Running Man Headlines: Song Joong Ki Edition

Yes, I will dedicate this edition of Running Man headlines to a person who no longer appears on the show. Why, you ask? Um, have you seen the following? Noona’s Achilles heel identified!


RM Ep 162

Ratings Episode 162

1. MBC Dad! Where Are We Going? 15.9
2. MBC Real Man 15.7
3. SBS Running Man 13.6

Next Episode on Running Man…


Three fifths of Big Bang come to play a game- a game that involves winning the heart of Princess Ji Hyo. Count me in. Even though I hate to see Miss Mong sit out the action, I still love me some Big Bang. I am guessing that this Ji Hyo centered episode is her reward for winning episode 146. You can check out the preview below:

This Week in Running Man Headlines…

Running Man news is scarce this week, with only 2 news worthy stories having been released in the last few days. Both stories involve Lee Kwang Soo and one of the stories involves Song Joong Ki. Which, as we have learned, is Lore’s Achilles heel (I like referring to myself in third person when I get all creepy obsessive and such). In honor of the lack of news and Song Joong Ki’s recent enlistment, I welcome you to the Song Joong Ki edition of Running Man headlines. Cheers!


To get the non- Song Joong Ki news out of the way first: on the September 9th broadcast of the SBS show Good Morning the topic of celebrity do-gooders was brought up. The good deeds of several celebrities were discussed, finally landing on a little known good deed performed by Lee Kwang Soo. Apparently, in the giraffe’s modeling days, he came upon a bleeding man and woman collapsed next to a drunk man. Kwang Soo called the police, and later acted as a witness at the trial of the drunken man (who had fought with the couple).

Why does this remind me of I Hear Your Voice? Do you think Lee Kwang Soo is fearful of the man he testified against? Does this mean I can see Soo Ha again?! Apparently I am still not over IHYV.

Now for the bit of news that covers both Lee Kwang Soo and Song Joong Ki. It is no secret that these two are best friends, they bonded while appearing on Running Man and subsequently worked together in the drama Nice Guy. It is no secret that their BFF status is built on some teasing from both sides. So it was not entirely unexpected that Lee Kwang Soo decided to troll Joong Ki (who just recently reported for army duty).


On September 11th Kwang Soo posted the following on his twitter, directing it at Joong Ki:

“Are you having a hard time?”

This bit of concern was followed up by a retweet via the Giraffe from another twitter feed, proving his intentions to tease his friend (who is currently in army training):

“I’m not lying, but my friend is at the same training center with Song Joong Ki and he said that Song Joong Ki got caught eating a chocopie. kekekekekekekekekekekeke So he’s really human.”

lks tweet

I am not sure what is funnier- a mental image of Joong Ki scarfing down chocopies secretly during training or Lee Kwang Soo trolling his friend. Love these two.

Attention: Song Joong Ki rambling starts here

Joong Ki appeared on Running Man as a fixed cast member from episode 1 to episode 41, at which time he left to focus on his acting career. His goodbye at the end of episode 41 still gets to me- there was a whole lot of tears and sincere feelings that showcased how close the cast had become in less than a year on air.

I tend to think Joong Ki made the correct decision to focus on his acting, at least based on his subsequent success. He went on to star in the hit drama’s Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Nice Guy and the hit film Werewolf Boy post his departure from Running Man. Leaving on a high note, Joong Ki reported for his mandatory military service on August 27th.

During Joong Ki’s stint on Running Man he showed viewers a variety character that was built on logic, flower boy good looks, and an optimistic view of the most impossible games and challenges. In honor of Running Man’s flower boy active young man (aka Lee Kwang Soo’s same aged friend) here are some of my favorite Joong Ki moments from Running Man. Cheers, and Noona will wait for you (note, I am only his noona by 9 months, so it is not thaaat creepy.) Cheers!

Kwang Soo gets his friend ready for army duty:

Goodbye Joong Ki:


Parting Thoughts (in honor of my new favorite Running Man opening)

Ep 162: Dance Practice

Ep 162: Dance Away

2 thoughts on “Running Man Headlines: Song Joong Ki Edition

  1. I can’t handle their friendship. It’s pretty much the most beautiful thing in the world. Also, can Lee Kwang Soo get any more perfect? Seriously… he’s so much my ideal guy that I want to punch him in the face to make sure he’s not made of silicone.

    It was really sad to see Joong Ki go, watching them cry made me cry too. But I agree, I think it was the best move for his career. It’s also possible that if Running Man is still going when he comes back, he could guest. :3

    • Their friendship is beautiful, completely agree!
      Joong Ki leaving was super emotional, but I think it was for the best. I am continuously perplexed how some of the cast keep appearing on the show (though I am not complaining 🙂 With other variety’s and promotions and such, when do they sleep!

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