

Filming Date 12/20/2012

Rating ***


While not as gut busting or inventive as prior episodes a nice showcase of the a-list guest’s variety skills and chemistry with the cast. Plus I love the return to the gym for some calorie burning karaoke- this game never gets old.

RM Ep 129


Running Man / Idol Winter Olympics

Guest Starring: Jung Yong hwa, Kwang hee, L, Sulli, Min Ho, Lee Joon, Lee Jong Hyun

Broadcast Date 1/20/2013

Filming Date 1/8/2013

Rating ****


The worst thing about this episode was Kwang Hee, the best thing about this episode was everything else. The cast had great teamwork right until the end (ant trap anyone?).

RM Ep 130


Reincarnation Special

Guest Starring: No guests

Broadcast Date 1/27/2013

Filming Date 1/14/2013

Rating ***

Monday Couple moments: 1938 Gary confirms he likes Ji Hyo (flowers and all). The two form a partnership.


Another hilariously thought provoking episode. While the victors were unlikely and the cast interactions were not exactly at top form I still enjoyed this episode and its innovative plot twist. It was nice to see an episode sans guests- it has been awhile.

RM Ep 131


Ddakji King

Guest Starring: Choo Sung hoon, Lee Si young

Broadcast Date 2/3/2013

Filming Date 1/22/2013

Rating **


This episode had some moments of comic genius- but apart from those slices of hilarity the games seemed to drag on. Maybe it was because of the guests- maybe it was because of the games. Who knows- all I know is this episode was okay but far from Running Man greatness (yet I may or may not have watched Gwang Soo and Sung hoon’s race fifteen times already).

RM Ep 132


Actors vs. Singers, Spy vs. Spy

Guest Starring: Hwang Jung Min, Hyuna, Park Sung Woong

Asiana Town, Seoul

Broadcast Date 2/10/2013

Filming Date 1/21/2013

Rating ****

Monday Couple Moments: Ji Hyo cannot help but giggle when she looks at Gary.


An episode full of twists and turns- in a good way. Seven cases need to be delivered to our Boss (Maknae FD of course) and the cases jump between teams faster than a hot potato. Jae Suk and Gwang Soo are comedy gold in this episode as dumb and dumber, perfect representatives of the confusion that beset many watching the spy game that ensued. A hilarious episode with a not to be missed ending.

RM Ep 133


Secret of the Nine Swords Part 1- Face your fears

Guest Starring: Han Hye Jin, Lee Dong Wook


Broadcast Date 2/17/2013

Filming Date 2/3/2013

Rating ****

Monday Couple Moments: The Monday couple hilariously browse engagement rings.


Yikes! Kudos to the entire cast, this episode made me respect the nine people that actually faced the height filled challenges. The guest stars are seasoned in variety, making this episode very easy to watch. Love the challenges, love the international travel. Especially love the self proclaimed Prince of Asia.

RM Ep 134


Secret of the Nine Swords Part 2

Guest Starring: Han Hye Jin, Lee Dong Wook

Hanoi, Vietnam

Broadcast Date 2/24/2013

Filming Date 2/4/2013

Rating ****

Monday Couple Moments: The couple comforts each other after a loss.


I still cannot get over Lee Gwang Soo’s popularity. I mean I love the guy and all but such fan-dom was really unexpected. Sometimes life is just too ironic. Enjoyed the game hooks and twists, especially loved the ending of this episode.

RM Ep 135


Golden Target Race

Guest Starring: Choi Siwon, Jackie Chan

Fashion Mall, Seoul

Broadcast 3/3/2013

Filming Date 2/19/2013

Rating ***

Monday Couple Moments: Gary confronts Ji Hyo during the cell phone bomb game, they reach a maybe conclusion


Jackie Chan! Jackie freaking Chan! Perhaps I am over excited due to watching a ton of Hong Kong movies with my brother or perhaps I just love me a good Running Man episode. Regardless this was a fun one. Not perfect but definitely entertaining.

RM Ep 136


Origin of the Golden Daggers

Guest Starring: Han Hye Jin, Lee Dong Wook

Hoa Lu, Vietnam

Broadcast 3/10/2013

Filming Date 2/5/2013

Rating **


Fun…but not that exciting (wait! Is that mutually inclusive!). I liked it, liked the guests,  however they did not live up to the other two international episodes that acted as a sequel to this one. The challenges were interesting but not Running Man awesome. If I had a choice I would watch the other two international episodes in this series and skip the prequel.

RM Ep 137


Marry the fool

Guest Starring: UEE, Noh Sa Yeon


Broadcast 3/17/2013

Filming Date 3/5/2013

Rating *****

Monday Couple Moments: MC plays the peporo game, Suk Jin wonders out loud how they have not yet dated, Ji Hyo calls Gary handsome. In other words- MC fan nirvana!


This was the best episode in recent memory. The cast and the guests had awesome chemistry while the games were well thought out and did not drag on for too long. Surprising me (I usually hate the princess game premise) I laughed nonstop through this one. Highly recommend.

RM Ep 138


Capture the flag

Guest Starring: Kim Su-ro, Kim Woo-bin, Lee Jong-hyun, Lee Jong-suk, Min Hyo-rin


Broadcast 3/24/2013

Filming Date 3/18/2013

Rating ***


Fun school themed episode pitting the Running Man cast (minus YJS) against the guests. Ji Hyo showed her prowess in this episode, achieving the unbelievable.

RM Ep 139


Drama special: That Winter the Typhoon Blows

Guest Starring: Go Ah ra, Lee Yeon hee

MVL Hotel

Broadcast Date 3/31/13

Filming Date 3/19/13

Rating *****


The cast chemistry was spot on for this episode. Highlights include the unlucky trio of HaHa, Gwang Soo, and Suk Jin having to decide which one of them is the Candy Girl and which one plays the boyfriend and the subsequent love match facing off in the challenges. Sound hilarious? It is. Body gags were also plenty in this episode, which can be good or bad for RM depending on the execution. I am happy to say this episode did slapstick hilariously.

RM Ep 140


Rage Virus


Broadcast Date 4/7/13

Filming Date 3/25/13

Rating **


A twisty-turny episode full of ‘wait, what is the game again?’ Fun for nostalgic value but not the best episode the cast sans guests could have pulled off.

RM Ep 141


Animal Kingdom

Guest Starring: Eun Ji Won, Jessica (SNSD)


Broadcast Date 4/14/13

Filming Date 4/2/13

Rating ***


Loved the cast’s first challenge- hearing them shout over each other made me laugh in tandem with the PD. Giraffe’s are not to be missed. While this episode was fun it was not exactly gold.

RM Ep 142


Best Couple Running Ball Challenge

Guest Starring: Lee Bo young, Lee Sang yoon

Gwangnaru Safety Experience Center

Broadcast Date 4/21/2013

Filming Date 4/1/2013

Rating ****

Monday Couple Moments: Gary and Ji Hyo explain their Monday relationship to Sang yoon.


This episode was filmed on April fools day and it shows. Great chemistry with the guests and the cast plus a refreshing mixture of new and old RM games keeps this episode exciting.

RM Ep 143


Superpower Karaoke

Guest Starring: Lee Kyung kyu, Kim In kwon, Ryu Hyun kyung

Seoul City Hall

Broadcast Date 4/28/2013

Filming Date 4/15/2013

Rating **


The last challenge was genius- the rest of the episode was so-so. Do yourself a favor and skip to the last fifteen minutes.

RM Ep 144


King of Ddakji

Guest Starring: Cha In pyo, Ricky Kim, Seo Jang hoon

Namsan Elementary School

Broadcast Date 5/5/2013

Filming Date 4/16/2013

Rating ****

Monday Couple Moments: Teamwork, a peperro kiss, and overall MC awesomeness


An oft used game- Ddakji- makes an appearance in order to give the champion of the game a definite win. Love the guests in this episode (and MC moments).

RM Ep 145


Laws of the Jungle vs. Running Man

Guest Starring: Jeon Hye-bin, Jung Jin-woon (2AM), Kim Byung-man, Noh Woo-jin, Park Jung-chu

Gyeonggi English Village Paju Camp

Broadcast Date 5/12/2013

Filming Date 4/30/2013

Rating ***

Monday Couple Moments: Gary expresses his jealousy over a note Jin-woon wrote Ji Hyo


This episode gives us an epic face off between the cast members of two well known variety shows. A little disappointed at the outcome (mostly because of my incessant fandom) but loving the challenges between the two uber active shows.

RM Ep 146


Traitors Club versus the world

Guest Starring: Kim Sang kyung, Uhm Jung hwa

Weolsung Atomic Energy Information Center

Broadcast Date 5/19/2013

Filming Date 5/6/2013

Rating ****

Monday Couple Moments: Ji Hyo completes a challenge, Gary hears I love you


Loved the spotlight on Running Man’s underdogs. To add to the unlikely focus of this episode we witnessed a cast of bickering detectives that should have just worked together from the get go- fortunately for our betrayers their non existent teamwork played into the overall plot of betrayal. Fun in the best way. Would have been a five star episode if not for the game’s lack of focus.

RM Ep 147


Flower Boy Athletic Championship

Guest Starring: Kim Soo hyun, Lee Hyun woo

Sogang University

Broadcast Date 5/26/2013

Filming Date 5/13/2013

Rating *****

Monday Couple Moments: Gary solidifies his place as Ji Hyo’s protector among the cast- plus they adorably play hat switcheroo


Best of the best, cast chemistry was spot on and so were the guests (flower boys or not). Loved the acupuncture mat race, loved the moment we witnessed crab Kwang Soo only to be interrupted by the tiger throwing Harroro around. Golden Running Man moments indeed.

RM Ep 148


Jumanji Eating Race

Guest Starring: Jeong Jun ha, So Yi hyun

Gapyeong Gymnasium

Broadcast Date 6/2/2013

Filming Date 5/27/2013

Rating ***

Monday Couple Moments: Gary supports Ji Hyo as she descends slippery stairs- Haha feels like a third wheel


A strange concept made all that much stranger by the guests- a comedian and an actress. Parts of this episode dragged on (PDs, I know you meant well with the YJS- JSJ- JJH trio but this seriously became a broken comedy routine) while others were laugh out loud funny (the car challenge for example). Not perfect, not terrible, and pretty entertaining if you can forgive some of the games tendency to drag on.

RM Ep 149


Nine Tailed Fox Race

Guest Starring: Kim Soo Mi, Kim Sook, Kwon Ri Se, Park So Hyun, Song Eun Ee

National Folk Museum of Korea

Broadcast Date 6/9/2013

Filming Date 5/14/2013

Rating **

Monday Couple Moments: Gary is captivated by Ji Hyo’s beauty during the opening segment


The set caught fire. Literally. What a big bang of an opening. The guest stars were spunky and fun, my only complaint is that the premise itself- collect nine tails- seemed to be unevenly advantageous to a few (and the eliminations seemed too easy). Highlight of this episode was LKS, he was on every team at one time or another.

RM Ep 150


Running Man Avengers

Guest Starring: Chansung & Taecyeon (2PM), Jung Du Hong, Choo Sung Hoon


Broadcast Date 6/16/2013

Filming Date 6/3/2013

Rating ****

Monday Couple Moments: Ji Hyo suprises Gary with a rendition of a LeeSsang song. The two run hand in hand as they jump teams.


I am a comic book dork so my opinion is biased- this episode was freaking awesome! My only beef was how stacked the odds were given the challenge. But given the last scene in this episode it all makes sense, at least for the next time we visit this premise.

RM Ep 151


Grim Reaper Surveillance Chase

Guest Starring: Han Hyo joo, Jung Woo sung, Junho

SBS Broadcasting Center

Broadcast Date 6/23/2013

Filming Date 6/10/2013

Rating ***


Woo Sung is intense. Really intense. This episode gave us a scary chaser but completely winnable odds for our Running Man cast. An innovative game that was played well.

RM Ep 152


Vacation Race

Guest Starring: Han Hyo joo, Jung Woo sung, Junho

Baekje Cultural Complex

Broadcast Date 6/30/2013

Filming Date 6/11/2013

Rating **


Woo Sung is hilarious, really hilarious. He has a knack for inadvertent physical comedy that is hard to beat. A good episode but the premise has been played time and time again so I cannot give it more than 2 stars.

