Anything but Heartless: Heartless City Episode 9

Extrakun promised more and I am trying hard to deliver for all you Heartless City fans out there…. 


Awww Sugar Honey Ice Tea!! This could be it for Shi Hyun and Soo! Just when you think it is over…


Just when you think the ship will sink…


Just when you think it is your last breath…


The ram! The ram in the bush has appeared (when Abraham was required to sacrifice his beloved son Isaac, God provided a ram in the bush to save him from harming his son.)!


Doctor was able to save himself and Soo! All our important characters (cops and criminals) leave the scene alive.

Doctor and Soo make it back to the Doctor’s hideout. We go into the past where Doctor and Soo meet in prison.

Doctor also has a memory when Soo mom tries to pay him to leave Soo alone and to change his own life. Doctor admits he used the money to buy drugs (to sell, not for personal use)… Tis the hand you were dealt Shi Hyun.

The Special Unit seems to be falling apart without Hyung Min around. Director Min pays him a visit to say he is going to ask the commissioner to reinstate him.


Hyung Min meets with Soo Min to get information and give her helpful hints and strategies to get out of trouble if she gets caught… Like how to unlock handcuffs without the key.


Over at Doctor’s headquarters, he lets Soo know again if he wants to get out he can, he would help him. Soo tells him since we started this; we should see it to the end (I know that’s right boo!).

Safari is still trying to set in motion the drug deal with Emo to get to Doctor. Pusan’s cray cray son calls Safari and reminds him that he has 5 days to kill Doctor’s Son so they can setup a new drug network from scratch.


If this ho meets up with Safari Moon one more time! Why does she believe anything that comes out of this man’s mouth! He uses her every time to further his strategy. Good for Safari— hate it for the Doctor.

Soo Min runs into the “hot ahjussi” outside of her place of employment. She is apprehensive about telling him what she is doing there, but he already knows.

Sorry girl, but it’s not a complete loss in your favor… Shi Hyun seems to be dwelling on more than “the per usual “(F!).

Thinker cop goes to pay Scale a visit to try and obtain more information on the drug network’s breakdown. Scale tells him there is no loyalty among gangsters; they are all obedient to the one who can kill them… They are all trying to survive. Thinker cop assures him that he will catch them all.


Director Min finds an old picture of Emo and goes to visit. He tells her to distance herself from Safari Moon (not for all the right reasons but his heart is in the right place). Now see Emo, why is everyone telling you to leave Safari Moon alone but you never listen?! It makes me wonder if you hold more than just plain sentimental value when it comes to him.

Thinker cop is setup to meet with reporter Cha once again. She has the information needed to further his investigation on Scale and Doctor’s Son.

As Soo Min is meeting up with her friend, she sees Hyung Min and reporter Cha… What the!!? This heifer IS jealous. It’s not even the “how you drinking with another heifer cuz my Unnie just died”— but “why aren’t you drinking with me!” jealousy— AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT SOO MIN!

When they meet back over at the house, she immediately starts to interrogate him about reporter Cha. He says he doesn’t understand why he has to explain himself (I TOTALLY agree Thinker cop!). Soo Min says because she is Gyung Mi’s sister (that’s right heifer— her sister!), which I asked the question, “What does that have to do with all the tea in China Soo Min?” He tells her to give a report on what is going on and she storms out. Silly, silly child.

Emo and Soo Min meet up to drink and have a heart to heart to discuss their delusions of grandeur about Doctor and Thinker cop… At least Soo Min knows she can never be with Ji Hyung Min. Emo on the other hand…

Hyung Min goes to pay his brother a visit and finds his father there. Daddy has my favorite quote of the episode… Hyung Min starts blaming his father again for his brother being a druggie. Daddy makes a point to tell him just like he made his choices so did his Hyung. Good point daddy, I don’t care about you that much, but you are not all bad.


Soo Min in her restlessness calls up “hot ahjussi” after calling friends who were all busy.


They meet up and have witty flirting banter. She asks the Doctor what his name is and he never tells her. All of a sudden she quotes him saying, “You shouldn’t come in from the side like that.”  As she pokes him in the side jokingly, Shi Hyun appears…


Then time stops… Awwwww hell.


Favorite Quote of the Episode goes to Commissioner Ji: “when you deal with people, you shouldn’t just look at the side you see. Human beings aren’t that simple.” Though I believe people are simpler than he thinks, I will not discredit the advice he gives to his son; it leads me to believe he has not fallen victim to his occupational hazard.



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