Blue Orb Special: Life Lessons from Gu Family Book

joseon power rangers

I have brought out my snarky hat. It is like a top hat- but cooler and with glitter. Time for some life lessons from the world of Gu Family Book. Cheers!

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1. Do not, and I repeat do not, give a guy that is brainwashed to assassinate someone a sword

Especially if you are on the side of the guy he is supposed to assassinate. That is just crazy talk.

Life lesson: If your friend is brainwashed by a master ninja to kill you on sight it is best not to let him come hang around at the martial arts school you are living at. Because, as anticipated, he will try to kill you.

dad and son

2. If you meet a supernatural creature there is a fifty percent chance that his father is way better looking.

Sorry Lee Seung Gi. I still love you.

Life lesson: If you meet a gumiho, leprechaun, troll, hobbit, elf, shape shifter, werewolf, or vampire ask about his dear old dad (and if Dad is in love with anyone dead or living). If he is not ask the son for Pop’s phone number. Trust me, you will end up way happier when everything is said and done.

cook broom

3. Cook + broom + bad back = Master martial artist

You are not fooling me Mr. Elderly line cook. I know what you can do with that spatula.

Life lesson: Never judge a book by its cover. That old creepy janitor can probably kill you with his mop.

blue orbs

4. Blue Orbs, not just for ghost hunters anymore.

I caught an orb in my picture! Probably a piece of dust…unless a gumiho is around!

Life lesson: Ghost hunters are really Gumiho hunters. Sorry guys- I finally figured out that orbs are not really dust particles or bugs after all. They are magic Gumiho healing orbs.


5. Save a gangster gain a friend

We all have a heart of gold deep down inside- right?

Life lesson: If you have magical resuscitation blood use it on your drunk gangster enemies- because after you do they will follow you to the ends of the earth and back. Who knew that guy who beat you up for your lunch money was your BFF in disguise? All you had to do was save HIS LIFE.

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