Anything but Heartless: Heartless City Episode 8

Extrakun here- Working hard to get more post out and make up for lost time! I hope that you all enjoy reading my post as much as I enjoy watching and writing them.


Oh episode 8 is a racy one indeed— Danger lurks around every corner, I love it! It makes my heart race like a fat kid forced to run a lap (wait—I am that fat kid…)! Here is one of the reasons for my rapid heartbeat….


Soo Min and Hyung Min find themselves in a pickle of a situation— Emo sends a hotel key to Soo Min so she can spend the night with (or get closer to) Hyung Min, proving her loyalty to Emo.


At the same time, we are reminded of Doctor’s Son and Emo’s conversation (Can I stab her in the eye and get away with it?). She is convinced that Soo will be the reason Doctor will get caught… When we all know if she had not made a shady drug deal with Safari Moon, she wouldn’t have gone to jail and there would be no trail back to Doctor— Baka (idiot in Japanese)!


Back to Soo Min and Thinker cop in the room; Thinker cop informs her to keep a look out for Soo. While Hyung Min tries to nap, Soo Min tries to convince him to sleep with her because she wanted her first time to be with someone she knew. Hyung Min rolls out confused and Soo Min dejected.


I’m trying to believe she don’t have feelings for her dead unnie’s man but… Soo Min moves into the room that Emo lends her to… You know… With Hyung Min.


I want to kill this woman! Let me at her! Let me at her! Not only did she have a hand in the first attempt on Soo’s life, she has the audacity to try and do it again after Doctor told her to STOP! Thank goodness Soo works out… And kicks Ass!


Doctor finds out what Emo is up to and runs to squash the issue. He finds Soo pulling a knife on Emo and offering an apology for trying to kill her (he didn’t mean that Shhhhh). He tells Doctor that he stopped because of him. Of course, Doctor is thankful (I’m not! I would kill her for you Soo… Cuz I’m a down azz chick… No one would ever know!).


Safari Moon has made it back down to visit Pusan at his request. Pusan is scary— not like “oh I just had a nightmare about running out of peanut butter and I have all this jelly in the fridge” scary; but the “I will kill you and not bat an eye” scary. *Shudder* He laughs while he is having Safari strangled! Safari has got to take care of Doctor’s Son and quick! Pusan and his seemingly psychotic son tell Safari he has 15 days…


As soon as Safari Moon gets back to Seoul, he is laying traps and casting nets (and not the nets to win lost souls)! He starts with Emo (of course) to prove he was hoodwinked and to keep silly her in his pocket.


Second, Nang Mahn ahjussi is the first to go…


He tells Soo that he is next in line, but until he gets to him stay well (Oh Safari… I shouldn’t laugh but I do).


Safari Moon tells Emo the only way to save herself and Doctor’s Son is to get Doc out of the game (Lies! Doctor is as good as dead). All she has to do is tell him where Soo is and he will take care of the rest. She so stupid… Their lives are as good as got and she still thinking about the small picture— a drug deal.


Doctor finds out that Emo went to visit Safari and told her to not go through with the deal. She is convinced this drug deal is the only way to save his life. He tells her it’s not for him, but her own greed! He begs her to get out of the game and go overseas and live a peaceful life. She responds only if he goes with her… Naw Emo, he can’t.


Doctor gives Safari Moon a call with an earnest plea to leave Jin Sook out of this feud between them. Safari offers my favorite quote of the episode and tells him the only way this will end—is when he is dead…


Back at Soo Min’s house, thinker cop is racking his brain trying to piece clues together about Doctor’s Son. It leads him to the conclusion that Meth Kim is the only way to find him— Doctor is also looking for Meth Kim.


Unfortunately both thinker cop and Doctor are a step too late. Safari Moon and crew have come to pick up their lost piece… “Stop acting and let’s go.” Gotta love Safari and Meth Kim’s interactions.


Dammit— Safari got Soo! Doctor! Doctor save him!


Doctor is so tormented when Soo is captured and Director Min calls. He knows he should just leave it be because getting rid of Soo would alleviate problems but Soo is his friend…. He asks Director Min for help. Director Min tells him to let go of Soo and not to blow his cover…


Shi Hyun says “F” it and decides to save his friend, even if it cost him his life.


Doctor rolls over to save Soo; he earnestly pleads with Safari Moon to let Soo go. Safari says no one (Soo or Shi Hyun) will be leaving out of the room alive… But he does promise to take care of Emo (“F” that ho!). After an unfair showdown, Safari has a sentimental moment and offers to let Doctor go. Doctor reminds him, “Didn’t you say one of us has to die?” Safari gets over his foolishness and agrees to end it…


Our Favorite quote of the episode is delivered by our neighborhood drug dealing Duk Bae Ahjussi aka Safari Moon (Moon Duk Bae is his government), “You know… there is a way into this business, but there is no way out.” There is a way out Safari Ahjussi… death—not pleasant or wanted, but factual. Extrakun out!


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