RM Ep 153


Soccer Training

Guest Starring: Park Ji Sung, Sulli, Koo Ja cheol

Korea Polar Research Institute

Broadcast Date 7/7/2013

Filming Date  6/22/2013

Rating *****

Monday Couple Moments: The couple reminisce about their early days, complete with a LeeSsang song. Heartfelt and like a Christmas present for Monday Couple fans everywhere.


One of the best episodes to date, and I do not say that lightly. Monday couple was spot on, the cast had great interactions that brought forth their characters and Park Ji Sung (as always) made a memorable appearance.

RM Ep 154


2013 Asian Dream Cup

Guest Starring: Park Ji Sung, Sulli, Patrice Evra

Hongkou Football Stadium, Shanghai

Broadcast Date 7/14/2013

Filming Date 6/23/2013

Rating ****

Monday Couple Moments: Ji Hyo becomes Gary’s “slave”. Gary forces her to confess that she likes him five times in a packed airport. She begrudgingly confesses “I want Kang Gary”


Another stellar episode. I am convinced that Park Ji Sung is in the top three best guests of all time. Patrice Evra’s interactions with the cast were also hilarious, he seemed to get their brand of humor immediately.

RM Ep 155


High School Horror Special

Guest Starring: Suzy

Incheon National University

Broadcast Date 7/21/2013

Filming Date 7/1/2013

Rating **


Interesting twist. I felt like the early missions in this episode were too heavily edited, they should have pared down the challenges instead of edited large portions out. Even with the editing I like it, just did not love it.

RM Ep 156


2NE1 Alien Water Race

Guest Starring: CL, Gong Minzy, Park Bom, Dara Park

Hangang Park

Broadcast Date 7/28/2013

Filming Date 7/16/2013

Rating ***


Guests can make or break an episode. 2NE1 were refreshing, not the best guests of all time, but fun nonetheless. The water seeking aliens plot was a little out there but not so out there it was terrible.

RM Ep 157


I Hear Your Voice Court Special

Guest Starring: Ahn Gil Kang, Jung Woong In, Kim Hee Won

Tangeum Lake

Broadcast Date 8/4/2013

Filming Date 7/22/2013

Rating **


A bad example of when Running Man takes on a drama premise. Over edited, I was disappointed in the execution. Of course our cast chemistry was amazing, but that is not enough to save this unfortunately non challenge based premise.

RM Ep 158


Hide and Seek Water Drop Challenge

Guest Starring: Jeon Mi Seon, Moon Jung Hee, Son Hyun Joo

Goyang Aqua Studio

Broadcast Date 8/11/2013

Filming Date 8/5/2013

Rating ****


The flow of the episode was fun, exciting, and smoothly executed. The last challenge was one of the best I have seen on Running Man- mostly due to the fact that the entire cast looked terrified. Great episode to introduce someone to Running Man.

RM Ep 159


Couples Gold Race- 1% Friendship

Guest Starring: Fujita Sayuri, Jo Jung Chi, John Park, Jung In, Kim Kwang Kyu, Kim Ye Rim, Park Sang Myun


Broadcast Date 8/18/2013

Filming Date 8/6/2013

Rating ***

Monday Couple Moments: The Monday couple are a team. Their end game choice is both hilarious and sigh inducing for shippers.


The guests were fun. I love the 4D personalities among the guests and loved the ending even more. Cute episode.

RM Ep 160


Running Man Ranking

Guest Starring: No Guests

Daeijak Island

Broadcast Date 8/25/2013

Filming Date 8/19/2013

Rating **

Monday Couple Moments: Gary gives Ji Hyo some of his meal, then protects her as others try to take her food.


The snow elevator segment was hilarious, the rest of the episode felt very disjointed in the end goal (which of course is explained by next episode, but still it felt a little off). Still fun though, just not gut busting hilarious.

RM Ep 161


Pirate Curse Challenge

Guest Starring: Shinhwa (minus Dong Wan)

Daeijak Island

Broadcast Date 9/1/2013

Filming Date 8/20/2013

Rating ***

Monday Couple Moments: Gary calls Ji Hyo cute when she acts as the referee for the water game.


Loved the games, especially the return of the name tag race. Shinhwa proved they still have fight by giving the members of Running Man a run for their money (literally).

RM Ep 162


Idol King Challenge

Guest Starring: Chansung (2PM), Da-som (Sistar), Hyo-rin (Sistar), Jung Eun-ji (A Pink), L (Infinite), Lee Gi-kwang (Beast), Lee Joon (MBLAQ), Min-ah (Girl’s Day), Seung-ho (MBLAQ), Son Na-eun (A Pink), Sung-kyu (Infinite), Wooyoung (2PM), Yoon Doo-joon (Beast), Yu-ra (Girl’s Day)

Old Cheongju Tobacco Factory

Broadcast Date 9/8/2013

Filming Date 8/26/2013

Rating ****


I was very wary of this episode to begin with- at first appearances it seemed like too many guests and a very ugh worthy premise. Happy to report that this was an awesome episode! The opening intro is not to be missed.

RM Ep 163


Win Princess Ji Hyo’s Heart

Guest Starring: Dae Sung, G-Dragon, Seung ri (Big Bang)

Incheon Art Hall

Broadcast Date 9/15/2013

Filming Date 9/2/2013

Rating *****

Monday Couple Moments: First kiss! First kiss! First Kiss! First kiss! First kiss!


Monday Couple- First kiss! Monday Couple- First Kiss! Sorry, I have been in a corner, rocking back and forth and repeating these words since this episode aired. If I could give these a bazillion stars (thanks to my delusional MC shipper side) I would.

RM Ep 164


Win the inheritance

Guest Starring: Kim Hae Sook, Yoo Ah In

Baekbul Traditional House

Broadcast Date 9/22/2013

Filming Date 9/3/2013

Rating **

Monday Couple moments: Gary and Ji Hyo play Mom and Dad to Kwang Soo, Haha, and Ah In with plenty of cute joking included.


Wow, Ah In is really different on variety as opposed to how I would have imagined him. This episode was okay, we have seen the inheritance game before so it was nothing new per se. Even though the games were not necessarily new, they were still fun – just not mega funny awesome still laughing fun. My verdict- okay, just okay.

RM Ep 165


Fan-girl Challenge

Guest Starring: No guests

Wabu Middle School

Broadcast Date 9/29/2013

Filming Date 9/16/2013

Rating ****

Monday Couple moments: Gary and Ji Hyo go furniture shopping, Gary sits on Ji Hyo’s lap in order to read the clue


History in the making (once you see the end, you will know what I mean), this episode was a nice bit of variety (pun intended). It was great to see Kwang Soo’s Dad, and even better to see the cast picking on Kwang Soo and then stopping once they realized Dad was watching. I am still laughing!

RM Ep 166


Heirs- Inheritance Challenge

Guest Starring: Park Shin Hye, Kim Woo Bin, Choi Jin Hyuk

SBS Broadcasting Center

Broadcast Date 10/6/2013

Filming Date 10/1/2013

Rating **

Monday Couple moments: Gary tries to help out Ji Hyo during the spoon game


Fun, but the games seemed heavily in favor of one team (I mean, come on, of course everyone will give their autographs to Yoo Jae Suk). The guests, who were promoting the super buzzed about drama Heirs, were fun (though for some reason I kind of felt like Shin Hye was unusually annoying – normally I am a fan of hers). So-so is my final verdict.

RM Ep 168


Juvenile Delinquent Challenge

Guest Starring: Chung Jung Myung, Kim Min Jung

National Museum of Korean Contemporary History

Broadcast Date 10/13/2013

Filming Date 9/17/2013

Rating ***

Monday Couple moments: Gary “saves” Ji Hyo when she rolls down a hill


Kwang Soo. Kwang Soo. How I love you. The challenges (boxing, buy the snack race, and name tag ripping) were fun, the guests were fun as well.

RM Ep 168


The Sheep and the Wolf

Guest Starring: IU, Park Myung Soo

Suwon World Cup Stadium

Broadcast Date 10/20/2013

Filming Date 9/30/2013

Rating ***

Monday Couple Moments: The Monday Couple choose the same cards. Fate? You decide.


Myung Soo and Si Jun are hilarious as rivals. The games are inventive (water tank dunk, card change).

RM Ep 169


Helmet Challenge

Guest Starring: Joo Sang Wook, Yang Dong Geun

Mayhills Resort

Broadcast Date 10/27/2013

Filming Date 10/14/2013

Rating ****

Monday Couple Moments: Fate makes an appearance, leading the Monday Couple to talk marriage.


The return of bells hide and seek! Daebak! The guests were entertaining and I loved the WTF concept of having helmets locked on the cast’s head. Good episode.

RM Ep 170


Wizard of Oz

Guest Starring: Kim Yoo Jung, TOP, Yoon Je Moon

Samtan Art Mine

Broadcast Date 11/3/2013

Filming Date 10/15/2013

Rating ****

Monday Couple Moments: Gary finds a cute lion


I am a huge fan of the out of this world Running Man episodes, so this entry in the show was right up my alley. I enjoyed the nonsensical challenges – plus Kim Yoo Jung was a hoot (and I love Ji Suk Jin as the villain)!

RM Ep 171


Baseball Star’s Choice

Guest Starring: Ryu Hyun Jin, EXO

Lotte Outlets Buyeo Store

Broadcast Date 11/10/2013

Filming Date 10/29/2013

Rating **

Monday Couple Moments: Gary cheers on a baseball playing Ji Hyo


This was an episode designed to lead up to the next episode – the real winner in this baseball challenge series. Consider this, they did not even announce a winner in this episode. They just kind of ended. Hmmmph. If it was not for EXO this episode would receive 1 star.

RM Ep 172


Hyun Jin Bond

Guest Starring: Ryu Hyun Jin, Suzy, Exo

Korean Folk Village

Broadcast Date 11/17/2013

Filming Date 10/29/2013 & 11/12/2013

Rating ***

Monday Couple Moments: The Monday Couple get some cuddle time in while playing dodge ball


EXO loses and Ryu Hyun Jin is given an adorable turtle squirt gun. Will he be able to oust the other members before dinner is served? Who knows?! Well, I do, and anyone else that has watched this entertaining episode.

RM Ep 173


Super Powers Baseball the Sequel

Guest Starring: Ryu Hyun Jin, Suzy, Lee Byung Kyu, Kim Hyun Soo, Shin Kyung Hun

Namyangju Baseball Park

Broadcast Date 11/24/2013

Filming Date 11/12/2013 & 11/13/2013

Rating ***


Super powers games are always hilarious – this episode is no exception. Anytime I get to hear “LOLs LOLS” I am a happy girl.

RM Ep 174


Solve the Number Challenge

Guest Starring: Lee Seung Gi, Bora, Han Hye Jin

Mapo Gu, Seoul

Broadcast Date 12/1/2013

Filming Date 11/18/2013

Rating ****

Monday Couple Moments: The Monday Couple is a team. A friendly citizen tells them “Just get married. It is what we all want”


Another solve the riddle like challenge. The cast and guests were given a number, then challenges, then required to solve for the final number. Lee Seung Gi and Lee Kwang Soo make an awesome team- I hope to see this paring again soon.

RM Ep 175


Point out the Suspect

Guest Starring: Gong Yoo, Park Hee Soon

POSCO Green Building

Broadcast Date 12/8/2013

Filming Date 11/25/2013

Rating ****

Monday Couple Moments: Gary announces Ji Hyo’s crime as “Stealing his heart”


This is one fun episode. Hee Soon is adorably inept in the episode and Gong Yoo is…um…Gong Yoo (which is a good thing). The challenges were fun (water monkey bars, trailer dance escape party, name tag targeting). Enjoyable.

RM Ep 176


Trendy Man of the Year

Guest Starring: Jang Ki Ha, Jun Hyun Moo, Kim Kwang Kyu, Lee Juck, Muzie

SBS Broadcasting Center

Broadcast Date 12/15/2013

Filming Date 11/26/2013

Rating ***


Miss Mong MCs this challenge to determine which Running Man cast member or guest can make the most women’s heart flutter. I loved the Jeopardy-esque trivia challenge in this episode and the guests were good sports- despite the (hilarious) putdowns that came with the find a girl with a unique surname challenge.

RM Ep 177


Who Kidnapped Gary?

Guest Starring: Gil, Dynamic Duo, A Pink, Jung In, Jo Jung Chi

NAVER Green Factory

Broadcast Date 12/22/2013

Filming Date 12/9/2013

Rating *****

Monday Couple Moments: Gary announces that Monday Couple is forever- even if Ji Hyo marries she should spend Mondays at his house.


