The Best Characters in K-Drama: Zoe, Harry, Jung Woo, I Miss You

I Miss You

Cry Me a River. But do it in style. Such is the life of the trio that recently stole my melodrama fan heart. As I look back I have a hard time missing I Miss You; I have a much easier time fondly remembering the three of tragedeers that made this melodrama the tear-fest that it was. For melodrama characters it is hard to rival Harry, Zoe, and Jung Woo in sheer melodramaticness. So here is to you, you crybabies…

Characters: Han Jung Woo, Lee Soo Yeon (Zoe), Kang Hyung Joon (Harry Borrison)

Actors: Park Yoochun, Yoon Eun Hye, Yoo Seung Ho

Drama: I Miss You (2012)

This is one f***ed up bunch. If they went to group therapy the therapist would resign- because there are not enough hours in the day to listen to what traumatizing events, hidden personality disorders, and general awfulness this group would bring up. So what is so great about this trio of tragedy? Well…just that. They are so tragedy stricken they are larger than life. Once you begin to focus to the sheer horribleness of their pasts and the likely smack-downs of their future these characters begin to show promise- after all, these three shine the most in the worst of circumstances (call it melodrama charm?).

So what was so horrible about their pasts? Let’s just say that Zoe, Harry, and Jung Woo faced a childhood encounter that involved really, really terrible things- like rape, and beatings, and murder, and kidnapping, and car accidents, and more kidnapping, and false convictions, and more beatings. Okay- I think you get the point.

And what is so horrible about their futures? While, anytime any character does anything in this show it ends up with more tragedy. Even quilting would probably result in a case of Ebola.

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So there you have it. While these three character’s lives are far from a cakewalk they follow an emotional trajectory that depends on each others values and motives more than individual goals. From a long lost love to a controlling psychopath to a fashion designer (still confused on the career choice) these characters rely on their interactions to drive them to that inevitable plot climax, which of course features plenty of crying and tragedy.

The reason I chose all three characters as a group is because I really do not think they would have been as interesting, as well played, without the dynamic that drove them together as a group of traumatized beings. Each character brought a little something to the mix, yet not one of the three shone above the other. They worked together in a really screwed up sort of way that was fascinating to watch.

I Miss You was not perfect. The characters were not perfect. However they were pretty damn good, especially given the fact the story started off with younger versions of the characters, jumped forward and followed a relatively slower path towards their ultimate realization that yeah- they really were the kids we saw in episode 1. Not to mention that the kids in episode 1 were excellent, I am still leaning towards the younger versions of these characters as my favorites. They were just….so effective in building up the events that shaped our story.

Younger versions, emotionally scared versions, I celebrate the three characters that have cried more than any person I have ever witnessed (fictional or real), here is to you I Miss You’s Harry, Zoe, and Jung Woo. Huzzah.

2 thoughts on “The Best Characters in K-Drama: Zoe, Harry, Jung Woo, I Miss You

  1. I totally agree the three were better together than they would have been apart. And also — so many tears! So, so many. 🙂

  2. That was a good drama a wonderful especial han ju woo was a good dectetive to find the truth and her girlfriend

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