Super Fun Chat Time: Pretty Man 1&2

Oh Snap! It is that magical time of year and I am not talking about the Holidays! Lore Unnie and I are back at it again with our Super Fun Chat Time. While we dive into the peculiar world of Pretty Man (also Known as Pretty Boy, Beautiful Boy, Bel Ami), I am certain there will be much to discuss. Unfortunately, this week not a lot happen so there is a lot of silly and not much story–SORRY!

Pretty Man is a Story about Dokko Ma Te (Jang Geun Suk) aka the Pretty Man who uses his beauty to seduce women for his gain. His sidekick Kim Bo Tong (IU) has been in love with him since the first time she met him. What will happen with these two? NO, seriously– I have no idea what this show is going to do… Any who, on to the Super Fun Chat!

Lore: So…..a warehouse full of socks?! Bahahahahahahahahahaha!

ExtraKun: HA! Oh his imagination was ridiculous!

Lore: Socks- how do you make a profit off socks?! The look on his face. Priceless.


ExtraKun: Oh just the look of Geun Suk’s face this year. Please before warned I will sound like a creepy Noona when it comes to him in general.

Lore: Yes- Stone Cities readers, as you have guessed we are back with super fun drama chat time – and Ekun may sound like a creepy Noona. But don’t worry, because I am pretty sure if this goes like our last super fun chat time I will bring plenty of creepy too! Okay, back to the chat! So, what did you think overall of the characters that we met in episodes 1 and 2?


ExtraKun: I love Bo Tong! She is a dirty mind girl! Swimming in his collarbone?! HA! And I have never seen chicken’s as erotic. IU is doing a good job at making me believe she is an actress.

Lore: Agreed. Going into this show I was not expecting a lot from IU, but I am pleasantly surprised. Bo Tong and her dirty mind are kind of endearing! Okay, a lot endearing. I think she is going to be a heroine that is easy to like.


ExtraKun: I hope so because I like her and that is rare for me to say with leading ladies right off the back. I think that Geun Suk is struggling a bit with his Ma Te… I am not convinced believes a character like him exists but I know he will bring him to life by the next few episodes. I wanted him to be… how I can put this… more of a slut for that money! Is that my creepy Noona talking?

Lore: Yeah, that’s your creepy noona talking. I mean, he is sleeping with President Jackie for a house and car. Or, at least I think he is sleeping with her. I guess I don’t know that for sure. I agree that Ma Te is iffy as a character right now, but I think I am just not yet behind how easily he agreed to Yoo Ra’s “Let’s get back our rightful place” scheme. I mean, it was that easy? She told him his Dad, which I get he wants to meet super bad, so there is motivation there. But to agree to seduce more women to fight a battle to meet dear old dad? I was kind of expecting him to be like “I will figure out a way to see him myself”. Okay, maybe it is my unenthusiastic noona talking. But I am liking the show so far! I just thought it was too easy to convince the guy.


ExtraKun: No, I agree. I definitely think something is amidst about the whole situation. It is not Ma Te that concerns me, it is Yoo Ra. Because my dear—even if we prove he is the child of president, you are still out in the cold. I did not know what to expect but it is quite interesting so far. I was glad we got to see Lee Jang Woo at the end of ep 2.

Lore: I know- I was shouting Jang Woo! I am interested to see how his character will fit in this.


ExtraKun: I have tried to watch 2 of his dramas since I saw him on We got Married (WGM) with no success. Fighting Jang Woo!

Lore: Haha! You have the same problem I do! Loved him on WGM – that man is a camping machine!

ExtraKun: Besides Andy from season 1 he is my favorite husband!

Lore: He was great. I hated when that couple ended. I have a major soft spot for Yong Hwa (from CN Blue), it is kind of what got me into WGM in the first place. So, Jang Woo – shake off your WGM image and show us some acting goodness! We command, okay request it of you!

ExtraKun: Hahaha! Back to the show. It really was a setup week so it is hard to discuss a whole lot because a lot didn’t happen, ne?

Lore: Yep- in a nutshell we had the set up of the series. Ma Te’s Mom dies, Yoo Ra gets Ma Te to agree on a path of seduction to get back their places at MG corp. (where Ma Te’s dear old secret dad reigns over as chairman), and IU was cute, funny, dirty, and obsessed over Ma Te. Oh, and there is a warehouse full of socks.


ExtraKun: That was it! Oh and Jang Woo appears at the end as some hippie who likes Bo Tong.

Lore: Haha! Yeah – that dirty hippie Jang Woo!

ExtraKun: Ha! I hope he pulls it off. When I first saw him it reminded me of Geun Suk in Marry Stayed Out all Night. Oh! Interesting fact- the car Ma Te is driving is none other than Jang Geun Suk’s! Since Ma Te needs wheel often he decided to use his own.


Lore: Really?! Wow. Nice freaking car. I have no clue what kind it is (because I am pretty much an idiot when it comes to cars) but it looks cool. Except I would like it better in black or silver.

ExtraKun: So when he makes those speedy (reckless) moves down the streets of Seoul- he is insured… LOL! I like black. White gets dirty to easily.


Lore: He is! I wonder if he had to get special insurance or something. Did he call his insurance company and say “I am going to use my car in a drama so there is like a 90% chance I will be u-turning in it twelve hours a day. Is there a rate increase for that?” Hahaha.

ExtraKun: Ha! Didn’t he do one in episode 1? Or was it Yoo Ra? So the actress Han Chae Young looks amazing for someone who just dropped a kid! She had her baby is September I think…


Lore: Yeah, she does look amazing for someone who just had a kid. I laughed when Ma Te first saw her in a cafe and thought “So this is what Gangnam women look like”

ExtraKun: She is very pretty to me. Why does she look even younger than when she did Fireworks with Kang Ji Hwan?! By the way… don’t watch that. Painful memory.


Lore: Noted. I don’t know but can I have some of whatever she is using? Maybe a gallon of what she is using? Or a lifetime supply?

ExtraKun: Uh oh… Our next business venture has arrived! Pretty Man’s Fountain of Youth Serum!

Lore: Yes!!!!! We are diversifying!!!! For only $199.99 you too can own the magic youth serum that keeps all of the famous people looking good. Send your money to the I Love Master / Pretty Man Fountain of Youth Corp at….

ExtraKun: Heh. We will always be in business. This one will be on a smaller scale since we are still reeling from I Love Master profits. Still going strong!

Lore: Yep. That was a money maker! Too bad we keep spending the profits on those Master statues. They are just so addicting – I want to collect them all!!!

ExtraKun: HA! Oh Master, you have ruined our lives (but at least we made a profit). Final thoughts on Pretty Man?

Lore: I think IU has already won me over, and that is amazing given the fact I expected nothing from her (here is hoping she keeps it up). I don’t really buy the whole “win back our place through seduction” plan, but I will admit it sounds pretty freaking entertaining from the multitude of things that will probably go wrong (comedy anyone?) Overall, I like it. I am not in looove with it, but… I want to keep watching. And I can get behind a Jang Woo hippie.


ExtraKun: I agree. I am confident Geun Suk can breathe life into this character. IU is a pleasant treat that is hilarious! Jang Woo dirty hippie intrigues, and Yoo Ra is a big fat ? I hope I like this drama when all is said and done. Geun Suk has to make up for that tragedy Love Rain


Lore: I didn’t catch that one but I will take your word for it.

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