I. love.this.episode. The guests were stellar, and the setup had a fresh feel despite the fact that we have been there and done that in the past (at least a version of it). Plus, how can this episode not be awesome – GARY CHRISTMAS!

RM Ep 178


The Cast versus the Production Team

Guest Starring: No guests

Hangang Park

Broadcast Date 12/29/2013

Filming Date 12/10/2013

Rating *****


Teamwork, teamwork, teamwork. How well can the cast of Running Man play as a team when they are facing the ultimate opponents – the production team? Pretty dang well. The cast had amazing teamwork (touching at times) during this episode. Super endearing if I do say so myself. Great way to end 2013.

RM Ep 179


New Year’s Culinary Challenge

Guest Starring: Jae Kyung, John Park, Kim Kyung Ho, Lee Dong Wook, Park Soo Hong, Song Kyung Ah, Sunggyu

La Cuisine, Junggu, Seoul

Broadcast Date 1/5/2014

Filming Date 12/16/2013

Rating ***


Part 1 of the New Year’s cooking challenge finds the cast and guests scrambling around the country to find the freshest ingredients for their chosen dish. There are a lot guests here, so screen time is kind of uneven. Love the return of the John Park / Kwang Soo dynamic. Overall, the teams are well matched and funny, but there is an overwhelming feeling that there are too many guests for this concept. Part 2 of this challenge may prove me wrong.

RM Ep 180


New Year’s Culinary Challenge Part 2

Guest Starring: Jae Kyung, John Park, Kim Kyung Ho, Lee Dong Wook, Park Soo Hong, Song Kyung Ah, Sunggyu

La Cuisine, Junggu, Seoul

Broadcast Date 1/12/2014

Filming Date 12/16/2013

Rating **


The chef teams gather and cook up their dishes with a mind for what the judges think. I consider this one of the experimental RM episodes, because they stayed put and gave us a challenge that is rare to see in RM land. I was okay with this entry in the series, but it is nothing spectacular. Warning, it may make you hungry.

RM Ep 181


Secret Romance Challenge

Guest Starring: Lee Jong Suk, Lee Se Young, Park Bo Young

Yangju, Gyeonggi do

Broadcast Date 1/19/2014

Filming Date 12/17/2013

Rating ****

Monday Couple Moments: Gary cock blocks Lee Jong Suk to no end, all while being entirely clueless to the secret couple.


A secret romance is the name of the game as the cast and guests have to compete in a series of challenges in order to receive clues on who the secret couple is. Will the secret couple win or will the rest of the cast figure it out in time? I really liked this episode for a few reasons – the cast was spot on and the comedy was outstanding. The guests were kind of quiet, which let the cast shine even more. I laughed and laughed again.

RM Ep 182


Irene the Fan Chooses the Games

Guest Starring: Do Hee, Si Wan, Yeo Jin Goo

SBS Production Center

Broadcast Date 1/26/2014

Filming Date 1/6/2014

Rating ****

Monday Couple Moments: Gary is jealous of Si Wan and Kim Jong Kook.  


Irene, a fan from Hong Kong, has setup an entertaining challenge for Running Man. The cast and guests follow her challenges, based on a Hong Kong board/chess game, and race for the win. The cast is in top form during the episode while the guests are pretty entertaining.

RM Ep 183


Fated Couple: Astrology Edition

Guest Starring: Jo Min Su, Moon So Ri, Uhm Jung Hwa

SBS Broadcasting Center

Broadcast Date 2/2/2014

Filming Date 1/20/2014

Rating **

Monday Couple Moments: Their destiny cannot be denied.


With the New Year the cast and guests have their fortunes read. They have to pick up on clues from their fortune telling experience to find out who is the most compatible with whom. As usual, hilarity ensues. Another look at how well versed the cast has become in games like this – which can be a bad thing.

RM Ep 184


Winter Olympics Special

Guest Starring: Baro, Kang Ye Won, Park Seo Joon, Se In Guk, Son Ho Joon

Minjok Muyewon

Broadcast Date 2/9/2014

Filming Date 1/27/2014

Rating ***


The cast sans Jong Kook face off against Jong Kook and guests during the 2014 winter Olympics challenge. The goal is train for the Olympics – and a possible visit to Sochi. Of course this is variety, so um…I will let you reach your own conclusions about the possibility of a Sochi trip. Overall it was fun, entertaining, but not exactly a golden best of the best episode.

RM Ep 185


You Who Came from the Stars Special

Guest Starring: None

Gwacheon National Science Museum

Broadcast Date 2/16/2014

Filming Date 2/4/2014

Rating *****


The cast was spot on during this drama parody, with amazing interactions and “Sorry” (watch the episode, then you will know what I am talking about). The challenges were fun and highlighted the cast’s variety characters. Loved it.

RM Ep 186


Cultural Representative of Seoul Challenge

Guest Starring: Jung Yong Hwa, Kang Minhyuk, Lee Jong Hyun, Lee Jung Shin, Shim Eun Kyung

Shilla Duty Free Shop

Broadcast Date 2/23/2014

Filming Date 2/10/2014

Rating ***


What does it take to become the cultural representative of Seoul? A lot of running and eating apparently. This was a decent episode but by far not the best. Eun Kyung was adorably out of breath for most of it, another reminder of exactly how much running occurs in..well, Running Man.

RM Ep 187


Cross the Han River- Student Edition

Guest Starring: 14 random Uni students

Han River

Broadcast Date 3/2/2014

Filming Date 2/11/2014

Rating *****

Monday Couple Moments: Gary meets his rival in love in the form of a University student.


Episode 178 introduced viewers to the challenge – construct a boat and cross the Han River. Ep 178 was epic in terms of teamwork. Ep 187 took the same approach, but shook it up a bit by giving each cast member two university students as helpers. Still inspirational, and very fun. Loved the cast members recruiting the students, that bit took the cake for me.

RM Ep 188


Australia: Find the Lost Treasure Part 1

Guest Starring: Kim Woo Bin, Rain

Palm Beach, Australia

Broadcast Date 3/9/2014

Filming Date 2/23/2014

Rating ***


The cast and guests fly to Australia and take part in a challenge that involves a lot of fancy toys. No – seriously. Think 4 wheelers and boats and helicopters and jeeps and….I would love to see what this special did to Running Man’s budget. Funny, but I could not help but feel like the episode could have been better if the challenges had been less about cramming in locations and toys and more about funny challenges. Still liked it though.

RM Ep 189

Australia: Find the Lost Treasure Part 2

Guest Starring: Kim Woo Bin, Rain

Melbourne / Victoria, Australia

Broadcast Date 3/16/2014

Filming Date 2/24/2014

Rating ***

Monday Couple Moments: Gary tries to hold Ji Hyo back while Rain drags her away – literally.

The adventure down under (why does that sound naughty) continues as the cast and guests race to find the treasure. Certain elements of this challenge had to be changed due to the intense attention that the filming encountered (which is not a first for RM- they have had to ad hoc change things before due to fan pandemonium). The change in plans did leave something to be desired as far as the games concept, but was completely understandable.
RM Ep 190


Drama team vs. Variety team

Guest Starring: Gong Hyung Jin, Kang Ha Neul, Kim Ji Seok, Kwon Hae Hyo, Ku Hye Sun, Lee Sang Yoon, Seungri

Seoul Metropolitan Fire Academy

Broadcast Date 3/23/2014

Filming Date 3/10/2014

Rating ****


Team Running Man faces off against the cast of the new SBS weekend drama Angel Eyes. Essentially this challenge equates to an SBS Drama team versus an SBS variety team. Will Running Man win against the actors? This episode was another example of what can go wrong and what can go extremely right regarding the teamwork of the cast of Running Man. The 63 building challenge was especially hilarious where the cast’s teamwork was concerned.

RM Ep 191


Running Hills: Australia Gold Rush Challenge

Guest Starring: Ran, Kim Woo Bin

Sovereign Hill, Australia

Broadcast Date 3/30/2014

Filming Date 2/25/2014

Rating ****


The last part of the Australia three party challenge, episode 191 has the cast plus guests running around Sovereign Hil (think living history attraction) in an effort to win a bunch o’ money. This episode had plenty of twists and turns as far as the challenge is concerned. I was happy to see some name tag ripping, even if it felt like it was inevitable one of the guests would win.

RM Ep 192


Race around Korea: Time to go camping

Guest Starring: Kim Dong Jun, Kim Jung Nan, Kim Min Jong, Lee Sang Hwa, Lim Ju Hwan, Oh Man Seok, Ryu Seong Soo

Ttangkkeunt Auto Camp

Broadcast Date 4/6/2014

Filming Date 3/17/2014

Rating **

Monday Couple Moments: Gary remarks that Ji Hyo is better now that she stopped drinking and smoking. 


The challenge involves a lot of rushed travel with a final camping destination. The cast and guests were funny, but this is one occasion where I feel like I am suffering from guest overdose.

RM Ep 193


Mafia Game Part 1

Guest Starring: Kim Dong Jun, Kim Jung Nan, Kim Min Jong, Lee Sang Hwa, Lim Ju Hwan, Oh Man Seok, Ryu Seong Soo

Haenam Gun, Jeollanam-do

Broadcast Date 4/13/2014

Filming Date 3/17/2014- 3/18/2014

Rating ***

Monday Couple Moments: Gary is jealous of Ji Hyo and Dong Jun 


There are mafia members in the cast / guest’s midst and it is anyone’s guess who exactly is a criminal. Better than the first part of this three part series of episodes but still a heck of a lot of guests without a really solid premise or challenge. I laughed, but I still felt like there was a lack of direction.

RM Ep 194


Mafia Game Part 2

Guest Starring: Kim Dong Jun, Kim Jung Nan, Kim Min Jong, Lee Sang Hwa, Lim Ju Hwan, Oh Man Seok, Ryu Seong Soo

Ttangkkeunt Auto Camp

Broadcast Date 5/4/2014

Filming Date 3/18/2014

Rating ***


Pacing was a bit odd during this three episode challenge. The cast and guests have to play detectives and root out which members are part of the “mafia”. Ryu Seong Soo was a hoot in all of the episodes.

RM Ep 195


Idol Athletic Championship

Guest Starring: Chansung, Jun. K, Junho, Nichkhun, Wooyoung, CL, Minzy, Park Bon, Dara Park, Jo Jung Chi, Muzie, Yoon Jong Shin

Seoul Energy Dream Center

Broadcast Date 5/11/2014

Filming Date 4/7/2014

Rating *****


Yoo Jae Suk MCs a championship that pits idol label against idol label. The best part of this episode is the play by play name tag challenge. Yep, you read that right. Loved it in every way.

RM Ep 196


The Best of Running Man: The Time Travel Challenge

Guest Starring: None

Severance Hospital, Sinchondong, Seoul

Broadcast Date 5/18/2014

Filming Date 4/8/2014

Rating ****

Monday Couple moments: Gary makes a pass at all 4 Ji Hyos.


The cast takes on the challenges that have been eating away at them for four years. Because this is Running Man the cast does not just watch flash backs and comment – instead they time travel back to the individual challenges and try their luck a second time. The challenges revisited are the 1st superpowers episode, the Sherlock Holmes episode, and 2 Yoomes Bond specials (the first one and the jail episode).

I really love this episode, but I realize I love it because I am a long time viewer. Objectively this is not the episode to show a newbie. For fans this is golden. I would give the episode five stars for sheer happiness as a fan, but I need to temper that with the fact that a newbie would be confused- plus all three challenges shown previously took up one episode each. In other words – this was rushed if you consider the challenges.

RM Ep 197


1st Running Man Student Ddakji Challenge

Guest Starring: None

Jamsil Student’s Stadium

Broadcast Date 5/25/2014

Filming Date 5/19/2014

Rating ***


The cast is sent out and about to find university students to take part in the 1st Ddakji championships. Hilarity ensues as each cast member visits a different university on a recruiting drive. The Ddakji game took up about 66% of the episode. I love the message of these episodes (the teamwork, seeing the students work together) but I have to admit the Ddakji game was a bit long for my attention span. I still laughed and cheered at the unexpected outcome.

RM Ep 198


Rock of Love Challenge

Guest Starring: Choi Hee, Ha Yeon Soo, Han Hye Jin, Jin Se Yeon, Minah, Narsha, Park Seo Joon


Broadcast Date 6/1/2014

Filming Date 5/20/2014

Rating ****

Monday couple moments: Gary burns with jealousy as Ji Hyo plays the poporo game with Seo Joon


The cast and their “love partners” are tasked with competing in several challenges, the endgame is to have the strongest rock (at the end each team tries to destroy another team’s rock with their own). Part science (well, more like semi-scientific musings), part dumb luck, and a whole lot of fun.

