Lore: My noona confession

This post has been a long time coming.  Let me tell you a story:

Once upon a time there was a noona who loved Korean dramas. She liked K-pop too – a side effect of her overabundance of drama watching. Oh, and then there were Korean variety shows – she absolutely adored variety shows to the point that she liked to watch at least one before she went to sleep at night. Go out on a high note, she thought.

Then, one day, she embarked upon another new show. Another because she has always tried to give premiering shows a chance, whether they are dramas or variety shows. This show was of the variety thread; focused on an idol group. She had watched a half dozen such shows before so she had some kind of precedence as far as her interests. And then…things happened.

Exo Showtime

Two months later you will find her like this….

Noona: “My Exo Nature Republic cardboard cutouts arrived! Yippee!”

Noona’s husband: “What?!”

Noona: “Exo! Exo! Mini cardboard cutouts of Exo!”

Noona’s husband: “How much did those cost?”

Noona: “Does it matter? Look, they look great under my Exo poster! I will put Suho by Chen, and Chanyeol by Baekhyun, and….”

natures republic exo

Two weeks passed and the following occurred:

Noona: “I have never read fan fiction before, but yikes! Exo has some decent fan fics!”

Noona’s husband: “What are you talking about?”

Noona: “Exo- people write stories about them. They are really good!”

Noona’s husband: “Aren’t some of them girls?”

Noona: “Noooooo! How could you even think that?!”

And a few more days passed…

Noona: “I have never shipped anyone in Kpop. EVER. But I ship Xiuhan.”

Noona’s husband: “Are those the girls from Exo? What is a ship?”

Noona: “Noooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A ship…well, it is liking people that should be in a relationship but are not yet confirmed”

Noona’s husband: “That sounds delusional….”

Noona: “Have you seen them? It is NOT delusional!”

And such is the path I have embarked upon. Yep, if you have not already guessed it, Lore is Noona. And noona has finally figured out the definition of the following words: stanning, shipping (as it relates to Kpop), bias, and Exo. Aissssshhhhh! Why, oh why, world did I have to discover Exo?

Exo 1 Exo 2

The answer: What a good question!

Yep, a show that I previously reviewed and cited for lack of focus threw me into a fandom I never once thought I would belong too. Now I am hook line and sinker addicted to the point that my favorites menu now has a folder that contains far too many Exo blogs.

What happened? Well, as I watched and watched and enjoyed I became curious. Oh, and enter the fandom. I found far too many Exo blogs with some clever, witty, and cute things to say. Did I mention I like clever, witty, and cute things? But the fandom, of course, is not what made my interest peak. Nope, it was the boys themselves.

As I watched Showtime I got to see a few characters emerge via the show, which piqued my interest. Slowly I branched out into watching the group’s other appearances – on Weekly Idol, on Infinity Challenge, on random talk shows. Before long I had a serious addiction to seeing their reactions and admiring the fun that they wrought.


It is not my first time watching an idol based show – I have long enjoyed Infinite and their variety prowess. This was, however, the first time I followed up my enjoyment with some hardcore searching – for their music and their other appearances. I have liked (still like) other idol groups – Big Bang, Super Junior, TVXQ, Infinite among others. But I have yet to become all cray cray internet stalking about any of them.

I am surprised myself, because I have not had such a reaction to a group before. Let me put it this way – when I was a teenager I was the person in the corner listening to Pink Floyd while my contemporaries were cutting out pictures of N’sync and the Backstreet Boys. And now, fast approaching thirty years old, I am ordering cardboard cutouts of Exo. Am I aging backwards or am I finally understanding teenagers? Either one is kind of weird.


Age confusion aside I like to quantify things because, well, I am kind of like that. It is my analytical side that needs answers, needs logic behind my wacky actions. Which is kind of lame, if you really consider such beliefs in the face of simple fandom (and by simple, I mean sheer enjoyment without over-thought consequences). So, I am now going to b***h slap myself in the brain and just enjoy. With a list. Because I still like lists, logic be damned. I am keeping it real bishes!

Warning: Gratuitous nonsensical fan-girling ensues here. Rhyme and reason…yeah – about that…

Why Noona Likes Exo: Lore’s Unexpected List


Good song. Not a great song, not a masterpiece, but very listenable and catchy and addicting. In other words – a K-pop hit. Exo slayed the music scene with Growl – and it was the first song that made noona want to hear more. Much more. I really think if Exo had not put out Growl my interest would not have been as intense, I liked the song so I wanted to know more.

