This is important

This is important. Seriously. You should continue reading this because of how important it is. So important that I will probably fill up an entire paragraph pointing out how important it is. Like super important. So important it would be a shame if you quit now, I mean you are already a few sentences into reading this, right? I never took you for a quitter, so please prove me right. I believe in you. I believe in your ability to keep reading this post, I believe in your honest desire to know what is so important. Without further adieux……drumroll please….

drumroll please



Shut down the banks. Close up shop. No mail today! Prepare yourself, mentally and physically…

shower scene

It is E-Kun’s birthday! Party in Stone Cities!

big bang party gif Party Time

Happy Birthday Girl!!!!!! Don’t worry, I got you a ton of presents. All of which consist of the following. Yep, I know. I am the best friend EVER! [Note- the criteria for best friend ever is largely based on being able to effectively google pictures of hot shirtless/ brooding Asian men. In no way is this a biased opinion/ criteria but is in fact a universal truth.] Enjoy!

Heechul 2 Haruma Miura So Ji Sub 5 So Ju Sub 4 So Ji Sub 3 Kang Ha Neul 2 Lee Jun Ki 2 G-Dragon 2 G-Dragon 1 TOP Kim Jae Wook 2 Kim Jae Wook Blue Lan so ji sub 2 Kim Won Bin 4 Woo Bin 2 woo bin 1 kang ha naeul 1 Kang Ha Neul lee jun ki 1 jung il woo Kang Joon jang geun suk so ji sub Kim Soo Hyun Kim Soo Hhyun ekun bday 2 ekun bday 1

Remember to wish E-Kun a Happy Birthday! She deserves it for putting up with my drama watching track record (and opinions) over the last year! Cheers!

10 thoughts on “This is important

    • I hope you realize how painful it was for me to have to look up all of these images. It was terrible googling “shirtless so ji sub”. Really. I am still crying. Haha. Happy Birthday, hope it is everything you wished for and more 🙂

      • Your efforts are noted. Have you seen any of his music videos with him rapping. I didn’t even care what he was talking about because I was so stunned he was rapping!

      • Yeah, he had a green microphone and said stuff and…let’s be real. I was just drooling and looking and drooling. He could have rapped about advil and heating pads and I would have thought it was awesome.

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