Is the Comeback a Swing or a Mess?- Hyde, Jekyll, Me First Impressions

It has been too long but I am excited that we are back! Along with our comeback, this week Hyun Bin has graced us on  the small screen in Hyde, Jekyll, Me. Here is the rundown of the main cast, brief synopsis, and Lore and I’s two cents about the first two episodes. Make sure to tell us what you think in the comments below! Deuces!

Hyun Bin as Goo Seo Jin/ Robin


Han Ji Min as Kang Ha Na


Sung Joon as Yoon Tae Joo


Hye Ri as Min Woo Jung


Synopsis in the Brief:

Goo Seo Jin is the current CEO of Wonderland Amusement Park, Circus, etc. What others don’t know is Seo Jin suffers from DID Dissociative Identity Disorder, formally known as Multiple Personality Disorder. His other personality, Robin, has been sleep for the past 5 years. He is only “awakened” when Seo Jin is excited, raising his heart rate to 150 or over. But Seo Jin is under the impression it has to be something or someone more.


Kang Ha Na has comeback to Korea from Las Vegas, NV to take over Wonderland’s Circus because her father, the ringleader, died. Seo Jin has decided that it is time to terminate the “circus folk” contract because sales are bad, the performance is bad, and because he can.


While trying to shakedown Seo Jin to extend a contract for Wonderland Circus, Ha Na breaks into a hospital (owned by Seo Jin of course), only to be the witness of potential murder/kidnapping. Seo Jin sees her running and turns the opposite direction to flee. Suddenly, in the elevator, that heart rate gets to 150…


Out of the elevator exits Robin! Robin flips over the assailant and dives into the water with the falling Ha Na. Once they are both awake, Seo Jin is scared that Robin has indeed made an appearance.


While trying to put together pieces to match, it is discovered that Seo Jin’s psychiatrist, Kang Hee Ae (Shin Eun Jung), is the person who was lying in the room Ha Na broke in, and she is now missing! In order to get help from Ha Na about the assailant, Seo Jin is forced to extend the circus’s contract for another 10 years.


Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, stuff happens, and they are back in Wonderland. Seo Jin reminded that since Ha Na has seen the assailant’s face, he has seen hers too. He puts her under protection and offers to move her into a penthouse on the park’s grounds. She is not taken by his insincere offer and walks off….


Sure enough, the person responsible for Hee Ae’s predicament, is trying to get Ha Na! Ironically, things play out in this moment exactly as Seo Jin had dreamed it would be. But once again, the person to save Ha Na is none other than “that bastard” Robin.


The security catches a glimpse and immediately go into “Capture Robin” mode. He is able to escape with Ha Na following behind him. When he reaches the penthouse he gives a deep breathe and says, “I’m Back.”


ExtraKun’s Thoughts:

I am not sure if it is because I am watching Kill Me, Heal Me, which also deals with DID, but I was not all that impressed or sucked in with these first 2 episodes. Hyun Bin and cast (excluding Han Ji Min… Will discuss in a few) do a wonderful job– and it is always good to see Hyun Bin when you can.


The story really is your typical Chabeol love story, but given a more serious condition like DID– therefore I was very questionable when his psychiatrist said he would be completely “cured” with her experimental treatment. I know it is a small trifle, but it really did give me all sorts of ??? in my eyes… not really the good kind either. I also cannot get away from the issue of a woman “awakening” Robin from within Seo Jin, it is very similar to how Shin Se Gi is gaining power over Do Hyun in Kill Me, Heal Me. These stories are not the same but I would be lying if I did not say that struck a chord within.

Moving to the things that really turned me off… “It is one thing to be thought of as a fool; but a completely different thing when one opens their mouth and I lose all doubt.” This is the impression that was given by Han Ji Min’s Portrayal of Jang Ha Na. I wish that I could say this is just the way the character was written, and this is why I will never warm up to Kang Ha Na as a character, but this is not my first time around with Han Ji Min. The way she approaches this character makes it hard for me to care about her at all, so I will not waste my time trying.


I do not hate the show and of course I will continue to watch, but given the first 2 eps, I will continue to keep my expectations low, in order not to get burnt in the end.


Lore’s Thoughts:

I will start this off by admitting I am not watching Kill Me, Heal Me, which from everything I have heard has a very similar concept (and happens to be airing in tandem with this show). That said, I find this to be an interesting concept.

I admit that I am confused as to why everyone around Seo Jin wants Robin to be suppressed (and why tasing a guy with a heart condition seems like the way to do it) – yunno, since Robin seems to be fifteen times more caring and agreeable than Seo Jin. Of course, being two episodes in, this mystery will probably be dragged on for a bit. We were given some big clues, such as the flashback to Seo Jin in what looked like a haunted house as a child and Doctor Kang’s speech on Disassociative Identity Disorders. Both clues hint at Seo Jin not being able to save someone and that guilt taking form as Robin. My guess is eventually both personalities will be reconciled into one, because I don’t really see any other outcome that would make sense.


I admit to being surprised that we had so much action and suspense in the first two episodes. The disappearance of Doctor Kang was a good way to get the plot moving and fast, so it wasn’t a misstep in my opinion. Maybe I was just expecting more rom-com sweetness to fill the first part of this story (but I am seriously not complaining).

Now onto the important parts. Like Hyun Bin being amazing. Oh, and Hyun Bin shirtless. And Hyun Bin being amazing again. Can you tell I have been waiting for his return to drama land for a few years now?

Hyun Bin

I had forgotten how much I like Han Ji Min, probably because she too was missing from drama land for a few years (and for some reason I can suck up umpteenth dramas a year but can’t sit down and watch a dang movie that some of my favorite actors are in. Go figure). She is a good actress and is just…likeable in my opinion (which is an important trait in a genre that often falters when it comes to female leads).

The second leads are kind of a mystery at this point (was Hyeri even in the first two episodes? If so I missed her) so I don’t really have anything to say about their acting/characters at this point. On a random note I was giddy over seeing Lee Deok Hwa as the CEO of Wonder Group – mostly because his hair and bushy eyebrows make me smile (for a reason I have yet to figure out).

I am going to keep watching this one even if it takes a bad turn (which I am doubtful it will if I can base the rest of the series off of the first week of episodes). And only half of that has to do with Hyun Bin. Did I mention how happy I am to see Hyun Bin? Okay, ninety percent of it has to do with Hyun Bin. *Drools*

Hyun Bin2

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