 I want to put them in a basket and tie bows on them

pink bows

Seriously. I do. Because they look like puppies. My noona side is brought out by these guys – I see them as a bunch of adorably attractive creatures that are far too young and would look great in a wicker basket with pink bows. Seriously…it is all about the bows.

Bias? What bias?


I like K-pop. I like a lot of K-pop male groups. I usually pick a member that I favor – because that is just what one does. But Exo? Nope. It is like picking a favorite from Running Man, the original Dark Shadows, and Star Trek: The Original Series, or Monty Python. They all bring something different and I appreciate the entirety of the cast and crew – no one stands out above the others. I know I am a fan when I can’t pick a favorite – the work as a whole is my bias.

12 Final Reasons: Broken down (aka my final delusion)



The oldest member of the group looks like the maknae. He is adorable – and has a killer eyebrow raise.



The second oldest, Luhan is from China. He wants to be known as manly, but everyone seems to see him as pretty. I love how creepy he is.



He has a major identity complex. Seriously.



He is the leader and no one listens to him. Which makes me love him more.



Space cadet extraordinaire, I am now convinced he is one of the most innocent human beings I have ever seen on television.



Sassy, attractive, and a dork at the same time. Kind of want to slap him, in a good way?



Troll. Troll. Troll. Close to my own sentiments.



I go between wanting to slap him and hug him. Kind of like Baekhyun. But I still like hearing what he has to say.



Short and evil, kind of like me on a good day.



Adorkable. Adorkable to the point I want to buy him an ice cream cone.



This kid needs a puppy and a nap stat. Which is even more of a reason I want to put him in a basket and tie a bow on him.



Maknae brat. I love evil maknaes.

So, have I up and lost my marbles? Any other Exo noona fans out there? Love to hear from you in the comments!

20 thoughts on “Lore: My noona confession

  1. OMG you have described almost down a tee what it has been like for me. It’s RIDICULOUS. I AM A GROWN ASS WOMAN. AND I DON’T UNDERSTAND MYSELF.

    But it was Showtime that did me in. Actually it was that damn Growl MV. Then came the show and…WHY does no one tell you to NOT watch any idol variety show? That resistance is completely futile??! Whhyyy?? Thank god though for that show because it would’ve taken me twice as long to figure out all their names. And I am still trying to get a hang of this business coz I do not want to perve at boys who are barely legal (I don’t care how old Xiu Min says he is, I consider all of them little boys.) And stalking them on tumblr is not perving right? And yes, how can you pick a bias when all of them are well, like that?

    And speaking of Nature Republic, I walked by the store the other day and squealed at the huge EXO billboard outside and pointed at it like a crazy person 😀

    • I am happy I am not alone!!!! I was starting to question my sanity – how in the heck did I go from watching a variety show to ordering cardboard cutouts and reading fanfics?! I have watched idol shows before, but never went all cray cray like this afterward!

      Is stalking them on tumblr pervy? Um, then I am totally guilty (I just tell myself “Yep, they are legal. Totally legal. Plus I am just supporting them like a good noona. Yep, that’s it!”) And there is no way to pick a bias in Exo, I have resigned myself to that reality.

      Showtime + Growl MV = Deadly combo

      We should start a Exo noona fan support group, I feel like I need one 🙂

      • What you said about Showtime though was spot on. It wasn’t very good, and I was a little bored (and the subs didn’t help) but then they went to Namsam tower, and then the haunted house, and then karaoke, and…I peed my pants laughing thinking this is the best show in the world!! I hv never seen any idols on shows ever, so this is completely mind boggling to me. Like I’m in another dimension.

        I did not know bout those cut-outs. I might just pop in the stores and see if they hv it.

        Noona support group? I know su of sulovesdrama is majorly obsessed too. She’s the one who turned me on to showtime!

  2. Hello Lore! I discovered your blog through this post. I’m a fellow noob in the crazy world of the EXO fandom, and I’m currently trying to stop myself from reading blogs and articles about them. But I can’t stop.

