Running Man News: Haroro Jr, Joong Ki’s ego, and our PD speaks out

Running Man news? Yes please. Let’s kick it all off with an adorable picture of Haroro’s soon to be family:

haharo jr

Haha- soon to be Haroro senior

While there are about a bazillion netizens out there crying shotgun wedding, Byul and Haha were actually legally married a month before their official ceremony causing the November 30th pregnancy calculation to be largely misguided. I know one thing and one thing only- I cannot imagine Haha as a father. But I want to. So congrats Byul and Haha- I am waiting to see Mr. “last love” transform into a dad. Consider me curious.

Running Man

Running Man PD gives interview

Cho Hyo Jin, A PD of Running Man, recently sat down with Osen and answered questions regarding RM.  Here is the interview, enjoy:

note-all credit for this portion of my post goes to all-kpop, please check out their article via the link at the end of this post.

You’re currently in a ratings battle with ’1 Night 2 Days’.

Honestly, I could care more about the ratings. If I cared that much, I would’ve changed the format of the show two and a half years ago. I don’t look at the minute-by-minute graphs as well. Either the scriptwriters tell me “the ratings are out“, or I get a text message from friends congratulating me on good ratings, and that’s when I take a look.

You’re in charge of SBS’ flagship variety program. Isn’t it a burden?

Of course it’s a burden. I always try to not lose face and also have higher goals in mind. Among ourselves, the motto is “don’t do anything that would embarrass us“, especially among fellow workers in this field.

The show’s been charged with being scripted, Gary had announced his departure, and your ratings were low. There must’ve been times when you felt frustrated.

I didn’t really care. I don’t read too many articles and don’t go on the Internet often. I get easily hurt so I tend to avoid those kind of things. (laughter)

For important articles, I read them when my writers tell me I should. When I get calls from reporters and I answer, “I’ll check up on it”, it’s not that I’m hiding, but I really don’t know. Other than producing the program, I don’t focus on much else, even the ratings. I just focus on producing something I can be proud of.

PDs Kim Joo Hyung, Im Hyung Taek, and Jo Hyo JinThe show’s been going on with the current cast for quite a while. Do you have any plans to change the cast or format?

If you’re talking about the ‘season’ system, our concept changes every week so I don’t know if it will be necessary. The members also think that there’s still plenty to explore. For example, Ji Suk Jin‘s body gags were something that only came out recently. The members right now are all so good and we have plenty of guests, so I don’t think there will be much trouble.

The show lost its ‘face’ after Song Joong Ki left. Do you have plans for a replacement?

Joong Ki was a member with such a good image, but at the time it was an unavoidable decision, so we parted with good feelings. Regardless of him, however, I liked the number seven. We could have two to three guests an episode, and in many ways, producing got easier when we had seven members. So I didn’t really think of adding a new member.

As a producer, what are the best qualities of each of the cast members?

This is common knowledge, but Yoo Jae Suk has a soft charisma that he can lead the entire team with. He is also adept at pointing out the focus of the week’s concept. When we plan a new item, he’s the one saying “this is how we’re supposed to do it“. Thanks to that, it makes it easier for the audience to follow the show. The way he can point out the focal point or theme of an episode we’ve planned borders on genius.

Kim Jong Kook is the image of power that the show can’t be without. In the upcoming episode with Choo Sung Hoon, the two of them get in a sparring match. He also acts as a ‘counter partner’ that the members can run to. All programs say they need an ‘evil’ role to be successful, but Kim Jong Kook isn’t evil – he’s more of an ‘enemy’ role. He also has his faults and isn’t too strong, so that adds to his merit.

It makes me proud to see Song Ji Hyo holding her own among the male cast. She fits with the recent trend of favoring strong-willed women who don’t pretend to be fragile. She doesn’t hold herself as weak, is very quick on her feet, and is able to stand up against an enemy or a mission without a second thought.

I can hardly believe that it’s only been two years since Lee Kwang Soo started variety. He learns things very quickly. He’s also the youngest, so he gets a lot of love on the set because he treats his hyungs so well. The members are all playful with him and that shows up in the final product. He is also good at thinking outside the box, and acts as a sort of spice to the program. He has never been on a variety show before, but he shows remarkable growth. It was a good decision choosing him.

Gary was always known for having a quick-witted tongue. It’s a relief that he’s able to show that off on the program. Maybe it’s because he’s a lyricist, but he has a different way of talking, kind of like a poet. He doesn’t look it, but he is surprisingly popular with the ladies. (laughter) Although you can’t tell from the outside, he hides a lot of charm on the inside. He seems innocent, but is good at pick-up lines, and that’s his true character.

Ji Suk Jin takes care of the younger ones behind the scenes very well. He’s not hesitant about using his body, so despite his age he often provides a lot of body gags – even though his body doesn’t listen to him. (laughter) It’s not easy for the eldest member to do that kinds of things, so I’m very thankful towards him.

HaHa is someone who I can trust with anything. He has a very strong foundation. He understands how the producers want something to play out, and runs with it. Some of the qualities of Yoo Jae Suk I can also find in HaHa. He himself says he learned these traits from Yoo Jae Suk. He taught him well.

Source (article): allkpop


Lee Gwang Soo shares cryptic message

There have been multiple rumors swirling around the Korean entertainment world regarding Song Joong Ki’s recently inflated ego (and subsequent difficulty to work with). But do not fear, our same aged friend has come to the rescue via an admirable post. Whether our flower boy is a terror or not I love the fact that Gwang Soo is standing up for his friend. Awwww. His 1/26/13 twitter post, complete with the above picture:

“My friend Joong Ki was always this kind of person and he is still this kind of person now and I vow that he will continue to be this kind of person. PS. This is a sudden emotional tweet before I go to sleep”

Source: Twitter

Running Man 2 Nation Special

This tidbit of news is of the utmost importance to a whole lot of people- after all if RM was in your backyard wouldn’t ‘t you be excited? Of course! The special was announced on January 3rd however details have not been released. Here is hoping they come to a country near you!Leessang

Leessang lands a perfect all-kill, HaHa releases a single

1/25/13 marked the release of Leessang’s new single “Tears”. The song features a visually stunning MV as well as a vocal contribution from Yoojin. As of 1/27/2013 the song has landed a perfect all-kill, having landed at the top of all of the major Korean music charts. On another note Haha and Skull, in their second colab, released Donam-dong melody. RM music fighting!

10 thoughts on “Running Man News: Haroro Jr, Joong Ki’s ego, and our PD speaks out

  1. Oh it would be just awesome if running man came to the US especially here to LA,jaja I would follow them all day XD and i’m also having a hard time imagining haha as a dad i’m barely getting used to the fact that he’s married and now he’s gonna be a daddy? oh boy,lol

    • If Running Man came to the U.S. I think I would complete the following actions:
      -Notify work that I was unavailable for the time being
      -Explain to my husband that I was about to go on a solo spirit journey (he fully supports my RM addiction 🙂 )
      -Take my cell phone battery out
      -Buy a plane ticket to wherever they were filming
      -End up in RM heaven if I got even a small glimpse of a filming

      Too bad I highly doubt they will film in the U.S. in the next couple of years. But hey, a girl can dream.

  2. I missed their appearance in Singapore and deeply regret it. I hope to see them soon. I hope Joong Ki Oppa comes back to RM soon, and I wish to see the revival of the song siblings or the songsong couple!

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