Running Man Headlines: Gary in China, KJK says “Don’t You Know”

Lore (wakes up with a smile on her face): Today is going to be great, I know it!

The world: Yeah, about that…

Lore: Screw you world, you can find me reading Running Man headlines! Seumdwa!

RM Ep 163

Ratings Episode 163

1. MBC Dad! Where Are We Going? 18.1

2. MBC Real Man 15.9

3. SBS Running Man 12.0

Next episode on Running Man…

Yoo Ah In and Kim Hae Sook, who starred together in the film Tough as Iron playing a wacky Mom and Son are set to guest in episode 164. I am happy- because I get to see Yoo Ah In. You can check out the preview below:

This week in Running Man headlines…

Chuseok celebrations are in full swing this week, and the cast of Running man sent out their own greeting for the holiday (sadly no pictures donning hanboks, but hey, still love to see the cast giving a greeting for the holiday). You can check out the cast’s greeting below:

Part of the cast (Haha, Ji Hyo, Gary, Kim Jong Kook, and Suk Jin) were also busy filming introduction videos to their next fan meeting. As some of you may know, the recent Malaysian fan meetup was cancelled due to the venue / promoter. I feel bad for my fellow Malaysian RM fans out there, hopefully they will work something out so they can hold a fan meeting in the near future.  Singapore Fan Meet

The still on Singapore meet up will be held on October 19th and will consist of an autograph session and a meet and greet. Check out the introduction videos (shot during the filming of Episode 163) below:

Warning- Ji Hyo cuteness overload!

Miss Mong

Speaking of adorable Miss Mong, Ji Hyo was recently chosen as one female celebrity that men would most like to introduce to their families during the Chuseok holiday. The survey was put on by a marriage bureau and consisted of 328 participants in their thirties. Ji Hyo came in 4th with 11% of the votes. Rounding out the list was Kim Tae Hee, Moon Chae Won, and Lee Bo Young – but I am sure Ji Hyo is number one in some guy’s books (cough *Gary* cough *delusional shipper me* cough). Sorry, I had something in my throat.

While Ji Hyo was taking a top spot in the-introduce-to-Mom department, Yoo Jae Suk was making people cry. Well, kind of. The tears that I am referring to occurred during Jae Suk’s KBS show Happy Together 3. On the September 19th Chuseok special of HT3 several guests competed to have their special dish chosen to be part of the shows menu. Competing in the cook off was actress Lee Da Hee (most recently of I Hear Your Voice fame). The actress had whipped up a milk-bean paste- noodle concoction that she called Woo Da Doen Myun (named with the help of her fans).

Happy Together

The tears happened when it came time for the hosts, Yoo Jae Suk and Park Myung Soo, to try the dish. After taste testing they had less than positive reactions. The actress responded to their reaction by laughing and crying, remarking that she felt like she let her fans down as they helped her name the dish, offering suggestions late into the night. After Da Hee started crying, the ever lovable grasshopper began eating the dish anyway, remarking how good it was. Ha. And Da Hee- I think this makes me love your personality even more!

On a less teary note, Kang Gary and Lee Kwang Soo basked in their popularity over the last week, each feeling the love of their fans during their respective promotions. Peaceful Gary felt the love from his Chinese fans on September 10th when he visited Jilan Province in China to perform with Gil. Gary snapped the following picture with some of his Chinese fan-girls, featuring the ever peaceful expression fans have come to expect from Running Man’s Gary.

Gary Fans

Meanwhile Lee Kwang Soo attended a store opening for MAMBO (he is their endorsement model), bringing fans old and young alike to the store. The giraffe participated in an autograph session, displaying major fan service to the people who came out to see Asia’s Prince:


Kim Jong Kook was busy this past week as well, busting out a song for Good Doctor’s OST. Kookie’s song, Don’t You Know, will be featured in KBS’s Monday Tuesday drama Good Doctor. If you have not yet watched this drama, I urge you to check it out (and if you do, check out the Good Doctor Drama Fever Drama Club. Yes, this is a shameless plug on my part, thank you for reading it and look forward to more shameless plugs in the future :-). Also, I spent the entire time watching this week’s Good Doctor episodes listening for this song. Kind of distracting, but in a Running Man fan good way. You can check out the music video (featuring scenes from the drama) below:

Hah Family Outing

The last piece of Running Man news from the past seven days features the ever adorable family of Haha, his wife Byul, and his strangely named son Dream. While we have yet to see what Dream looks like (I am guessing he looks like a baby) we were treated to some pictures of the family on a mini-outing. Haha and Byul took their son out for brunch at the shopping arcade at the apartment complex they live in. Running Man’s PD Kim saw the pics and tweeted: “Dream can already go outside!” Byul responded by explaining that they took Haha Jr. to a restaurant at their complex, causing PD Kim to say he should come by sometime as he occasionally goes to the same restaurant; Byul happily invited him over.


But the big news that I learned from this exchange is the fact that the apartment complex (I use complex, but in Korea they are really like sky scrapers with shops and restaurants on the ground floor or basement floor- at least as I understand it) where Haha and Byul lives also houses the likes of Infinite, Big Bang (rumored), and HaHa’s fellow Infinity Challenge costar Jung Hyung Don. Umm…do they have a free apartment? Hmmmm….how to find the money, time, and convince the hubby. Dreams! Speaking of dreams…

Parting Thoughts (yep, still watching it. Over and over and over….)

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