RM Ep 199


2014 Asian Dream Cup Training

Guest Starring: Park Ji Sung, Baro, Kim Dong Jun, Lee Changmin, Lee Kikwang, Lee Minhyuk, Yoseob, Doojoon, Seol Ki Hyun

Homeplus Cheongna Store

Broadcast Date 6/8/2014

Filming Date 5/26/2014

Rating *****


Park Ji Sung returns for this year’s Asian Dream Cup training. As a lead up to the event, occurring on June 2nd in Indonesia, the cast and Park Ji Sung take part in a few insane challenges to prepare themselves for the big game. Hilarious, in line with the funny brought by past Park Ji Sung episodes.

RM Ep 200


2014 Asian Dream Cup and a safari

Guest Starring: Park Ji Sung

Taman Safari, Indonesia

Broadcast Date 6/15/2014

Filming Date 6/2/2014 & 6/3/2014

Rating *****


The cast plays in the Asian Dream Cup and they do not fail to live up to the precedence they set for themselves. Entertaining. As this is Running Man’s 200th episode the cast all have challenges they must complete during the Dream Cup, if they fail they face an extreme punishment. Everyone gets a second chance at a safari – with more challenges they must complete (hint, they are more like punishment) in order to avoid the most insane punishment in Running Man history. Love this episode. Hilarious and extremely watchable.

RM Ep 201


City Idol versus Country Idol

Guest Starring: Bora, Chansung, Hoya, Jin Young, Min Hyuk, Minho, Sunggyu


Broadcast Date 6/22/2014

Filming Date 5/13/2014

Rating ***


I loved the final obstacle course, mostly because it fulfilled my need to see a really ridiculous course to determine the winner. As the idols battled the running man team it became obvious who the real winners would be, so to a degree this episode was predictable early on. Still fun, just not so amazing I want to re-watch it (at least right now, talk to me in six months)

RM Ep 202


Star Race: Quiz Challenge

Guest Starring: Baek Sung Hyun, Cha Yu Ram, Fabien, Heo Kyung Hwan, Ji Sung, Ju Ji Hoon, Sam Otswiri, Naeun, Bomi

BlueOne Water Park (Gyeongju, Gyeongsangbuk do)

Broadcast Date 6/29/2014

Filming Date 6/16/2014

Rating **


The cast and guests take part in a mad dash to win favor with this episodes MC (Yoo Jae Suk, who is not on a team for this episode) while preparing for the final quiz show. This episode was heavily edited (in that at the beginning the teams were together already and a lot of the quiz eliminations were not shown). I understand that with this many guests it is hard to show a lot of what is happening but I really felt that the editing was a detriment to the overall feel of the episode.

RM Ep 203


Lost Memories, Secret Missions

Guest Starring: Baek Sung Hyun, Cha Yu Ram, Fabien, Heo Kyung Hwan, Ji Sung, Ju Ji Hoon, Sam Otswiri, Naeun, Bomi

Hwasan Elementary School

Broadcast Date 7/6/2014

Filming Date 6/17/2014

Rating ****


I honestly think I liked this episode more than I should. Objectively it wasn’t anything amazing- the games were okay and the secret mission was not groundbreaking. Yet the way the secret mission played out was refreshing, in that no one seemed to take note when they should have (come on cast, you have been down this road a dozen plus times before!). I guess I liked it because it felt genuine. And it was pretty funny to boot.

RM Ep 204


Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Guest Starring: Ryu Seung Soo

Petite France, Gapyeong, Gyeonggi-do

Broadcast Date 7/13/2014

Filming Date 6/30/2014

Rating *****

Monday Couple Moments: Gary and Snow White- a fate that is so cruel


Ji Hyo is a reluctant Snow White as the cast plus guest chase after the secret to awake the poisoned princess. There is so much I love about this episode- the supernatural spin (which is usually pretty funny), the guest star (who is always a hoot) and basic elements such as the cast interactions. Golden in my books.

RM Ep 205


Struggling College Student Rent Challenge

Guest Starring: Baek Ji Young, Fei, Hong Jin Young, Kang Seung Hyun, Lee Guk Joo

Book & Book Distribution Center, Ilsangdong gu, Goyang, Gyeonggi do

Broadcast Date 7/20/2014

Filming Date 7/7/2014

Rating ***


It is a race to win rent money as our cast of Running Man and their spirited guests take part in a bunch of random and hilarious challenges. The guests were refreshing (loved Guk Joo) but there was not anything here to make the episode amazing.

RM Ep 206


Fusion Cuisine

Guest Starring: Hong Seok Cheon, Joo Won

Kosney Ehwa Womans University Store, Sinchon dong, Seodaemun gu, Seoul

Broadcast Date 7/27/2014

Filming Date 7/8/2014

Rating ****

Monday Couple Moments: Gary and Ji Hyo come clean about how they have felt in the past and have a mini date.


The challenge- gather puzzle pieces to form a world map by taking part in challenges at different restaurants (featuring cuisine from different corners of the globe). The final challenge is a fusion cuisine cook off. Joo Won was so quiet but dedicated while Seok Cheon had a lot of attention called to him due to his sexuality during this episode. The episode was funny, and the Monday Couple bits were amazing for a starving shipper. At least one of the stars I give this episode is based on the Monday Couple moments alone.

RM Ep 207


A Friend of Mine

Guest Starring: Heechul, Kim Je Dong, Lee Soyeon, Nam Heesuk, Park Soohong

Nongshim Theme Park

Broadcast Date 8/3/2014

Filming Date 7/21/2014

Rating ***


Ji Suk Jin’s old friend’s guest star as the Suk Jin team faces off against the other 6 Running man cast members. The guests are pretty funny and the challenges, while not the most mind blowing I have ever seen, set a nice pace.

RM Ep 208


Hallyu Star Challenge

Guest Starring: Suzy

Hyundai Department Store

Broadcast Date 8/10/2014

Filming Date 7/28/2014

Rating ****


The cast (minus Kwang Soo) have to choose between two hallyu stars – once they have made their choice they compete on the star’s team. I love the cast dynamic in this episode, which really shone because there was only one guest star. Games were fun and the banter was to die for.

RM Ep 209


New Idols versus Original Idols versus Running Idols

Guest Starring: Chun Myunghoon, Danny Ahn, Eun Jiwon, Kai, Moon Heejoon, Sehun, Soyou, Taemin

Pocheon, Gyeonggi-do

Broadcast Date 8/17/2014

Filming Date 7/29/2014

Rating *****

Monday couple moments: Gary shows his jealousy when Heejoon compliments (and wrestles) with Ji Hyo


First generation idols appear alongside currently performing idols as they meet the Running idols- and have to compete to figure out the mystery of the triangle. The guest stars, specifically the first generation idols (which are seasoned in the world of variety) were a hoot. They kind of stole the show from the newer idols, but it would be hard to keep up with the likes of Heejoon and Jiwon. This episode was well paced, with great banter and interesting games. A contender for one of the top fifteen (maybe top ten) episodes of 2014.

RM Ep 210


The Ultimate Alkkagi Challenge

Guest Starring: Choi Bukyung, Kim Hwan, Kim Wonhyo, Lee Hyejeong, Seolhyun, Wooyoung, Yook Jookwan

SBS Prism Tower

Broadcast Date 8/24/2014

Filming Date 8/4/2014

Rating **


The cast go celebrity hunting as they try to find the perfect teammate to join up with for an ultimate Alkkagi challenge. The first half of this episode is laugh out loud funny as the cast embarks on a recruiting mission. The latter half veers towards boredom as they play Alkkagi together. Even with an awesome crowd the sheer length of the game kills it. At least for me.

RM Ep 211


Theme Park Challenge Part 1: The Math 

Guest Starring: Ailee, Im Seulong, Ji Changwook, Kim Taewoo, Lee Sungjae, Skull, Song Eunyi


Broadcast Date 8/31/2014

Filming Date 8/11/2014

Rating ****


A math challenge faces our cast and guests as they are faced with insane tasks revolving around theme park rides. As the cast and guests complete their challenges they receive numbers and functions, with an end goal of calculating zero. I really enjoyed this episode. While the number of guests made the segments fragmented each challenge (and the duo completing it) were entertaining. I am eager to see part two.

RM Ep 212


Theme Park Challenge Part 2: The Losers

Guest Starring: Ailee, Im Seulong, Ji Changwook, Kim Taewoo, Lee Sungjae, Skull, Song Eunyi

Leofoo Village Theme Park, Taiwan

Broadcast Date 9/7/2014

Filming Date 8/11/2014

Rating ****


The math challenge continues, and those who are unable to calculate to zero are punished. What is the ultimate punishment and who will fall victim to it? In my opinion Part 2 was about as solid as part 1. Good episodes, just not great.

RM Ep 213


Find the Heir: Scary Actress Edition

Guest Starring: Choi Yeo Jin, Kim Min Seo, Lee Yoo Ri, Seo Woo, Yoo In Young

Broadcast Date 9/21/2014

Filming Date 8/19/2014

Rating *****


Five actresses known for playing evil/tough characters appear on the show; their mission is to figure out which male cast member is the second generation heir. The actresses (plus Ji Hyo) are paired up with a male cast member, if they win challenges they have the ability to swap out who is partnered with who in the final name tag race. I seriously loved this episode – the high maintenance actresses and the frustration they caused was hilarious while the final name tag challenge was well played and exciting.

RM Ep 214


R(unning Man) Pop Star Audition

Guest Starring: Krystal, Rain, Park Young gyu, Kim Kibang, Alex

Broadcast Date 9/28/2014

Filming Date 9/1/2014

Rating ****


The cast of the drama My Lovely Girl guest star in an audition based race. Cast members are voted off of teams, chosen if their team loses a challenge. This episode was really difficult to rate because it had one of the best 15 minutes of Running Man I have seen all year (look towards the third portion of this episode – let’s just say the final audition piece is golden). Yet the rest of the episode was pretty predictable (in the guest’s favor) and the guests were not so amazing they left a huge impression. So basically – I am giving this 4 stars and at least 1 of them are because of my new favorite girl group DNA.

RM Ep 215


In-Laws Challenge

Guest Starring: Shin Min Ah, Jo Jung Suk

Korean Job World

Broadcast Date 10/5/2014

Filming Date 9/23/2014

Rating *****

Monday Couple Moments: Gary forsakes Ji Hyo, but jealousy appears


Two families joined together due to marriage are forced to take part in games – all to get to the cut throat challenge of the in laws. Shin Min Ah is adorable, as always. This was a good episode in terms of guest / cast interactions – with only two guest stars it was not overwhelmed by others but not so focused on the cast members it became irrelevant to even consider the guests. In a way this episode kind of reminded me of old Running Man, though I have yet to really pinpoint exactly why (pacing maybe?!)

RM Ep 216


Lost Super Powers

Guest Starring: No guests

Some Sevit, Banpo-dong, Seochugu, Seoul

Broadcast Date 10/12/2014

Filming Date 9/29/2014

Rating **


Seven super heroes awake from a cryogenic state – too bad they are sans super powers. Our super heroes have to take part in several missions to regain their lost powers and defeat the anti-hero once and for all. This episode was okay, just okay. It was disappointing that the heroes did not have a chance to actually use their powers. I get that the name of the game was teamwork…but when it comes to Running Man the most powerful teamwork can be displayed simply (like the Han River challenges, for example).

RM Ep 217


Upper neighborhood gang vs Lower neighborhood gang

Guest Starring: Jo Jin Woong, Kim Sung Kyung, Oh Sang Jin

Broadcast Date 10/19/2014

Filming Date 10/7/2014

Rating ***


Two neighborhood gangs battle it out for street cred – with an ending that will leave surprised. The guests are energetic and fun, while the challenges are well paced. Liked it.

RM Ep 218


Running Man Orchestra

Guest Starring: Oh Yeon Seo, Kim Ji Hoon, Jung Eunji

Broadcast Date 10/26/2014

Filming Date 10/6/2014

Rating ***


Something strange is going on when the Running Man cast and their guests get together to put on an orchestra performance. A villain seems to be in the midst of the orchestra as people start getting outed mysteriously. First I have to say I loved the ending to this episode. Second, Kim Ji Hoon was a guest star so I am completely and totally biased towards this episode. I would give it four stars, but I think one star is for Kim Ji Hoon alone so I will try to keep it conservative.

