Running Man Headlines: Park Ji Sung’s love, Wrap parties, and Mustacho Kwang Soo

Lee Kwang Soo is going to play a royal villain…with a creepy mustache. 70 hours and counting….

RM Ep 151

Ratings Episode 151

1. MBC Dad! Where Are We Going? 16.1

2. MBC Real Man 14.6

3. SBS Running Man 12.4

Next week on Running Man…

Han Hyo joo and Jung Woo sung continue their guest staring experience via a fun filled down to earth challenge in episode 152. Check out the preview below (including a peek at episode 153 with Park Ji Sung):

On to the headlines!


The new CF King?

I would like to think so. Lee Kwang Soo recently won another endorsement contract, appearing as one of the new faces of LG U Plus. Running Man’s giraffe filmed a few different CFs featuring the newest LG phone. According to those on set during the CF filming Kwang Soo brought a lively and humorous atmosphere to the shoot. Check out one of the commercials below (call me a dork but I love the giraffe appearance in the CF):

yoo seung joon and rm

Yoo Seung Joon takes snapshot with RM Cast and Sulli

Yoo Seung Joon was once a top star in Korea. A controversy surrounding his military service (or lack thereof) caused him to face deportation in 2002. Kim Jong Kook is known to be a friend of Seung Joon so it is no surprise that the cast of Running Man took a friendly snapshot with the singer when they ran into him in China (where they were appearing as part of the Asian Dream Cup special with guest Sulli). KJK is not in the picture due to an injury suffered during the game (get better soon tiger!). Speaking of the Asian Dream Cup special…

park and kim

Park Ji Sung Declares his Love for Kim Min Ji…on Running Man!

Park Ji Sung is no stranger to Running Man, he previously appeared in three episodes last year. The soccer star is back for this year’s Asian Dream Cup Special. During his appearance he gave the world a treat by referring to his newly announced relationship with SBS announcer Kim Min Ji (Running Man also airs on SBS). Park Ji Sung announced:

“There is something big that has happened in my life- SBS, I love you.”

The news of Park Ji Sung and Kim Min Ji’s relationship was suspected when photos of the two taking a stroll by the Han River were released. The day after Park Ji Sung filmed Ep 153 he held a press conference to confirm his relationship with Min Ji. I have to say they make a lovely couple!

skull haha

Haha and Skull hold Guerilla Concert in Hongdae

On June 26th Haha and Skull played a guerilla concert in Hongdae. The reggae duo are currently promoting their new album Ragaerilla. Outdoor brand M-Limited sponsored the concert. Other artists that appeared during the show include 10cm, Daybreak and Rapercussion. I don’t know about anyone else but I love me some Haha and Skull reggae songs!

yjs fishnet

Yoo Jae Suk: Likes fishnet stockings?

On the June 27th episode of Happy Together Yoo Jae Suk announced that he would like to be reincarnated as a handsome man. He confessed that if he was reincarnated as a good looking chap he would go to clubs and flirt with attractive women.

Lee Hoon, who was a guest during the episode, revealed that he had been to clubs with Yoo Jae Suk in the past. His revelations did not stop there as he disclosed the nation’s MC’s love for fishnet stockings in the club atmosphere. Call, curious?! Haha. And YJS, I love you for who you are, even if you are not a traditionally good looking chap. Grasshopper fighting!

LKS villain

A villain worth watching

Lee Kwang Soo appeared at the June 27th press conference for MBC’s new drama Goddess of Fire Jeongi. Kwang Soo is set to appear in the show as Prince Im Hae, the bad tempered older brother of Lee Sang Yoon’s character Prince Gwang Hae. The drama also stars Kim Bum and Moon Geun Young and will premiere on July 1st.

During the press conference Kwang Soo explained that he will be show a much more vicious character than the one he is known for in Running Man:

“I′ll show a different kind of underhandedness from what I show in Running Man…I really wanted to be in a villain role. A lot of people will come to be reminded of Running Man because my character is so nasty, but it′ll be different. Rather than see it as a continuation of who I am in Running Man, I hope you′ll think of them separately; that would help you enjoy the drama even more…I know that people can′t separate me from Running Man. I′ll be more vicious while at other times I′ll be funny too.”

I cannot wait! Seriously-a villain Kwang Soo! Count me in.

sjh mandate 5

Mandate of Heaven: Wrap Up Party and BTS Pics

Song Ji Hyo’s drama Mandate of Heaven (aka the Joseon Fugitive) aired its finale this past week. The cast had a wrap up party to celebrate the successful completion of the show. Check out the pics from the party below, along with a few cute BTS photos with costars Lee Dong Wook and Kim Yoo Bin:

sjh mandate 4

sjh mandate 2

sjh mandate 1

haha dreamy

Dreamy’s Mom and Dad

Haha and Byul, who are quite possibly the most adorable couple of the moment, shared special photos on the June 26th episode of SBS’s One Night of TV Entertainment. HaHa appeared on the program and revealed:

“Well, it’s not really a pregnancy photo shoot, but we took it more for us to remember it. They said that 35 weeks is when it’s the prettiest, so we did it for Dreamy (baby’s nickname)…We were supposed to go outside for it, but I drank a bit too much the day before, so we took everything inside the house. We took the photos very naturally on the bed, on the sofa, wearing whatever.”

So…HaHa was too hung over to go through with the initial photo shoot plan? Why am I not surprised (but find it freaking hilarious at the same time?!). HaHa continued:

“I couldn’t do anything because she’s in pain by herself, so sometimes when Byul gets contractions, I yell at Dreamy, ′Hey! Why are you doing that!…The only thing I can do is to always be on my wife’s side more than Dreamy’s…There’s less than a month left. Thank you for giving me such a miraculous blessing. I’ll do my best to become the best father to our child. I’ll do my best to you too. Thank you. I love you.”

Byul’s due date is in less than a month. HaHa also revealed that he reads Fairy Tales to Dreamy and rubs oil on Byul’s baby bump to prevent stretch marks. Awwwww! You two are just so adorable!

haha dream 2

Parting Thoughts (You are the straw to my berry, odd but funny look at KJK and LKS dynamic)

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