Mi Rae’s Choice: Mid Series Review

Eight episodes in and our time traveler is suffering from a bad case of gray hair and rapid aging. Funny how that whole time travel mechanism works, isn’t it? The days are ticking by as our future heroine tries to set her life right, thus far she has had pretty mixed results. Time for a mid-series ramble, because I have a hard time only rambling during the beginning and end of a drama. Cheers!

For the basic plot and character profiles please read the first impressions post here.

ThoughtsMSR 4Future Mi Rae makes me cranky. Seriously, she makes me all grrrr inside. I want to like her, but I can’t. She does a lot of things that make me want to slap her… on a regular basis. Yet, she is our plot – or at least our plot setup. I think my annoyance comes mainly from how selfish her actions seem; which is probably because this show has not yet revealed how truly desperate Mi Rae’s future is (or is that was). Nope, we do not have a full picture, only the ranting and ravings of Future Mi Rae with a few saccharine flashbacks thrown in for good measure. Which don’t really move me, if I do say so myself.MSR 2I would like to think that Future Mi Rae has her opinions set on something dire and important, but so far based on all of the hints I find myself thinking that she has a rather warped sense of why she wants to change her reality (After all – her claim that someone died due to her marriage is so far unproven and rather vague). I guarantee I will not know until this drama wraps up whether there was logic in the time jump to begin with , or how much it moves me for that matter. As of the midpoint I am mildly annoyed with Future Mi Rae, but engaged enough in the story to enjoy watching the episodes.MSR 7Present Mi Rae is only slightly better, she knows she likes someone but she still can’t make a definite decision – despite the fact her indecisiveness is essentially stringing two guys along. Yes, I do want to periodically bang my head against a wall while watching this show, thank you for asking.MSR 8Present Mi Rae, however, is the lesser of the two heroine evils. She seems to have diverged from the path of Future Mi Rae to the point that I feel like her words “I am different than you” are true. After all, Present Mi Rae has taken a different path in life with different relationships (largely because of Future Mi Rae’s meddling *insert irony here*). It would be foolish to say that these two people are exactly the same, because so far their paths in life have changed.MSR 5In a way, Future Mi Rae’s interference seems to be improving her past, just not in the way she wanted. Instead of ending up with a different husband she seems to be making herself all that much stronger (man or not). I like that theme about this show, even if I groan at all of the Future Mi Rae’s  “Do this! Don’t do that”!MSR 3As far as our other character go, I am liking this show’s love square. The male lead, Kim Shin, is the hard working over achiever with a dearth of emotions; a good character to keep the “Kim Shin was a horrible husband!” myth alive while showing brief glimpses of his caring side. Se Joo, otherwise known as the guy that will not end up with Mi Rae, is hovering between the cute second-lead-with-a-major-crush role and a potentially cray cray never give up rich kid. Our seemingly air headed anchor Yoo Kyung is starting to grow on me; little by little she is showing that she has a vulnerable and empathetic side to her.MSR 6The ending, as far as who marries whom, seems predictable (I am betting my money that Kim Shin and Mi Rae still get hitched), yet I do not dislike this show. There is something fun and interesting going on here besides the obvious love match. The characters are maturing to a point that makes me believe they have changed their future from what our time travelling Ahjumma Mi Rae remembers. A failure ridden future Kim Shin seems to be changing into someone who could succeed, while a helpless Mi Rae is finding a stronger back bone. Yoo Kyung appears to be getting rid of her over annoying personality slowly but surely while Se Joo….well, we will just see about Se Joo.MSR 1

Have you been watching this show? Let me know what you think in the comments – I am interested to hear others opinions on this drama. And feel free to mock Yoon Eun Hye’s hair, because it is driving me insane! No offense to YEH, love her, but THAT hair. And also – the time cop?! Does anyone else question the required qualifications of a time travel police officer? Because this guy is just, um, sad. Cheers!

3 thoughts on “Mi Rae’s Choice: Mid Series Review

  1. I must say the only reason i started watching is because Younghwa. But I”m really enjoying all the characters in this drama a lot. It has some what of an interesting plot and the pace it good. I do admit that I’m not sure what future Mi Rae is trying to achieve but I think she should go back because her future may have changed by now. I know she was trying to change her future but by changing the past she is kind of messing it up. But I can see that it doesn’t matter because fate is trying to right itself. Also her hair is also getting to me. It’s too out of control and I demand a make over.

    • Agreed- Future Mi Rae should return, it is evident that fate is rearing its ugly head (or is that righteous self?).

      That hair!!!! I just can’t….

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