RM Ep 219


White Knight / Black Knight

Guest Starring: Han Sangjin, Han Yeseul, Joo Sangwook, Jung Gyuwoon, Wang Jihye

Broadcast Date 11/2/2014

Filming Date 10/21/2014

Rating **


The cast of the upcoming drama Birth of a Beauty join the Running Man cast in a challenge to discern who is a white knight and who is a black knight. The goal is to have all of the white knights on one team – then the white knight team wins (which means the black knights have every reason to stop this from happening). The guests were good fun but I felt like the challenges left some things to be desired.

RM Ep 220


The Final Couple Race

Guest Starring: KangNam, Kim Minkyo, Park Soohong, Song Jaerim, Jang Dongmin

Nodeulseom Island

Broadcast Date 11/9/2014

Filming Date 10/27/2014

Rating ***


Six lovely ladies (five of which are Running Man members in drag) meet up with six handsome gents as they battle it out to figure out which couple will be the last standing. Good pacing, fun games.

RM Ep 221


Event Race

Guest Starring: Jungin, Kim Kyungho, Kim Yeonwoo, Bobby Kim, Narsha, Leeteuk, Kyuhyun, Hong Jin Young

Green Tea Research Facilities, Hadong-gun

Broadcast Date 11/16/2014

Filming Date 11/3/2014

Rating *****


The cast and guests are tasked with helping businesses out with their events- which entails karaoke and plenty of citizen schmoozing. The results are hilarious, making this episode jump up my list of best episodes of the year.

RM Ep 222


Running Man Phone Home

Guest Starring: No guests

Broadcast Date 11/23/2014

Filming Date 11/4/2014

Rating *****

Monday couple moments: Gary and Ji Hyo make an adorable alien couple.


Mt Jiri must be a good luck charm for Running Man, because this was another amazing episode. The cast are aliens and their task is to get back to their home planet. They are faced with several puzzles and a hilarious name tag challenge in order to “phone home” and get off the third rock from the sun. I loved this episode because it was a prime example of why the Running Man cast are so good together – and so funny.

RM Ep 223


The Life of a Salary(wo)man

Guest Starring: No guests

Broadcast Date 11/30/2014

Filming Date 11/17/2014

Rating ***

Monday couple moments: The crowd tells it like it is- Kang Gary, Kang Gary!


The cast pays homage to the hard working men and women by taking on a disastrous morning commute to the office, playing suck up to the boss, and acting cutthroat to win a chance at a promotion. The commute scenes were great and the end moment was pretty dang good too. Not the best of Running Man, but certainly not the worst.

RM Ep 224


Love is Extreme Couple Race

Guest Starring: Han Groo, Jeon So Min, Kyung Soo Jin, Lee Sung Kyung, Song Ga Yeon

MTP Mall

Broadcast Date 12/7/2014

Filming Date 11/18/2014

Rating ***


Five very unique women guest star in this challenge to be extremely in love…or something like that. I liked the games (the part at the igloo where they asked what the other team was doing then apologized was gold). Guest stars were fun, but I could not help but feel like Running Man did this concept (at least at a bare bones level) better in episode 213.

RM Ep 225


Thieves in the night

Guest Starring: Lee Hyun Woo, Kim Woo Bin

National Museum of Korea

Broadcast Date 12/14/2014

Filming Date 12/1/2014

Rating ***

Monday Couple moments: Ji Hyo tries to out-stare Gary via seduction


A mission is given out to two unlikely spies – and the rest is this episode. Difficult clues follow. Who will be the Running Man member (or guest) to decipher what is really going on? The end game was great, the rest was ho hum (I almost would prefer they revealed the spies later in the game).

RM Ep 226


Christmas Lottery

Guest Starring: Kang Hye Jung, Kim Hye Ja, Lee Chun Hee

Korea Job World

Broadcast Date 12/21/2014

Filming Date 11/24/2014

Rating ***


Kim Hye Ja was adorable- so was the way the cast took care of her. The game concept was to win a series of missions to have more chances at a final Christmas lottery. I was a fan of the return of the 1 vs X mission they played during the episode.

RM Ep 227


New Year’s Special: Return of the Monster

Guest Starring: Ryu Hyun Jin, Kang Jung Ho

Mokdong Baseball Stadium

Broadcast Date 12/28/2014

Filming Date 12/22/2014

Rating ***


The cast meet up with past guest Ryu Hyun Jin and are joined by another amazing baseball player, Kang Jung Ho. Together they work through challenges with a nine hour total time limit- and a big reward if they finish everything in the allotted time. This episode had a very heartwarming ending and the challenges were fun.

RM Ep 228


Weather Race

Guest Starring: Lee Seung Gi, Moon Chae Won

SBS Tanhyeon-dong Production Center

Broadcast Date 1/4/2015

Filming Date 12/8/2014

Rating ****


Wacky weather plagues the cast and guests and there is a monster on the loose. A scary monster. Chae Won was cute, Seung Gi his usual adorkable self. The cast interactions were entertaining and the guests only added to the fun. Four stars from me (one star belongs to the monster #fearthemonster2015).

RM Ep 229


Match the Cards Couple Race

Guest Starring: Lee Seung Gi, Moon Chae Won, Lee Seo Jin

Korea Manhwa Museum

Broadcast Date 1/11/2015

Filming Date 12/9/2014

Rating ***


The challenge- obtain matching cards to eliminate them from your hand, the first couple who has eliminated all of their cards wins. Lee Seo Jin was inadvertently entertaining in this episode, which is his charm. Kuddos to another X versus X game, I am seriously happy they have brought this concept back into semi-frequent rotation.

RM Ep 230


Running High School: The Rookies and the Survey

Guest Starring: Choi Tae Joon, Hong Jong Hyun, Nam Joo Hyuk, Seo Ha Joon, Seo Kang Joon

SunCheon International Wetlands Center

Broadcast Date 1/18/2015

Filming Date 1/5/2015

Rating ***


So, what do teenage girls think is the worst thing their crush could do? That is the question, and each challenge takes our teams closer to the answer. The flower boys were a little flat, but that can be expected given the fact they are rookies in the variety world. Kwang Soo partially made up for it as the team captain, and the remaining six members of the Running Man cast were uncharacteristically competitive in terms of taking the top spot from the guests.

RM Ep 231


YooAmes Bond gets a helper

Guest Starring: No Guests

Muju Taekwondowon

Broadcast Date 1/25/2015

Filming Date 1/6/2015

Rating **


Yooames Bond is back and this time he gets a helper. Who will be the chosen one and will the water gun win again? I have to say that I wasn’t particularly thrilled with this episode, and at first I wasn’t sure why. Maybe it was because this is the third time around for the YooAmes Bond concept, and while it was funny the first and second times it felt like old hat. As I watched the episode I wasn’t particularly taken by the concept either. I mean, it was funny, but I think they need to hang this concept up.

RM Ep 232


Best Friends Race: Gold or Friendship

Guest Starring: Hong Kyung Min, Kim Ji Soo, Kim Won Jun, Miryo, Oh Hyun Kyung, Park Ji Yoon, Shin Da Eun

Gwacheon National Science Museum

Broadcast Date 2/1/2015

Filming Date 1/19/2015

Rating ***


The cast call on their best friends (or close friends any way) to take part in a race towards gold. Who will end up holding the golden key when all is said and done? I liked the end game, the key switcheroo was innovative and one of a few times lately that I have noticed how the PDs are introducing new concepts/games. The opening intro was pretty funny as well – as everyone figured out how they connected to each other.

RM Ep 233


The Idol Group Members You have Never Heard Of

Guest Starring: Dongwoo, Dongwon, Eric Nam, Minhyuk, N, Niel, Ryeowook, Sohyun, Sojin

SBS Open Hall

Broadcast Date 2/8/2015

Filming Date 1/20/2015

Rating ****


What happens when you gather together the least popular (or known) members of idol groups for a golden bar race? Funny, funny stuff. I am a fan of this episode – from the opening monologue letting the guests know that no one knows who in the heck they are to the cast and guest interactions during the challenges (Ryeowook was a particular favorite) this is probably my favorite episode of 2015 thus far.

RM Ep 234


2015 New Year Cooking Battle Part 1

Guest Starring: Fei, Sungryung, Shoo, Seo Woo, Taecyeon, Yoo Sun, Yeon Junghoon

Broadcast Date 2/15/2015

Filming Date 2/2/2015

Rating ***


The New Years cooking challenge that was first undertaken in 2014 appears to now be a yearly event. I wasn’t a huge fan of the concept last year – a two part challenge where each cast member is paired up with a guest, learns a recipe from somewhere in Korea/Asia and then cooks the dish. Professional food critics and chefs then chose the winner. I think this year is marginally improved over the last year, partially because we have some of the cast in other countries and partially because the guests are a tad bit more entertaining this year.

RM Ep 235


2015 New Year Cooking Battle Part 2

Guest Starring: Fei, Sungryung, Shoo, Seo Woo, Taecyeon, Yoo Sun, Yeon Junghoon

MTP Mall

Broadcast Date 2/22/2015

Filming Date 2/3/2015

Rating ***


The New Year’s cooking challenge continues with the teams arriving in the kitchen to cook up their recipes. Who will win over the panel of chefs brought in to judge? Yet again I like this edition better than last years, but I am not sure exactly why other than the fact the guests are..well..more entertaining. Taecyeon was hilarious and looked a bit lost, while the entire judging portion was funny.

RM Ep 236


The Test of a Real Man

Guest Starring: Andy, Eric, Jun Jin, Kim Dong Wan, Lee Minwoo, Shin Hyesung (Shinhwa), Dong jun, Heechul, Hyungsik, Junyoung, Kwanghee, Taeheon (ZE:A)

Yeouido Hangang Park

Broadcast Date 3/1/2015

Filming Date 2/17/2015

Rating ***


Legendary idol group Shinhwa faces off against Running Man and six of the members of ZE:A to see which team are the real men. Ji Hyo hosts the testosterone fueled event. Interesting challenges, Kwanghee whining, and Running Man showing their awesome teamwork made this a funny and well-paced episode.

RM Ep 237


The Greatest Love Couple Race

Guest Starring: Hani, Jung Somin, Nam Jihyeon, Yerin, Yoon Sohee

Broadcast Date 3/8/2015

Filming Date 2/16/2015

Rating ****


So, what is this race about any way? Each Running Man member is paired up with one of the female guests (with Haha and Ji Hyo rounding out the pairings). The couples embark on a series of challenges, winning hints along the way. Seriously, these girls were hilarious. I am a bit on the fence as to how genuine Hani was, but Yerin won me over with her bizarre dance antics. In general the challenges were funny, the guests lively, and the cast showed their best.

RM Ep 238


Water Fairy Race

The ARC River Culture Pavilion

Guest Starring: Kim Seo Hyung, Ye Ji Won

Broadcast Date 3/15/2015

Filming Date 3/2/2015

Rating ***


Dirty water is the problem and the cast plus guests are ready to combat it by adding some magic water to the mix. Ji Won is such an oddball and a delight to watch in this episode. I can’t claim to have been amazed at the games/pace of the episode but the guests were fun.

RM Ep 239


The Dark Night Key Hunter

SBS Prism Tower

Guest Starring: Kim Dong Hyun, Sung Si Kyung

Broadcast Date 3/22/2015

Filming Date 3/10/2015

Rating *****


Keys are the name of the game and gold is the end goal. Loved it. The last game was name tag gold, and I really enjoyed seeing Sung Si Kyung in the episode. Highly recommend this one.

RM Ep 240


Make Big Nose Hyung Win

Seodaemun Museum of Natural History

Guest Starring: Junho, Kang Hanuel, Kim Woo Bin

Broadcast Date 3/29/2015

Filming Date 3/17/2015

Rating *****


What happens when everyone has one goal – and that is to make Big Nose Hyung win? Hilarity ensues as the cast plus guests try their hardest to make Running Man’s weakest link take home the win. Seriously loved this episode. It was unintentionally funny at times, and I laughed until my sides ached.

