A Muse Away… or Life Lessons From Shut Up Flower Boy Band

Back to my snarky self. I loved Shut Up Flower Boy Band’s story, I loved its pacing. This drama turned me half serious- but alas I returned to the comedic dark side. Despite my rejection of serious critical analysis of Jedi Master SUFBB (in the name of my natural tendency towards sarcasm as a form of deep appreciation) I realized this drama taught some me some amazing things- like how egg cartons work as sound proofing and how Kim C may show up randomly, intoxicated, in your band practice room.

Henceforth are the life lessons I learned from the rocking Shut Up Flower Boy Band…

1. Kim C- yeah, you should listen to him.

I probably screamed a little too loudly when I saw Rock Kim stagger up from a drunken stupor and berate the boys of Eye Candy. Like way too loud. My neighbor banged on my door- she was convinced I was being accosted by a serial killer.

Life lesson: Kim C, Einstein, and that weird guy from the Miller Lite commercials know everything. Everything. Do not turn away from enlightenment when it is offered.

2. Muse away!

I am guessing Shakespeare, Hemingway, and Edgar Allen Poe had muses. Well except for the last guy. I think he just had a weird bird.

Life lesson: If you can find inspiration in a person, seize the day! The best artists stalk their inspiration. Literally.

3. High school transfers suck.

Lack of understanding about the high school you are transferring to- well that just really sucks.

Life lesson: If your badass school full of rebellious poor kids closes, drop out. Or bring your rocking attitude to the rich crowd. Just remember, if you drop out you can avoid Silba forever. Forever!


4. Never forget your roots. Never.

Jenny from the block- that was just annoying. Don’t let it deter you; you should still give a big shout out to the place you came from. As long as that place is not New Jersey.

Life lesson: I hate to think about someday giving my love to Franklin Ave. Then I remember that you can take the rocker from the avenue but not the avenue from the rocker. Go Franklin. Peace out.

5. At some point your life becomes a chicken commercial.

I am usually extremely patient when product becomes a scene motivator. But this was just ridiculous- seriously. Let’s laugh and eat chicken! For two minutes!

Life lesson: I think part of fame is random product placement moments (even when they are implied products, as in this case). When the laughter and commercial-ness go on for more than a minute it gives life a marketing controlled feel.  I hope to someday become famous, go for an epic run in Nikes, and end my journey with a fist pumping “Just do it!”

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