    Anyway, I enjoyed reading your post! It had me laughing for a good two minutes over your description of the boys. It was Show Time that introduced me to their personalities and your descriptions are spot on! I particularly love your Kris description: “He has a major identity complex. Seriously.” HAHAHAHA I’m so sorry. I’m still laughing about it. ;___;

    They also brought out the noona in me. I’m so not used to fangirl-ing over groups that are younger than me. But alas, I’m even older than Xiumin, who is so cute I had a hard time believing he’s the eldest. Anyhoo, it’s also Growl that hooked me in! But it’s Show Time that cemented my love for them, especially to Tao who pretty much dominates my thoughts 24/7. Hahaha.

    Okay, that’s it. I’m gonna go explore your blog now. I love your Running Man posts!

    • I feel your pain – I cannot stop reading about them either!

      I am happy you enjoyed the post! Trying to describe the boys is a challenge in and of itself – because they just…um…yunno – are Exo.

      I am not used to being a noona fan either – or a stan for that matter (I guess I have technically stanned the cast of RM for a while, but other than that this whole fan behavior is new to me). So mind boggling, if you had asked me a year ago if I would go all cray cray over a Korean boy band I would have laughed in your face. Now I am dedicating at least a half hour a day to tumblr stalking these boys. Aish! What has happened?!

      Happy to hear you are a Running Man fan! I love this show – it is my weekly therapy. I never not laugh hysterically while watching an episode. Any favorite episodes?

      • Yes, yes. Yesterday I spent a few hours just reading fan accounts of the boy’s visit to Disneyland. Hours flew by without even realizing it. Hahaha.

        I’ve been stanning boy bands for years, but it’s the first time that I like younger boys! It’s still a weird feeling not being able to call them oppa. Hehe. I now refer to myself as noona even though I’m just a year or two older. Hehe.

        Ack! Choosing a favorite episode is so difficult! But I tend to love the episodes with no guest. The cast themselves are enough to make me laugh for a good hour. But of course, there are guest that I can’t help but love like Park JiSung, John Park, JongHyun, KwangSoo’s appa, etc. 🙂 I’m sorry I failed to answer your question haha!

  3. So…just yesterday I wrote a post about my love of EXO (inspired by Janey’s lovely post on Tao – I don’t think I told you that yet Janey). And then I proceeded to have a lovely conversation with DDee about my love of EXO as well. So I find it rather funny that they are who I see here commenting as well ㅋㅋㅋ I really don’t know what it is about K-pop that brings out the teenager in me that I never was, but seriously, it is kind of insane and absolutely hilarious. So no, you are not alone. And I turn 30 this month…so yeah. Also I am starting to think I should utilize the links DDee sent me and watch Showtime or something… 😉

    • Thank you for checking out Stone Cities! I have enjoyed your site for quite a while (I be a lurker)!

      You should watch Showtime – but be forewarned it brings about psychotic levels of noona feels. At least in my experience! It is my kryptonite. Episode 6 is when the series really picks up in terms of variety goodness. In terms of Exo goodness it start with episode 1.

      It has been therapeutic to hear from other Noona Exo fan! I will admit – it is almost embarrassing to admit fan-girling over Exo (as you touched upon in your Exo post). I am not sure if it is due to the oft reported psycho fan base or the fact that they are the “trend” – all I know is my cheeks were definitely pink as I wrote this post and hit publish. But I agree – they have good songs, if you can overlook the fan behavior.

      As a teenager I was never about boy bands or pop music, I was firmly of the rock n ‘roll / jam band / folk set. I guess that is why it is soooo weird to me that as a 29 year old I am experiencing something I expect of a teenage girl. Aiiiish! Exo- what have you done to me?!

      • ㅋㅋㅋ Oh all you lurkers 😉 I am glad you enjoy my blog. I am so glad we all have each other in the dramaverse. Seriously, who else can understand our obsessions?!

        I will try and make some time for Showtime I think. I am watching waaaaaaaay too much drama and Running Man (though is it really ever too much?)

        I turn thirty in a few weeks, and sometimes I am like, why was I NEVER like this as a teenager? It’s this sort of bizarre phenomenon where we all become teenage girls when K-pop happens. ㅋㅋㅋ I have decided to fully embrace it!!! And I will forever be grateful for all bloggersphere noonas who also love K-pop.

