Super Fun Drama Chat Time: Pretty Man 7 & 8

Are you ready for some more super fun chat time? I hope so, because we are having a blast discussing the currently airing drama Pretty Man aka Bel Ami aka The Ma Te is Stupid Show. Let us know what you think of the drama in the comments – especially what you thought about Bo Tong’s radio confession. Cheers!          

E-Kun: Dirty Hippie David finally raised his voice at Bo Tong… I was excited by the bass in his voice!

Lore: I was too! Should we start from the beginning and work our way to dirty hippie Jang Woo yelling (I still can’t with the David)…

MaTeHo 2

E-Kun: Ha! It is cool, let us back track to the beginning. Ma Te? If you are going to be a slut ho offering yourself as a lover, you need to be the best damn one you can be! You disappoint me with your broken promises, but I think I should be relieved you have a shred of moral fiber.

Lore: I know, right. He whored himself out and then felt all bad about it. He WHORED HIMSELF OUT FOR SOCKS. Sorry, I had to say it, because it sounds so, so wrong.

E-Kun: I know right! But his reluctance leads me to conclude he probably never slept with Jackie, and she was getting the even shorter end of the stick. Did you not learn anything when you were younger? I know your mom taught you better than this but you, you really are too much for me sometimes Ma Te. *Sigh* I am tired Unnie.


Lore: I am tired too. Ma Te’s logic can have that effect. So this networking life lesson- thoughts on the lesson itself?

E-Kun: Well, I do not think his lesson has come full circle. But I guess he has learned to be careful what you utter out your mouth. Networking Ahjumma web is a “put up or shut up” kind of web.

Lore: That’s for sure. I mean, Ma Te didn’t put up and he was pretty much given no choice but to do what he had to. I still can’t believe he trusted networking Ahjumma though! That back fired! “Sure, I will be nice if you get in a scandal with this lesbian actress”. Ma Te: “Oh, okay. I trust you” Waaaiiiit! That worked! How did that work! Poor Ma Te, he should have thought it through.

E-Kun: First off, I would like to announce that I knew she was not a lesbian and I think it is idiotic for people to assume just because she has never been seen with a namja.

Networking Ahjumma

Lore: I agree with you there. But the proposal that networking ahjumma made was essentially “Make everyone think she is not a lesbian because she is”. I was fine either way, but I was still kind of surprised Ma Te bought that ahjumma would release him no questions asked. I mean he did set up a scene to get people talking about networking ahjumma- and ahjumma needed to fix it somehow, but still. If I were him I would have left it at that. After all ahjumma went ahead and started f***ing with his business regardless.

E-Kun: And I told you… Ma Te is stupid. You learn one or two lessons and you think you got it all? Boy Bye! We have a long road ahead of us and right now, it is the people around you that are making this happen i.e. David, Bo Tong, Electric Fairy, Yu Ra, and now Myo Mi.

Lore: Yep. I guess I need to get over Ma Te’s stupidity but it gets me every time!

E-Kun: Look, it gets to the best of us because even I drop my mouth wide open at times.

Lore: I should repeat to myself ever morning “Ma Te is stupid. Ma Te is stupid. Ma Te is stupid” Haha.

E-Kun: Nothing was more “WTH” that David and Bo Tong’s Ramyun in the bathroom sink! Girl I almost pissed my pants laughing at those two with their presentation!

Bathroom Sink Nangmyun

Lore: Haha! I did too. The Ramyun in the sink was gross, but hilarious. And the cell phones….these two. Oh, and of course – “We sell it cheaper because we re-use side dishes!” Gross! And Ma Te “Bo Tong was the resident idiot but now I have David too”

E-Kun: I am all about less waste but that was just ridiculous! Who is going to spend money for someone else’s trash and leftovers?! David is actually pretty smart, I think he hides his intelligence because of who his momma is… THE WICKED WITCH OF GANGNAM HILLS!!!!


Lore: The big secret! I did not see that coming. How can someone as awesome as Jang Woo come from someone as wicked as…THE WICKED WITCH OF GANGNAM HILLS! I guess he didn’t live with her for an extended period of time, so he was able to retain his soul…

E-Kun: More like because she is so vile and pretty much left him abandoned he was bound to turn out the way he is. A cheerful but melancholic person. David chooses to be cheerful and I like him for that fact. I am falling victim to my second lead syndrome again. But he is so adorable and Ma Te is confusing and tiresome!

Lore: I am completely lost in the second lead syndrome as far as this drama is concerned. It is hard not to be. I just realized we are already halfway through the series – If I am to be cured of second lead syndrome the writers have some work to do in the next 8 episodes.

E-Kun: I don’t want to be cured, this show is kind of predictable. They have already put two roadblocks in place for telling us Bo Tong and David are a no go, and they continue to let us know every episode that this show is about Ma Te getting his life together and ending up with Bo Tong at the end. Although, I think him and Myo Mi (actress) were kind of good together. But she got a kid so them being together can never happen.


