Super Fun Drama Chat Time: Pretty Man 9 & 10

Lore: Bel Ami / Pretty Man episodes 9 and 10…..*sigh*‏

ExtraKun: *Double Sigh* I was glad that Ma Te confronted her, I didn’t think he would‏…

Lore: One long continuous sigh….and then another…You mean Miss spoiled brat? Or are we talking about the wicked witch? ‏


ExtraKun: Neither, I was talking about Bo Tong. I thought he would ignore the whole confession but he came back to the office to confront her. At least he was saying it was a bad idea as well. I really don’t think she thought things through. But her question for him was valid as well– we the audience know why he didn’t go see Myo Mi.‏

Lore: Got it! I was drawing a blank for a moment. I was glad that he confronted Bo Tong as well. And her question brought up an interesting point, which only became clearer (and more frustrating) as the next 2 episodes progressed. Ma Te, you like Bo Tang don’t you? But not like her enough not to be a total jerk. Nope, just enough to be nice some times. Frustrating…I guess that is his style. Sigh.‏35

ExtraKun: It is, once again, the show telling us every single episode these two will end up together. They are eliminating any hope of her ending up with anyone else. Ma Te said he felt some kind away about her to David, but I was like, “that’s cool, but no.” You do not get to dictate who she is seeing and where she is staying because you “feel” something that possibly, maybe, I think it could be, hopefully, not quite sure but on the brink of Love.‏


Lore: Yep. That something he “feels” is certainly selfish. I was seriously so peeved with the “Sleep at my house!” stunt he pulled (but I was also kind of mad at Bo Tong for how she reacted, I wanted her to say “Screw you both, I am going to my Mom’s”). I had bad Eun Sang Heir’s flashbacks at this moment. I can’t stand when heroines let two guys boss them around like they are mindless idiot.‏


ExtraKun: HAhaha! She is not that kind of girl (though I am or I would have been tired from walking around in those heels so I would have just gone inside). Bo Tong really upset me in these two eps especially when she was crying over Ma Te being an heir and them not having hope of being together. She almost got an “Unnie Slap of Reality”.‏ Ma Te’s stunt was not surprising either, he cannot stand the idea of not being her #1, sickening‏.


Lore: She is like a passive aggressive form of that type of girl, in the end she did go to Mom’s but she went with Ma Te first. Even if she said it cutely, I wanted her to say “Go to hell- I do what I want!” Those tears made me want to slap her too! And Ma Te’s Narcissistic Self McSelfishson can get downright tiring. The writers of this show are really good at making the main male lead come off as a giant D-bag a majority of the time. But hey, I guess that is not surprising given the fact his Father has sired half of Korea and left a string of ruined women in his wake.‏

ExtraKun: It is quite amazing how these fathers can ruin everyone’s lives around them *Cough Heirs Cough*. So what is the deal with David?! Is the Wicked Witch of Gangnam not his mother? This part just got really complicated.‏

Lore: Color me confused. I thought the wicked witch was for sure his Mom, but it looks like she is not. So that means there is yet another brother running around somewhere….unless Ma Te or David is her son but was given to someone else to raise. Aishhhh, confusion!‏


ExtraKun: That is what I was just thinking about them both. Perhaps she doesn’t know which one is her son but one of them is. Interesting.‏ What did you think of David’s confession?‏

Lore: It ripped my heart out, especially knowing how fruitless it is. But I give Bo Tong points for her “Do you know how much it hurts following someone who never looks back?!” response. ‏


ExtraKun: Agreed, it almost felt pointless for him to say it out loud because it will bear no fruit, but I have to admit I was glad he got it out. I was also glad that afterwards, they both seemed like their normal selves around each other. I wonder how long that is going to last. David is like the B-E-S-T but is getting dealt a really crappy hand with his mom dying, daddy populating half of Korea (Only Korea as far as we know), and now not getting the girl. David ah? You want some snacks and Soju? Lore and I will hang out with you.‏

Lore: Yes! We will! I am even willing to sleep in a tent in winter! Yunno assuming there is a space heater and I have had enough Soju not to care…‏

ExtraKun: Oh, about that…. Ekun doesn’t camp. But for you David I will… Aish!‏


Lore: Oh, I meant glamping. Lore doesn’t camp either. I need a place with a shower and bathroom.‏

ExtraKun:LOL! That is why we can hang out!‏ Lesson #5 Clout. ‏

Lore: I….here is more sighing. So this lesson kind of sprang up without a push from the bitter ex daughter in law. And I hate this girl already. I cheered when Ma Te let her fall and then launched a chunk of steak into her forehead. Nicely played Ma Te, nicely played.‏


ExtraKun: I knew he was going to do it because he has learned his lesson about making money. But that girl—I work in retail (not in an actual store), if she would have stepped on my hand? That would be the day I would lose my job and probably be sued for putting her in the hospital.‏

Lore: You and me both. I would have decked her!‏ Thoughts on the big MG party?‏

ExtraKun: I think it is funny that Ma Te thought he could roll in there and say/do what exactly? That is honestly where I am lost. This man might know you are his kid, but he will never acknowledge it, especially now. I was surprised how he spoke to David, but I suppose it’s because he is the “insurance” in case the son gets into some trouble like Won and Tan from Heirs.‏


Lore: Yeah, I was surprised how he talked to David too. But the thing I am excited for is Ma Te finding out David is his brother. Hahahahahaha! This is going to get interesting.‏ Should we do parting thoughts?‏

ExtraKun: Sure! Here are mine: Bo Tong- we have come to the end of the road, Unnie cannot forgive you for crying over Ma Te being an Heir. David- Even though you are having a “hard knock life” thus far, I do hope you find happiness and let go of the hurt with your mom’s death for your health. Ma Te- *Sigh* no words can even describe how exasperated I am with you. Yu Ra- Why do I not care what you are up to? Ever?‏

Lore: Bo Tong- You do not want to be smacked by two Unnies, so wise up a little. Ma Te- I like you more when you are making rich girls fall on their a** David- Thanks for confessing, now expect to be lonely. Wicked witch – Who is your kid? No, seriously, who is your kid? Dad- Stop spawning children who will be messed up for life because you left their Mom. Seriously- how many kids do you have?! ‏



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