RM Ep 241


Secret Alumni Race

Suwon Baseball Stadium

Guest Starring: Park Yejin, Shin Sekyung, Yoon Jinseo

Broadcast Date 4/5/2015

Filming Date 3/16/2015

Rating **


Who took the rock out of the time capsule? Back at Running High a mystery is afoot as our students try to figure out why one of their rocks – a precious meteor – went missing. I can’t rate this episode too high because, well, there was a bit of it that seemed more contrived than normal. In that it was kind of a forgone conclusion at the get go. The guests were fun and cute, but the challenge itself kind of fell flat in my opinion.

RM Ep 242


Running Man Global Mission Tour

SBS Tanhyeon-dong Production Center

Guest Starring: Jung Ilwoo, Jung Yonghwa, Lee Hongki

Broadcast Date 4/12/2015

Filming Date 3/30/2015

Rating ****


Running Man fans from around the world sent in their game ideas and this episode is all about showcasing some clever fan challenges. I think that the guests were a solid choice given the format (and Ilwoo was adorably competitive). The last mission felt like a throwback to earlier episodes, I enjoyed it immensely.

RM Ep 243


The Hottest Icon Race

Guest Starring: Hong Jong-hyun, Jang Suwon, Kang Kyunsung, Son Hojun, Yoo Byungjae

Broadcast Date 4/19/2015

Filming Date 4/6/2015

Rating ****


This episode is all about the fast and the furious- eliminations happen quickly as the cast and guests move between missions. I like the change up, and the mission were fun when all was said and done.

RM Ep 244


Dangerous Couple Race

M Palace Wedding Hall

Guest Starring: Choa, Jessi, Kim Yoori, Jang Doyeon, Seo Yeji

Broadcast Date 4/26/2015

Filming Date 4/13/2015

Rating ***


The beginning of this episode goes off with a bang and the rest of the missions are in an attempt to thwart the first five minutes. The guests, particularly Jessi, brought some energy to the episode, though some of the games dragged on.

RM Ep 245


The Toy Race


Guest Starring: Jinu, Sean

Broadcast Date 5/3/2015

Filming Date 4/27/2015

Rating **


Who stole all of the toys? That is what the cast plus guests need to determine in this Children’s Day special. A cute episode, though some of the challenges dragged on longer than I think they should have. Plus the hints that winning teams received seemed to do little to give them an overall advantage.

RM Ep 246


The Secret of a Fake Detective

Guest Starring: Park Seojoon, Son Hyunjoo

Broadcast Date 5/10/2015

Filming Date 4/14/2015

Rating ***


There are 2 detectives on the loose who aren’t real detectives to begin with – they have no idea when it comes to the rules of the games. A unique and funny concept, the guests were so-so and the pacing was okay.

RM Ep 247


It’s All about the Giraffe

Guest Starring: No guests

Aqua Planet, Ilsan

Broadcast Date 5/17/2015

Filming Date 4/28/2015

Rating *****


Lee Kwang Soo just moved into a new apartment and his fellow cast members know just how to give him the best unexpected housewarming party every. Of course Kwang Soo is not expecting them, nor is he expecting the majority of what happens in this episode. I loved the concept, perhaps because we were given a sneak peek into one of the cast member’s lives (complete with Papa Lee’s second appearance on the show)!

RM Ep 248


Polar Opposites Race

Guest Starring: Nichkhun, Henry, Kangnam, Amber, Park Joon Hyung

Han River

Broadcast Date 5/24/2015

Filming Date 5/5/2015

Rating ***


The ultimate punishment awaits for the pair that are unable to best the challenges put before them. The episode features guests who are not from Korea, and in general the guests are a hoot (when is Joon Hyung ever boring)? Gary and Kwang Soo continue their “feud” in this episode, giving a little added something to make the games interesting.

RM Ep 249


Blacklist Race

Guest Starring: Kim Jun Hyun, Uee

Broadcast Date 5/31/2015

Filming Date 5/12/2015

Rating **


There is a blacklist, but what does it all mean? And who knew black bean noodles could be made in so many different ways? This episode was not necessarily horrible, but it wasn’t anything special. Really rather bland in my opinion with some funny moments sprinkled in.

RM Ep 250


The Time Track Race

Guest Starring: Big Bang (T.O.P., G-Dragon, Daesung, Seungri, Taeyang)

Inje Speedium Racing Circuit

Broadcast Date 6/7/2015

Filming Date 5/25/2015

Rating ***


Big Bang returns for a challenge that has them pitted against the Running Man members (minus Kim Jong Kook, who is on their team) to see who can bet back to the past first. Or the future. Or something like that. A rather average episode with an expected outcome.

RM Ep 251


Love and War Race

Guest Starring: Byul, Kim So Hyun, Son Jun Ho

Broadcast Date 6/14/2015

Filming Date 6/1/2015

Rating *****


Two real couples pair up to take on some fake couples (and a couple that should be real cough *Monday couple * cough) to find out who has the best couple dynamic. A surprise appearance by Song Joong Ki makes me want to give this five stars only for that reason, but seriously the rest of the episode was hilarious and worth the rating as well.

RM Ep 252


High School Bluffer Race

Guest Starring: Eun Jiwon, Jay Park, Jessi, San E, Verbal Jint

Broadcast Date 6/21/2015

Filming Date 6/15/2015

Rating **


The athletic club faces the hip hop club in this high school themed episode. The goal is to win number cards and come out with the best cards at the end. Verbal Jint made this episode for me. If it wasn’t for him I would be far less entertained. If you like the hip hop theme, check out the best Running Man episode to nail it- ep 59

RM Ep 253


Love Vacation

One Mount Water Park, Goyang, Gyeonggi-do

Guest Starring: Do Sangwoo, Haeryung, Hwang Seungeong, Irene Kim, Park Hana, Seo HyunJin, Yeeun

Broadcast Date 6/28/2015

Filming Date 6/16/2015

Rating ***


Several keys are frozen in blocks of ice, each team competes to see their ice block placed out in the hot summer sun / in front of a space heater / in water – with the end goal of retrieving the key. Whichever team retrieves their key first and opens a locked box wins. An okay episode, in that the competitions were relevant and the dynamic of the guests plus cast funny. Nothing spectacular, but fun.

RM Ep 254


Welcome to the Game World

Times Square, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul

Guest Starring: SNSD (Hyoyeon, Seohyun, Sooyoung, Sunny, Taeyeon, Tiffany, Yoona, Yuri)

Broadcast Date 7/5/2015

Filming Date 6/23/2015

Rating ***


Girls generation appears for a set of video game based challenges, complete with a very scary final showdown. I fully admit SNS are entertainting on variety shows, Running Man being no excpetion. I would have rated this episode higher if it didn’t feel like the PD came up with an awesome idea…that was really not well executed. A game of “If only the players got that cool thing I was thinking of!”

RM Ep 255


The Queen of Early Summer

BlueOne Water Park, Bodeok-dong, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do

Guest Starring: Bora, Soyou, Lee Gukjoo, Seoulhyun, Yoon Bomi

Broadcast Date 7/15/2015

Filming Date 7/6/2015

Rating ***


The queens rule this race as each team competes to knock out fellow team’s queens, resulting in the reigning queen absorbing the other teams into her own. Gukjoo was hilarious, as always, while the gals of Sistar were fierce.

RM Ep 256


Come over to my place

Ilsandong-gu, Goyang, Gyeonggi-do

Guest Starring: 2PM (Jun. K, Junho, Nichkhun, Taecyeon, Wooyung, Chansung), Baek Jinhee

Broadcast Date 7/19/2015

Filming Date 7/1/2015

Rating ****


I have a major soft spot for this episode, but I can’t really say why without running it. The episode has the teams competing to discover the address of the fan who has set up the episode, directing them on challenges and offering hints along the way. All I want to say is d’awwww.

RM Ep 257.jpg


The Hero Battle Race

SBS Tanyeon-dong Production Center

Guest Starring: Hong Jinho, Hyun Jooyup, Kim Yeonkoung, Shin Sooji, Song Jong gook

Broadcast Date 7/26/2015

Filming Date 7/14/2015

Rating ***


The cast are paired up with guests with impressive, hero like qualifications. The embark on a hero quest with hilarious results.


RM Ep 258


Who Am I?

Guest Starring: Hwang Jungmin, Jang Yoonju, Jung Mansik

Broadcast Date 8/2/2015

Filming Date 7/20/2015

Rating ****


The cast wake up in mysterious circumstances. Can they figure out who is a criminal and who is a crime stopper? This episode was thrilling as much as it was funny.


 RM Ep 259


Actress Casting Call

SBS Prism Tower

Guest Starring: Cha Yeryun, Lee Yowon

Broadcast Date 8/9/2015

Filming Date 7/27/2015

Rating **


It takes the right actress and actor to make or break a drama/film – or in this case a challenge. Ho hum, not the greatest thing Running Man has ever offered up.


RM Ep 260


Million Seller Race Part 1

Some Sevit Banpo

Guest Starring: Kim Gunmo, Koo Jun Yup, Lee Ha Neul, Lee Jae Hoon, Park Joon Hyung

Broadcast Date 8/16/2015

Filming Date 8/4/2015

Rating ***


The name of the game is record sales, the base calculations feature a slew of pop stars that have sold millions of records. The interactions with citizens is fun and as usual Joon Hyung is a hoot.


 RM Ep 261


Million Seller Race Part 2 + Horror Special

Chuncheon Girl’s High School

Guest Starring: No guests

Broadcast Date 8/23/2015

Filming Date 8/4/2015

Rating ****


The million seller race continues. The second half of this episode is a completely different premise and in my opinion is more watchable than the first half. The cast are forced into a “haunted” house with their VJS in order to test their loyalty to each other. If anything watch this part!


RM Ep 262


Taxi Drivers Are Awesome

Sejong Garden

Guest Starring: Kang Sungjin, Kim Minkyo, Kim Sooro, Nam Bora, Park Gunhyung

Broadcast Date 8/30/2015

Filming Date 8/3/2015

Rating ****


So what does a taxi driver want to eat? I found this episode insanely innovative and side splitting. It also made me extremely hungry – be warned, watch with snacks on hand!


RM Ep 263


Beautiful Youth Race

Yeouido Park

Guest Starring: Lee Dongwook, Park Seojoon, Yura

Broadcast Date 9/6/2015

Filming Date 8/17/2015

Rating ****


Working undercover and playing team games are but some of what this episode has to offer – kids these days haha. This episode earned an extra star from me for the first half alone. I died laughing at the undercover missions.


 RM Ep 264


The Detective Race

National Science Museum

Guest Starring: Kwon Sangwoo, Sung Dongil

Broadcast Date 9/13/2015

Filming Date 8/31/2015

Rating ***


The detectives are on the prowl as they work to complete missions that require a perceptive outlook. I found the ending rather anticlimactic…well other than the last few minutes that is!


RM Ep 265


Escape from a Desert Island

Guest Starring: John Park, Kyuhyun, Rap Monster, Yeeun

Broadcast Date 9/20/2015

Filming Date 9/1/2015

Rating ****


The cast and guests are stuck on a desert island. If they cannot successfully win various games or collect their name tag pieces they have to spend the night. What makes this episode is the true intention behind it. Not to be missed.


RM Ep 266


The Rest Stop Race

Gangneung Stadium

Guest Starring: Eunhyuk, Hong Jinyoung, Lim Juhwan

Broadcast Date 9/27/2015

Filming Date 9/8/2015

Rating ***


Rest stops, forming their own teams, and a surprise twist make this episode a bit disjointed but full of laughs. Not the best episode I have ever watched but certainly not the worst. Plus MONDAY COUPLE.



RM Ep 267


Can Running Man Agree on Anything?!

Space Avanshow Studio

Guest Starring: No guests

Broadcast Date 10/4/2015

Filming Date 9/22/2015

Rating *****


After being together for years the cast should be able to agree on things, right? Maybe. See what happens when the seven cast members are locked in a room together until they can figure out how to vote the same way. This episode is priceless.


RM Ep 268


The Legendary Couple Race

Gwanggyo Youth Center

Guest Starring: Gong Seungyeon, Hwang Sukjung, Joy, Jung Kyungho, Kim Jain, Park Hanbyul, Park Narae, Stephanie, Yoon Park

Broadcast Date 10/11/2015

Filming Date 9/21/2015

Rating ***


Who is the true legendary couple and will they be able to claim their spot? The teachers are a hoot (honestly I was afraid just watching it!) The episode was funny, not spectacular, but very watchable.