      • I wholeheartedly believe that there is no such thing as too much Running Man/dramas! But seriously, make some time for Showtime! Seeing Exo’s variety persona’s is what solidified me as a fan. The later half of the show especially was variety goodness.

        I will be thirty in nine months and I completely agree – why did this not happen when I was a teen?! But I embrace it too- better to have fun with the feels than over analyze our age 🙂 Happy to be a part of the larger noona fan sphere! Noonas Fighting!

  4. OMG I thought I was very alone in being a “noona” – I too am nearing thirty… and I am so obsessed you have NO idea. It was Showtime that drew me in too! I already loved Kpop but my God is Exo just fantastic or what? They are all so adorable! I don’t even feel bad saying this – they’re also hot as hell! They’re all legal so who cares right? Just glad I’m not entirely alone in the love I bear for these 12 pretty dorks…

    • Noona power! I seriously have no idea how all of this happened to me….but I spend far too much time fan girling over these guys. Aish! I am happy to not be alone! Showtime is seriously a bad idea for anyone – once you start Showtime you cannot go back. This variety hook line and sinkered me into this group! Any favorite episodes from Showtime? Also, I feel like I need to post a noona confession part 2 soon as much as I internet follow *cough stalk cough* this group 🙂

      • I haven’t even finished it yet. I seriously watched the first episode, fell over dead when Kris said “chicken is not my style” and then casually sniffed and ate the chicken, and died whenever one of them does that hyena laugh in the back, and the winking contest, and with SuJu doing their “detailed investigation” into how you can tell them apart and casually mashing the camera into their faces. Then I watched ep 2-4, and started watching their videos and downloading songs, and then… then… I started learning their choreography cuz it’s what I do. I’m trying to finish the series now. XD I’ve been pretty sick. I have literally only been an EXOtic for like a month? What a month! Good grief. Kpop always made me fangirl but not like this

      • I have been an EXOtic for a couple months now! I feel like this I need to say “Hi, I am lore and I have been obsessively internet searching this group for 60 some days now” 🙂 Watch episodes 5 and 6 soon – my faves! And can I say that Kris has a major identity crisis (Cool guy versus his true nature) and it is soooo freakin endearing!

        That is sooo cool that you learn the choreo! I hope you start feeling better soon. I came down with bronchitis and pneumonia last month (I know – in one month!). Get some rest and watch / listen to our boys!

  5. Pingback: My Noona Confession Part 2: The Best of Exo Showtime | Lore In Stone Cities

  6. I’m happy to find a noona EXO fan! So happy I’m not alone! My life 24/7 is of EXO and work. Haha. I stalk tumbler all the time and watch and re-watch videos of these 12 lovely men. What has my life come to. The EXO photo book is out and I’m seriously considering buying then whole set. Aaahhhh my EXO feels.

    • Hi! You are not alone! I understand the Exo, real life, Exo schedule haha. Tumblr and rewatching videos is like a quarter of my weekend (shhhh). I was seriously considering buying the photo book as well. I bought Exo’s first box when it came out and then realized, like everything, it ended up online within a week. Sure enough the DL for the photo book is online as well, so I ended up not ordering it. This is all new to me as I have never been like this with any other group in the past (buying their merchandise like this as soon as it comes out). I don’t know what it is, but these kids have me hook line and sinker! Oh, I know part of what it is – I want to noona cuddle them like no tomorrow. Haha. Happy to meet another noona fan!

  7. I just stumbled upon your website, and you have also described me to a T. I am your age, and I have never been a fan of a boy band, ever. When I was a teenager, I had no interest in NSync, Leonardo Dicaprio or any of the teen obsessions at the time. I was all about Alanis Morissette, Green Day, and Tupac. But with EXO, it’s so weird. I keep wondering if I’ve lost my marbles. I also want to cuddle them. They’re just so cute.

    How I found out about EXO was watching Miracle in Cell No 7 (amazing movie, by the way). I saw a ton of Youtube comments about how EXO brought them there. I finally gave up and was like, WTF is EXO? So I ended up watching the clip of them crying on Showtime over the movie. Then I watched Growl, and I was hooked. That song and choreo are just brilliant. I have never liked kpop before, and always associated kpop with ridiculous costumes, overproduced electronic sounds, and guys wearing more makeup than girls. But Growl was really different. It had a really smooth R&B beat, the guys were dressed in simple suits, and the dance was killer.

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