Ekun’s Birthday Month!! Day 8

Birthday! Birthday! Its my birthday month!!!! Even though tomorrow is technically my birthday; I will be here all month long with wishes. Day 8 what is my wish!

July 8th:

I want the drama gods to cast a wonderful actress as Nodame! Like Kim So Eun!


Even though the ball has been dropped (IMHO) with the casting of Chiaki Senpai (Joo Won is our man), we could always make it right with Nodame… So far we are still missing the mark *cough cough* Yoon Ah *cough cough*. Happy Birthday to me!!

P. S. Dammit! It’s just been revealed Yoon Ah is Nodame! Why drama gods why! This is not a happy day! Fire and Brimstone. šŸ˜’


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