RM Ep 269


Nostalgia Race

National Folk Museum of Korea

Guest Starring: Kim Heewon, Lee Chunhee, Park Boyoung

Broadcast Date 10/18/2015

Filming Date 10/6/2015

Rating ***


Nostalgia is the name of the game as the cast plus guests visit classic businesses, bring their own nostalgic items, and face off in a treasure hunt. I really enjoyed the name tag game at the end however the episode as a whole was nothing to write home about.


RM Ep 270


The Mysterious Host Maze


Guest Starring: No guests

Broadcast Date 10/25/2015

Filming Date 10/5/2015

Rating *****


The cast are thrust into a very strange, strange world. Mini rooms, rooms for giants, mazes, and all around insanity appear at every turn. This episode was as funny as it was exciting. I am really in love with the way the Running Man PDs and writers have changed up the show lately.


RM Ep 271


Running Man 100 Part 1

Korea University Gymnasium

Guest Starring: Everyone and their brother

Broadcast Date 11/1/2015

Filming Date 10/19/2015

Rating *****


Everyone and their brother shows up for this mind-blowing challenge. This episode (as well as the second part) showcases how amazing Yoo Jae Suk is at MC-ing. Not to be missed, an instant classic.


RM Ep 272.jpg


Running Man 100 Part 2

Korea University Gymnasium

Guest Starring: Everyone and their brother

Broadcast Date 11/8/2015

Filming Date 10/19/2015

Rating *****


The epic showdown continues as the cast plus their bazillion guests finally face the heroes. Epic in every way.


RM Ep 273


People Looking for a Laugh Special

Hyehwa-dong, Jongnogu, Seoul

Guest Starring: Jung Chanwoo, Kim Taegyun, Hong Yoonhwa, Kim Juhwan, Kim Taehwan, Lee Eunhyun, People looking for a laugh cast

Broadcast Date 11/15/2015

Filming Date 10/20/2015 and 10/26/2015

Rating **


Running Man teams up with the cast of comedy show People Looking for a Laugh. This is a really sweet look at those struggling comedians that have made major sacrifices to do what they love. It was a touching episode, just not amazingly entertaining. But seriously d’awww.


RM Ep 274


Chainlink Camping


Guest Starring: Jo Jungchi, Kim Kwangkyu, Min Kyunghoon, Niel, Park Soohyung

Broadcast Date 11/22/2015

Filming Date 11/6/2015

Rating ***


Nothing says camping like being chained together! This episode had some really funny moments – I am absolutely in love with the first part for all of the awkward.


RM Ep 275


The Rival Match

SBS Open Hall

Guest Starring: Hani, Heechul Leeteuk, Hong Jinho, Lim Yohwan

Broadcast Date 11/29/2015

Filming Date 11/16/2015

Rating ****


Rivals face off in epic showdowns. From Starcraft to sleeping battles this episode delivers. Come on, Ji Hyo having a sleep off – what isn’t to love about this concept?!


RM Ep 276


Rescue Gary

SBS Broadcasting Center

Guest Starring: No guests

Broadcast Date 12/6/2015

Filming Date 11/24/2015

Rating ****


Confused Gary is the best Gary. The production crew locks Gary in a glass cube and takes him around Seoul. The cast has only so long to find him – with an added, mystery incentive of course. I could watch episodes like this every day! Hilarious in the best way.


RM Ep 277.jpg


Zombie Survival Race

Guest Starring: No guests

Broadcast Date 12/13/2015

Filming Date 12/7/2015

Rating ***


An abandoned building, hidden survivors, and a fleet of zombies await the cast as they go head to head with a zombie apocalypse. This episodes continues Running Man’s innovative streak and it shows. Not to be missed – big nose hyung. You will know what I am referring to once you watch hehe.

Racking your brain over what other episodes a certain guest appeared in? Never fear…

