How to be a nice guy (or avoid it all together)…or Life Lessons from The K-Drama Nice Guy

Nice Guy- how you made me laugh and cry. A well paced story of betrayal, lust, lost love, and heart ache interspersed with randomly hanging cell phone calls and an overabundance of product placement this drama taught me mostly what not to do if I want to avoid the whole eternal punishment thing.
I created a multi-step nice person program based on what this show displayed- what a brutal world it is after all. Henceforth are the life lessons I captured from the K-drama melodramatic romp Nice Guy…

1. A fruit basket and a friendly visit is a fitting way to say thanks for taking a murder rap for me!
Seriously- I hate fruit baskets as it is. It never crossed my mind that an arrangement of oranges and apples would be a conciliatory gift for the innocently imprisoned.
Life lesson: Throw the oranges and apples in their face- nothing and I mean nothing, makes up for assuming the murder rap for a person you thought would wait for you (or anyone for that matter).

2. Your neighbors can be easily bribed
I do not doubt this one. I reside next to nine person household living on the enthusiasm that is unique to a certain type of person (mostly an unemployed sort of person that drinks beer on their porch and yells a lot).
Life lesson: Never, ever talk to your neighbors. Everything you say is fodder for your current and future enemies.

3. Never hang up your cell phone call. Ever!
The best dirt is gained through sticking on the call long after the purpose of the conversation has ended.
Life lesson: Telemarketers do not count. Everyone else does. Never hang up the phone until the other person does- an early hang up may result in missing that key piece of dirt needed to take your enemy down.

4. Little sisters and best friends can be pointless
I hate saying this, especially because I am a fan of Kwang Soo, but his character as well as Choco’s could have been cut out or the story with zero impact and the end result of improved plot pacing.
Life lesson: Never be a sidekick. As a child I was forced to play robin to my brother’s batman- I have enough real world experience to tell you this is a bad place to be.

5. Car accidents = amnesia, So do bad memories remembered while having amnesia. Oh, and surgery. Hell- everything ends up in amnesia.
The chronic illness of k-drama land strikes again. While this time around amnesia did not entirely kill the plot, the amnesia, then double amnesia story-lines made for some heavy sighs and a wish for a drama time machine.
Life lesson: Avoid fender benders at all cost; the slightest bump of you vehicle will result in amnesia. In fact, never leave your house. Everything can cause amnesia and I mean everything.

2 thoughts on “How to be a nice guy (or avoid it all together)…or Life Lessons from The K-Drama Nice Guy

  1. I agree on the fruit baskets.. That was the first wtf-ery moment for me. Also, on the Jae Gil & Choco. I always thought they could have been used way better, but it seems the writers just didn’t know what to do with them after a while.. but didn’t have the guts to do anything else, like kill them off or something.. Lol. And what ever was Choco ill with?? Something so life-threatening, and then.. somehow fine? Did I miss something in the subs? Or did they ever bother to name it?

  2. I think Choco was ill with the unknown drama guilt plague…a mysterious disease that afflicts our leads when the story permits 🙂 Seriously, I do not believe they ever named her illness (please correct me if I am wrong). And yes, as soon as the fruit basket was busted out I had a huge moment of WTF- after all of that you think a fruit basket and a friendly visit is in order?! None the less I found this drama engaging and well plotted, fruit baskets aside.

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