Meat and Love…or Life Lesson from My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

1. Trust is the key, unless you are hiding something (like your death)

I have not experienced such “flip flopping” since I delved into Boys over Flowers. Can’t we just see through the sacrificial part and figure out a solution!

Life lesson: Love is hard. It is much harder if lives are at stake. It is best to ask someone on the first date “If I was a mythological creature with a magical bead and I gave you that bead under contract would you die for me?” It will save you a lot of pain later on.

2. Meat is important

Cow color is good! Whether it is ice cream or beef a big shout out to the color brown is in order.

Life lesson: Your food can become an inspirational palate. For instance, I am painting my kitchen chicken color!

3. Immortal demon hunters need to update their timepieces

Call me selfish- this bothered me. A 100 day hourglass! Really? Really?!

Life lesson: If you meet an immortal monster hunter buy them a digital clock. Even better buy your new friend an atomic clock. It will make more sense in the end.

4. You can never be as awkward as your aunt

I loved this storyline and will treasure it for many moons. The action director and the gaseous aunt are great!

Life lesson: Simply put- there is true love for everyone- even people that kiss the unmentionable parts of tipsy statues.

5. If you really, really, really, really like someone it will turn out in the end

A little bit of finger pointing and cute wordplay will only help your cause. In the end you will become irresistible if you declare your love often.

Life lesson: Do not hold back. Shout it to the world (but make sure your supernatural creature status is not compromised)

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