Super Fun Drama Chat Time: Pretty Man 11 & 12

E-Kun: Bel Ami… *Deepest Sigh I have had over a drama in a long time*

Lore: *Sigh, sigh sigh* I feel like that could be a complete review for this show. One big sigh…..There was one moment in the last 2 episodes that made me not sigh. And that was when Bo Tong smacked a b**ch. And no- not because I thought it was a good move on Bo Tong’s part, but because this show makes me want to smack a b**tch too. Like the writer….


E-Kun: HA! But for that one smack she got five smacks from me. I thought Bo Tong was going to do better but I see the writer has decided to make deteriorate with every passing episode. But the thing that pissed me off the most was Ma Te’s “Wait for Me” confession! What the hell was that!? You don’t know what love is but until you find it wait for me? Boy Bye!

PM1112 1

Lore: Yeah, the writer has somehow made me dislike the characters more with every passing episode. Even the characters I originally LIKED. I think the “wait for me” confession was the show’s way of making viewers hate life. No, seriously. I think the writer was like “How can we make viewers want to vomit and then punch the screen?” Oh, I know, we will have Mr D bag ask Bo Tong to wait for him! That’s it! And she agreed to it! She was like “Oh, sure, I will wait for you Oppa. Just run around with more women until you know what love is. That is fine by me!” WTF

E-Kun: HAHAHA! Almost fell off the bed laughing at you girl! Another reason we can no longer appreciate Bo Tong as a character like we did in the first few episodes. But I am not all that in love with Jang Woo at the moment either. These characters make me tired. The only thing that is remotely interesting is how both moms (Ma Te’s and Gangnam) are carrying around these watches! That means that Ma Te is hers right?! Show really threw a fast one on me with this part of the story.

PM1112 3

Lore: I think it does. Which would make more sense than Jang Woo being her son (yunno, because he has a soul and all). Ma Te can be a heartless d-bag, so I can see how he was spawned from the womb of the wicked witch. I am interested to see how Yoo Ra reacts, now that she knows Ma Te is the son of the wicked witch (at least it seems that she does after she saw the watch). I am wondering what she will do.

PM1112 2

E-Kun: Finally her character is getting some screen time and they are trying to bring her back into the story. She is pretty dismal though it is not her fault.

Lore: Yeah, she is pretty dismal. Completely a plot device and nothing more. Thoughts on our new lesson (bribing a prosecutor, or something like that)?

E-Kun: Lesson #5 Clout or our new lesson #6 Power?

Lore: Power. Apparently I was already zoned out by the time they said what it was. I just got the whole drop the charges thing from it 🙂

PM1112 4

E-Kun: You know, now that I think about it the fact that he is learning all his technique from women is kind of silly. I am all about equality and all, but women use these factors: Money, Buttons, Networking, Timing, Clout, and Power differently than men. I feel that Ma Te hasn’t grown or learned anything that wasn’t already in him.

Lore: I would agree. The entire concept of learning these lessons is just silly. He is not going to use certain elements the same way as those he learned them from- I have yet to see him networking like he was taught or having clout like he was taught (he has not once asked for a doll of his own! ). Kudos to you for remembering them all! And he has alienated and pissed off a bunch of powerful people in the process of learning his lessons. How many of those women are still his friends? Electric Fairy, Myo Mi…uh, I think that is it! And they are not really his friends, they just don’t bitterly hate him.

E-Kun: Ha, I am trying to tie it altogether of how these things are supposed to make him a better person, but some of them are just stupid. They are common sense a 3 year old learns. What did you think about him being at the party (the first party with “daddy”)?

PM1112 5

Lore: Funny that he thought he could attend and meet Daddy and everything would be cool. Ma Te, your brain is not your strong point. And then we had Ma Te’s epiphany- I am not trash! No, I am not, even if the world thinks I am!

E-Kun: I know right? I was seriously thinking what he thought he could accomplish by showing up. And even though I hate Wicked Witch of Gangnam, when she called him trash I said, “Yes, but not because he is poor– but because of the way he has lived his life.” I am kind of stunned Ma Te does not realize this… wait, he is stupid.

Lore: Haha! Using women to gain knowledge after living as a gigolo – nope, not trash at all. Seriously this guy needs to take a look at himself. But then again, he always has Bo Tong there to say “You are not trash Oppa, you are not! I know it, no matter how you live!” At this point these two deserve each other.

E-Kun: Girl, I am mad she compared herself to the scum under his toenail, which was like slap #1 or 2. But it is just another way the show is confirming they will end up together at the end. And her getting on her KNEES IN FRONT OF YU RA FOR THAT PASSWORD?! Girl I went ballistic!!!

PM1112 6

Lore: The begging on her knees thing- I just can’t. But never fear, because it made Ma Te wake up enough to DELETE THE CODE once he got it! What! Seriously! You are stupid, and Bo Tong is a moron for doing anything like begging on her knees, smacking a b**tch so you don’t have to kneel, or telling you that you are cool even when you are running around with a new woman every week. And that is how I really feel. So. many. frustrations. with. show. Argghhhhh! Sigh. Should we do parting thoughts?

E-Kun: Let’s get to it, you can go first

Lore: Parting thoughts: Only 4 more episodes. Only 4 more episodes. Only 4 more episodes!!!

E-Kun: Glad we are on the same page. I do not hate the show, but I find myself asking throughout the majority of each episode, “Really? Really? What!? You really didn’t know that?! That’s dumb… chuckle chuckle. *Sigh*” Thank goodness only 4 episodes to go.

Lore: I do not hate the show either, but I am certainly frustrated by the character progression. Sigh. And sigh again.


2 thoughts on “Super Fun Drama Chat Time: Pretty Man 11 & 12

  1. I’m pretty much on the same page with you guys. I keep thinking I should drop it, but for some reason I keep watching. You’re right, even Botong, who I previously liked, is getting annoying. How can she not change at all in 12 episodes? Why is she still obsessed with Ma Te? He’s never done anything for her.

    • Thank you Caitlyn for confirming we are not crazy. It is not even a matter of why she likes Ma Te, its why she constantly degrades herself on the account of Ma Te or consent to “wait for Ma Te”. If Ma Te is not willing to get on his knees and beg for the password, why are you Bo Tong aka silly *censored*!? As a woman who is older than her (but not by much) it makes me upset.

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