Lore: But when Ma Te and Bo Tong end up together- will their house be decorated by giant framed pictures of Ma Te? Sorry, my imagination got the better of me. I think Ma Te and Myo Mi were good together as well. Yep- drama logic tells us they will never get together because of the kid. Stupid drama logic! I want to see David and Bo Tong playing house (or is that glamping!) while Ma Te and Myo Mi looks fabulous.

E-Kun: These are thing to put on the Christmas list to be sent to dramaland. Are we at the part where we can discuss dirty hippie Jang Woo (David) raising his voice? Because I have some questions for Bo Tong myself.

Lore: Yes! Let’s discuss.


E-Kun: And you know the house will be full of pictures of himself! Bo Tong’s mom’s reaction to the picture in her room was hilarious! I cried and I laughed so hard.

Lore: Yeah! Love how she covered it with a sheet to hide it. And Ma Te calling the cops on their “party”. You petty, petty man you.

MaTeHo 3

E-Kun: I was like, why didn’t you just go in? Even though it is David’s house you are always there anyway. I love Bo Tong telling her mom and brother to never return. It was funny to see her so dead set against something because she usually goes with the flow. Bo Tong’s mom is great for trying to set her up with David and little brother and his training 24/7 is pretty hilarious too. Is he still a minor?

Lore: I think he is in U-Kiss. I am not sure if he is still a minor. Wait, are we talking about the character or the actor? 😉 Hoon is the actors name and he is not a minor- born in 91. Had to look him up.

E-Kun: The character, I know the actor is not a minor. I was just wondering why he is always with mom. Never at school or work for his age.


Lore: Yeah- he is always with Mom. But he appears to be training to become a world master in some sort of martial arts….note sarcasm here 🙂 It is kind of funny Mom is always yelling at Bo Tong to do something while her son just wanders around with his martial arts getup on all day…

E-Kun: I know, that is why I think he still has to be in school. And Bo Tong is 24, 25? She finished college so she should be doing something other than stalking Ma Te all day.

Lore: But she works at Bo Tong Company?! Ahhh- who am I kidding. She is essentially Ma Te’s bitch.

BoTong ConfessionE-Kun: Before that she was doing much of nothing. Working to buy “Oppa” a car *Hard Eye Roll* at her for that silly. Moving on to my question for Bo Tong at the end of episode 8. Bo Tong ah, can you tell Unnie what you were trying to accomplish by airing your business throughout South Korea about loving Ma Te?

Lore: Bo Tong- this Unnie wants to know too! Because… was ridiculous.

E-Kun: Thank you! I thought I was going to pop a cap in her kneecaps! You think Ma Te doesn’t know how you feel about him? And even if he heard your confession, I promise you will not like what he has to say if he confronts you about it at all. You can’t possibly be blinded by liking him so much that you don’t see what Oppa has been up to? And that reminds me, Unnichan brought up a valid question as well, “Bo Tong ah? Why do you even like Ma Te?” I really do not think you know him all that well because, I mean, look at what you are up to in regards to him.


Lore: Agreed. Bo Tong likes the look of Ma Te – but I don’t think she really knows a whole hell of a lot about him. I just have a problem with Bo Tong (who is adorable and spunky and generally a quirky and fun girl) wasting her life chasing after a guy who whores himself out to sell socks. Why do you like him Bo Tong? And don’t say it is because he is pretty….Should we do parting thoughts?

E-Kun: David! We have to discuss his “Don’t Do it!”

Lore: Oh yeah!


E-Kun: My heart broke in half for him in that moment. He has not told her that he likes her, but David knows more about what Ma Te is up to and I think he really wants to protect her. Now he does need to lay his cards on the table (though it will come to no avail) but I was glad that he tried to stop her. I wish he was a little more selfish, is that wrong?

Lore: No, it is not wrong. I want him to confess his feelings and be a little selfish too. I was glad he tried to stop her as well, because she was making a fool of herself with that confession.  DavidBoTangE-Kun: Every time I see the word confession I think of Usher’s song… “These are my confessions… Just when Bo Tong was gonna confess I had something to say.” LOL! It’s the Pretty Man’s remix

Lore: Haha! Love it. Final thoughts?

Lore: Ma Te- I will remember you are stupid. I promise. It will be my daily affirmation for the next week. Bo Tong- Don’t ever do that radio thing again. Please. David- Confess! Confess! Networking lady- You are kind of scary. Ms. Actress with a kid- I like you, I really do. Yu Ra and Witch of Gangnam Hills- You continue to vie for the title of Queen Nutcase of this show.

E-Kun: Ma Te- If you are not working to be the best damn ho you can be don’t offer your goodies. Networking Ahjumma is crazy and nasty. Bo Tong- Sit and think about why you really like Ma Te (and not just because his face is pretty). David- I will get with you later so we can lay the track “Confessions- Pretty Man’s remix” this week and uh, CONFESS! Wicked Witch of Gangnam Hills, you have been a sneaky bad lady with a bastard, but at least he is a good man. And Yu Ra, we never have much to say about you because your character is kind of dismal, sorry about that.

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