Guest list updated 7/29/2015

Guest Episode(s) Appearing # of Episodes Appearing
Ahn Gil-kang 157 1
Ahn Mun-sook 56 1
Ahn Sohee 75 1
Ailee 211-212 2
Alex 214 1
Amber (f(x)) 248 1
Andy (Shinhwa) 160-161, 236 3
Baek Ji-young 205 1
Baek Jin-hee 256 1
Baek Sung-hyun 202-203 2
Baro (B1A4) 184 1
Bo-ra (Sistar) 174, 201, 255 3
BoA 88-89 2
Bobby Kim 221 1
Byul 251 1
Cha In-pyo 144 1
Cha Tae-hyun 10, 57-58 3
Cha Yu-ram 202-203 2
Chansung (2PM) 150, 162, 195, 201, 256 5
Choa (AOA) 244 1
Choi Bu-kyung (Seoul SK Knights) 210 1
Choi Hee 198 1
Choi Ji-woo 126-127 2
Choi Jin-hyuk 166 1
Choi Kang-hee 54 1
Choi Min-soo 52-53, 69, 118 4
Choi Siwon (Super Junior) 22, 75, 135 3
Choi Tae-joon 230 1
Choi Yeo-jin 213 1
Choiza (Dynamic Duo) 59 1
Choo Shin-soo 119 1
Choo Sung-hoon 131, 150 2
Chun Jung-myung 92, 167 2
Chun Myung-hoon 209 1
CL (2NE1) 156, 195 2
Da-som (Sistar) 162 1
Dae-sung (Big Bang) 35-36, 84-85, 163, 250 6
Danny Ahn (g.o.d) 209 1
Do Sang-woo 253 1
Do-hee (Tiny-G) 182 1
Dongwoo (Infinite) 233 1
Dongwoon (BEAST) 233 1
Eric (Shinhwa) 160-161, 236 3
Eric Nam 233 1
Eun Ji-won 141, 209, 252 3
Eun-jung (T-ara) 07, 104 2
Eunhyuk (Super Junior) 104 1
Fabien 202-203 2
Fei (Miss A) 205, 234-235 3
Fujita Sayuri 159 1
G-Dragon (Big Bang) 84-85, 163, 250 4
Gaeko (Dynamic Duo) 59, 86, 107 3
Gil (Leessang) 177 1
Go Ara 80, 139 2
Go Soo 123-124 2
Gong Hyo-jin 108 1
Gong Hyung-jin 190 1
Gong Minzy (2NE1) 156, 195 2
Gong Yoo 175 1
Goo Ha-ra (Kara) 02-03, 49, 122 4
Ha Ji-won 86 1
Ha Yeon-soo 198 1
Hae-ryung (BESTie) 253 1
Han Ga-in 87 1
Han Groo 224 1
Han Hye-jin 133-134, 136, 174 4
Han Hye-jin 198 1
Han Hyo-joo 123-124, 151-152 4
Han Ji-min 105-106 2
Han Sang-jin 219 1
Han Seung-yeon (Kara) 93-94 2
Han Ye-seul 219 1
Hani (EXID) 237 1
Henry (Super Junior-M) 248 1
Heo Kyung-hwan 202-203 2
Hong Jin-ho 257 1
Hong Jin-young 205, 221 2
Hong Jong-hyun 230, 243 2
Hong Kyung-min 232 1
Hong Seok-cheon 206 1
Hong Soo-hyun 78 1
Hoya (Infinite) 201 1
Hwang Jung-eum 1 1
Hwang Jung-min 132 1
Hwang Seung-eon 253 1
Hyo-min (T-ara) 80 1
Hyo-rin (Sistar) 75, 162 2
Hyoyeon (Girls’ Generation) 63-64, 254 3
Hyun Joo-yup 257 1
Hyun Young 31 1
Hyuna (4Minute) 93-94, 132 3
Im Ha-ryong 111 1
Im Ho 99 1
Im Soo-hyang 80 1
Irene Kim 253 1
IU 43, 77, 96-97, 168 5
Jackie Chan 135 1
Jae-kyung (Rainbow) 179-180 2
Jang Do-yeon 244 1
Jang Dong-min 13, 220 2
Jang Hyuk 44-45 2
Jang Ki-ha 176 1
Jang Shin-young 107 1
Jang Su-won 243 1
Jay Park 252 1
Jeon Hye-bin 145 1
Jeon Mi-seon 113, 158 2
Jeon So-min 224 1
Jeong Hyeong-don 125 1
Jeong Jun-ha 148 1
Jessi (Lucky J) 244, 252 2
Jessica Jung 04-05, 63-64, 141 5
Ji Chang-wook 211-212 2
Ji Jin-hee 76-77, 116-117 4
Ji Sung 54, 116-117, 202-203 5
Ji-yeon (T-ara) 55 1
Jin Se-yeon 119, 198 2
Jin-young (B1A4) 201 1
Jinu (Jinusean) 245 1
Jo Hye-ryun 71 1
Jo Jin-woong 217 1
Jo Jung-chi (Shinchireem) 159, 195 2
Jo Jung-suk 215 1
Jo Kwon (2AM) 7 1
Jo Min-su 183 1
John Park 159, 179-180 3
Joo Sang-wook 76-77, 169, 219 4
Joo Won 206 1
Ju Ji-hoon 202-203 2
Jun Hyun-moo 176 1
Jun Jin (Shinhwa) 160-161. 236 3
Jun. K (2PM) 195, 256 2
Jung Du-hong 150 1
Jung Eun-ji (A Pink) 162, 218 2
Jung Gyu-woon 219 1
Jung Hee-cheol (ZE:A) 236 1
Jung Il-woo 242 1
Jung Jae-hyung 88-89 2
Jung Jin-woon (2AM) 145 1
Jung Jin-young 26 1
Jung So-min 237 1
Jung Won-gwan (Sobangcha) 122 1
Jung Woo-sung 151-152 2
Jung Woong-in 157 1
Jung Yong-hwa (CNBLUE) 07, 11, 17, 35-36, 72-73, 104, 127, 129, 186, 242 12
Jung-in 159, 221 2
Junho (2PM) 151-152, 195, 240, 256 5
Juvie Train (Buga Kingz) 125 1
Kai (EXO) 209 1
Kang Ha-neul 190, 240 2
Kang Hye-jung 226 1
Kang Jiyoung 61-62 2
Kang Jung-ho 227 1
Kang Kyun-sung 243 1
Kang Min-hyuk (CNBLUE) 186, 201 2
Kang Seung-hyun 205 1
Kang Susie 122 1
Kang Ye-won 184 1
KangNam (M.I.B) 220, 248 2
Kim Bum-soo 101 1
Kim Byung-man 28, 145 2
Kim Dong-hyun 239 1
Kim Dong-jun (ZE:A) 192-194, 236 4
Kim Dongwan (Shinhwa) 236 1
Kim Hae-sook 164 1
Kim Hee-chul (Super Junior) 20, 207 2
Kim Hee-sun 100 1
Kim Hee-won 157 1
Kim Hwan 210 1
Kim Hye-ja 226 1
Kim Hyun-joong (SS501) 46-47 2
Kim In-kwon 143 1
Kim Je-dong 11, 21, 79, 106, 207 5
Kim Ji-hoon 218 1
Kim Ji-seok 190 1
Kim Ji-soo 232 1
Kim Joo-hyuk 61-62, 65 3
Kim Jun-hyun 249 1
Kim Jung-nan 192-194 3
Kim Ki-bang 214 1
Kim Kwang-kyu 15, 32, 159, 176 4
Kim Kyung-ho 179-180, 221 3
Kim Min-jong 22, 192-194 4
Kim Min-jung 50-51, 167 3
Kim Min-kyo 220 1
Kim Min-seo 213 1
Kim Sang-joong 107 1
Kim Sang-kyung 146 1
Kim Seo-hyung 238 1
Kim Shin-young 6 1
Kim So-hyun 251 1
Kim Soo-hyun 102, 147 2
Kim Soo-mi 149 1
Kim Soo-ro 09, 67-68, 138 4
Kim Sook 56, 149 2
Kim Suna 65-66 2
Kim Sung-kyun 217 1
Kim Sung-ryung 234-235 2
Kim Sung-soo 76-77 2
Kim Tae-heon (ZE:A) 236 1
Kim Tae-hyung (Sobangcha) 122 1
Kim Tae-woo 211-212 2
Kim Wan-sun 122 1
Kim Won-hyo 210 1
Kim Won-jun 232 1
Kim Woo-bin 138, 166, 188-189, 191, 225, 240 7
Kim Ye-rim (Togeworl) 159 1
Kim Yeon-kyung 257 1
Kim Yeon-woo 221 1
Kim Yoo-jung 170 1
Kim Yoo-ri 244 1
Ko Chang-seok 111-112 2
Ko Joo-won 17 1
Koo Ja-cheol 152-153 2
Krystal (f(x)) 93-94, 214 3
Ku Hye-sun 190 1
Kwang-hee (ZE:A) 129, 236 2
Kwon Hae-hyo 190 1
Kwon Ri-se (Ladies’ Code) 149 1
Kyuhyun (Super Junior) 221 1
Kyung Soo-jin 224 1
L (Infinite) 129, 162 2
Lee Beom-soo 78 1
Lee Bo-young 142 1
Lee Chun-hee 02-03, 76-77, 226 5
Lee Da-hae 82-83 2
Lee Deok-hwa 90 1
Lee Dong-wook 133-134, 136, 179-180 5
Lee Gi-kwang (Beast) 127, 162 2
Lee Guk-joo 205, 255 2
Lee Hong-ki (FT Island) 09, 242 2
Lee Hye-jeong 210 1
Lee Hyo-ri 1 1
Lee Hyun-woo 147, 225 2
Lee Jong-hyun (CNBLUE) 127, 129, 138, 186 4
Lee Jong-suk 138, 181 2
Lee Jong-won 111-112 2
Lee Joon 08, 104, 108, 129, 162 5
Lee Juck 176 1
Lee Jung-shin (CNBLUE) 186 1
Lee Kyung-kyu 143 1
Lee Kyung-shil 24 1
Lee Min-jung 72-73 2
Lee Min-ki 70 1
Lee Min-woo (Shinhwa) 160-161, 236 3
Lee Moon-sik 26 1
Lee Sang-hwa 192-194 3
Lee Sang-won (Sobangcha) 122 1
Lee Sang-yoon 142, 190 2
Lee Se-young 181 1
Lee Seo-jin 229 1
Lee Seung-gi 120-121, 174, 228-229 5
Lee Si-young 131 1
Lee So-yeon 207 1
Lee Sun-kyun 41 1
Lee Sung-jae 211-212 2
Lee Sung-kyung 224 1
Lee Tae-gon 99 1
Lee Yeon-hee 61-62, 139 3
Lee Yoo-ri 213 1
Leeteuk (Super Junior) 221 1
Lim Ju-hwan 192-194 3
Lizzy (After School) 13, 14 2
Luna (f(x)) 55 1
Max Changmin (TVXQ) 27, 115 2
Min Hyo-rin 138 1
Min-ah (Girl’s Day) 162, 166, 198 3
Min-ho (SHINee) 75, 129, 201 3
Minhyuk (BTOB) 233 1
Miryo (Brown Eyed Girls) 232 1
Moon Chae-won 228-229 2
Moon Geun-young 114-115 2
Moon Hee-joon 209 1
Moon Jun-young (ZE:A) 236 1
Moon Jung-hee 158 1
Moon So-ri 183 1
Muzie 176, 195 2
N (VIXX) 233 1
Nam Hee-suk 207 1
Nam Ji-hyun 237 1
Nam Joo-hyuk 230 1
Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls) 198, 221 2
Nichkhun (2PM) 04-05, 19, 40, 50-51, 104, 195, 248, 256 10
Niel (Teen Top) 233 1
Noh Sa-yeon 49, 103, 137 3
Noh Woo-jin 145 1
Oh Hyun-kyung 232 1
Oh Ji-ho 33, 83 2
Oh Man-seok 192-194 3
Oh Sang-jin 217 1
Oh Yeon-seo 218 1
Oh Yeon-soo 71 1
Park Bo-young 25, 181 2
Park Bom (2NE1) 156, 195 2
Park Chul-min 70 1
Park Gyuri (Kara) 93-94 2
Park Ha-na 253 1
Park Hee-soon 175 1
Park Hyung-sik (ZE:A) 236 1
Park Ji-sung 96-97, 152-154, 199-200 7
Park Ji-yoon 232 1
Park Jin-young 92 1
Park Joon-hyung (g.o.d) 248 1
Park Joong-hoon 41 1
Park Jun-gyu 08, 34, 90 3
Park Jung-chul 145 1
Park Myung-soo 168 1
Park Nam-jung 122 1
Park Sang-myun 90, 125, 159 3
Park Seo-joon 184, 198, 246 3
Park Shin-hye 120-121, 166 3
Park Shin-yang 128 1
Park So-hyun 149 1
Park Soo-hong 179-180, 207, 220 4
Park Sung-woong 132 1
Park Tae-hwan 109-110 2
Park Ye-jin 37, 67-68, 241 4
Park Young-gyu 214 1
Patrice Evra 154 1
Rain 188-189, 191, 214 4
Ricky Kim 144 1
Ryeowook (Super Junior) 233 1
Ryu Dam 125 1
Ryu Hyun-jin 119, 172-173, 227 4
Ryu Hyun-kyung 143 1
Ryu Seung-soo 192-194, 204 4
Sam Okyere 202-203 2
San E 252 1
Sandara Park (2NE1) 156, 195 2
Se7en 6 1
Sean (Jinusean) 245 1
Sehun (EXO) 209 1
Seo Ha-joon 230 1
Seo Hyun-jin 253 1
Seo In-guk 184 1
Seo Jang-hoon 144 1
Seo Kang-joon (5urprise) 230 1
Seo Woo 213, 234-235 3
Seo Ye-ji 244 1
Seohyun (Girls’ Generation) 63-64, 254 3
Seolhyun (AOA) 210, 255 2
Seulong (2AM) 211-212 2
Seung-ho (MBLAQ) 162 1
Seung-ri (Big Bang) 30, 84-85, 163, 190, 250 6
Shim Eun-kyung 186 1
Shim Hyung-rae 23 1
Shin Bong-sun 09, 43, 56 3
Shin Da-eun 232 1
Shin Hye-sung (Shinhwa) 160-161, 236 3
Shin Jung-geun 111-112 2
Shin Min-a 215 1
Shin Se-kyung 57-58, 103, 241 4
Shin Soo-ji 257 1
Shindong (Super Junior) 125 1
Shoo 234-235 2
Si-wan (ZE:A) 104, 182 2
Simon Dominic (Supreme Team) 59, 127 2
Skull 211-212 2
So Yi-hyun 148 1
So-you (Sistar) 209, 255 2
Sohyun (4Minute) 233 1
Sojin (Girl’s Day) 233 1
Son Byung-ho 111-112 2
Son Dam-bi 6 1
Son Ho-jun 184, 243 2
Son Hyun-joo 158, 246 2
Son Jun-ho 251 1
Son Na-eun (A Pink) 162, 202-203 3
Son Ye-jin 70 1
Son Yeon-jae 109-110 2
Song Chang-eui 116-117 2
Song Eun-yi 24, 149, 211-212 4
Song Ga-yeon 224 1
Song Jae-rim 220 1
Song Ji-hyo 02-03, 04-05 4
Song Jong-gook 257 1
Song Joong-ki 66 1
Song Kyung-ah 179-180 2
Sooyoung (Girls’ Generation) 254 1
Sulli (f(x)) 55, 75, 129, 152-154 6
Sung Si-kyung 239 1
Sung-kyu (Infinite) 162, 179-180, 201 4
Sunny (Girls’ Generation) 39, 254 2
Suzy (miss A) 55, 93-94, 117, 155, 172-173, 208 8
T.O.P (Big Bang) 84-85, 170, 250 4
Tae-min (Shinee) 209 1
Taecyeon (2PM) 40, 150, 234-235, 256 5
Taeyang (Big Bang) 84-85, 250 3
Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation) 63-64, 112, 254 4
Tiffany (Girls’ Generation) 254 1
Tiger JK (Drunken Tiger) 59 1
Tony Ahn 15, 32 2
U-Know Yunho (TVXQ) 27, 115 2
Uee (After School) 34, 137, 249 3
Uhm Ji-won 128 1
Uhm Jung-hwa 146, 183 2
Verbal Jint 252 1
Victoria (f(x)) 8 1
Wang Ji-hye 219 1
Wooyoung (2PM) 162, 195, 210, 256 4
Yang Dong-geun 169 1
Yang Jung-a 56 1
Ye Ji-won 238 1
Ye-eun (CLC) 253 1
Yeo Jin-goo 182 1
Yeon Jung-hoon 234-235 2
Yerin (G-Friend) 237 1
Yoo Ah-in 164 1
Yoo Byung-jae 243 1
Yoo Hae-jin 113 1
Yoo In-young 213 1
Yoo Jun-sang 103 1
Yoo Sun 234-235 2
Yook Jook-wan 210 1
Yoon Bo-mi (A Pink) 202-203, 255 3
Yoon Do-hyun 79, 101 2
Yoon Doo-joon (Beast) 104, 162 2
Yoon Je-moon 170 1
Yoon Jin-seo 241 1
Yoon Jong-shin 101, 195 2
Yoon Mi-rae 59 1
Yoon Se-ah 10 1
Yoon So-hee 237 1
Yoon So-yi 53 1
Yoona (Girls’ Generation) 39, 63-64, 254 4
Yu-ra (Girl’s Day) 162, 166 2
Yubin (Wonder Girls) 117 1
Yum Jung-ah 113 1
Yuri (Girls’ Generation) 16, 63-64, 254 4

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  3. thank you so much for taking the time and effort to do this, i know it is not easy to keep doing this for such a long time… really appreciate it. bless you and keep up the great work. fighting!

  4. don’t agree with all your ratings, but still an extremely comprehensive and handy guide. extremely useful to find episodes I haven’t watched. or to be reminded of the content of any episode I wish to watch again. great work! :}

  5. Może to stanowić problem, ponieważ niektóre metody terapeutyczne, takie jak chemioterapia,
    mają ograniczoną skuteczność, wynikającą z tego, że źródłem nawrotu są komórki najbardziej oporne na cytostatyki, które były w stanie przetrwać początkowe leczenie.

  6. Just wanna say you have a great site here. thanks so much. Also I find ep. 103 princess race hilarious. Gary was literally rolling on the floor laughing and I was in stitches. If you have the time do rewatch it coz you only rated 2 stars.

  7. Thanks for updating! Fan of running man forever! 🙂 but more of monday couple fan! Just date already! Wonder why monday couple moments are getting lesser… 😦

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  9. hey, so random question. do you happen to remember what episode they introduce those pool launchers? when they have to sit in that contraption and then get launched backwards into the pool. they’ve used it so many times, but i can’t remember when they first started it!

  10. Thanks a lot for such a detailed list! :).. I have been able to catch the best episodes even though I started watching Running Man only a few months back! 😀

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  12. Hi how are you? Before i became a huge fan of running man this list was my guide. Every now and then after watching all the eps last summer, i still go back here and I will keep coming back here hehee. Thank you!!

  13. Hi, you haven’t updated your list so far, guess you’ve been busy. I check this list every now and then because I have bookmarked this page of yours, LOL! You’re the only RM fan who has this kind of list.

  14. Ive been checking this blog for the past few months but there have been no updates. This was my only trusted source for episode reviews pls tell me u arent shutting it down 😢😢

  15. this guid is so helpful as a RM’s fan I always check it out before watching an ep or recommending an ep to a friend, I wish you can keep updating it if you still watching the show, anyway god bless and thank you

  16. Hiiiiiiiii. This guide is really helpful and nice. How are you? Are ypu okay? I hope you could update if you have your free time. ☺

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  18. Please upload new updates till episode 306 i find this list very informative with reviews, loved all running man episode. For more intresting videos you can also check in, all lovely japanese-korean-taiwanese drama and movies are there waiting for you to check and enjoy.
    Once again thanks for your review waiting for your update.

    • Hello, Anonymous. I’ve read your blog. It was a little okay. Though the author of this episode guide were posting her opinions, she somehow included a brief summary of the episode. Or just a description of what the episode is all about. Your blog is a stream of opinions (I am sad that most of them are negative, but of course they are your personal views and that in many instances, I didn’t agree with you). But maybe you can edit some of the entries and just include some screen caps and some recaps (two to three sentences?) to make it a real “guide”.

      • hello! I’m the author behind the blog! I’m sorry to firstly reply so late! haha, i’ve been terrible keeping up myself.
        Thanks for the feedback, I’ll definitely add in a quick factual summary for readers 🙂 I think on hindsight it’s easier to review.
        Do share your opinions on my posts, I’m more than happy to incorporate a different point of view!

        xo, Ella.

  19. This is such a cool post! I hope you will update soon. It’s very informative especially now that I want to start re-watching episodes.

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  21. Oh it’s sad that there were no more updates after ep 277…I can’t watch all episodes so I go by her rating and quick summary of each episodes

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