Two Variety Shows you should watch now

If you have are a frequent visitor to Stone Cities you may have noticed (a) Lore watches too many variety shows (b) Lore does not understand the phrase “too many variety shows”. So, this should come as no surprise that I started watching two more variety shows on top of everything. Never fear…I like to share the love. Here are two shows you should check out now. Cheers!


We Got Married Global Edition: Season 2

We got maried global

The Details

Episode count: 12

Starring: Kim Heechul (Super Junior) and Guo Xue Fu (AKA Puff Guo from Dream Girls), Arisa Yagi (Model) and Key (Shinee)

Check out the first episode with English subs here

5 Reasons You Should Watch

Heechul kissed a girl. I think that means the girl technically second hand kissed all of Super Junior. Which is good or bad, depending on your feelings towards Super Junior / Heechul’s tendency to kiss his fellow SuJu members.

heechul kiss

Key hates Uggs. And I like that about him.

key 2

Key and little dogs in outfits…somehow this is so fitting (even though it terrified his wife)

Key 1

key slkdjasl


Heechul 1

Heechul 2

And this (Because Zhou Mi is never a bad thing)



Hallelujah, finally Heechul is on We Got Married. Heechul is a divisive person, most people either adore him or hate him with a passion. I fall into the first category (yeah, there may have been some cake the day he finished his mandatory military service). Seeing him on this show makes me happy, which may sound sad, but in all honesty the guy makes me laugh. Puff seems to be the perfect foil for Heechul, despite the language barrier. Meanwhile Key and Arichan are adorable and easy to watch. They have the right amount of cute without being annoying or overbearing.

Showtime: Burning the Beast

Burning-The-Beast-ShowtimeThe Details

Episode Count: 12

Starring: Beast (Yoon Doo-joon, Jang Hyun-seung, Yong Jun-hyung, Yang Yo-seob, Lee Gi-kwang, Son Dong-woon)

Check out the first episode with English subs here

5 Reasons You Should Watch


Beast Showtime 1

Beast Showtime 2

Ahjussi doesn’t tell no lies

Beast Showtime 4

Beast Showtime 5

Ummm the sequel

Beast Showtime 3

Ummm the trilogy

Beast 1

Umm the Reboot

Beast Showtime 6


This is the second season of Showtime. After seeing Exo in the first season it is a startling contrast to watch an established (6 years since debut) idol group taking on the format and making it their own. It has been 4 years since Beast had a variety show (the pretty terrible Idol Maid) so it is about time these kids had another stab at variety goodness. It is apparent they already have a good footing in broadcasting (Doojoon, Junhyung, and Gi Kwang have all acted, while Gi Kwang, Yeseob, and Dong Woon have all been cohosts /regulars on talk and variety shows). The amount of humor in the first episode alone has me eager to watch the next 11 entries.

7 thoughts on “Two Variety Shows you should watch now

    • Welcome to my world 🙂 I watch a lot of idol variety shows but I don’t like the music that half of the groups I enjoy watching on these shows release (Infinite and Beast are two that come to mind). I tend to like idols more for their variety appearances than their music. What shows have you watched and enjoyed?

      • Off the top of my head- We got Married, hello baby, Boyfriend academy, a whole bunch of shows like Strong Heart, Hello Counselor, and Mama Mia. Which do you like?

      • I was a WGM junkie until about two months ago when I finally cut ties. Hello Counselor will suck me in for periods of time, mostly because I love the slide into the ball pit 🙂 Mama Mia I have seen a few episodes of but I do not watch it regularly. My guilty pleasure are Idol debut shows- WIN, the Hotblooded 2AM/PM shows, Big Bang Documentary, Beast Documentary, You Are My Oppa (Infinite). I seriously miss Strong Heart! Oh, and of course Weekly Idol, because that show is amazingly hilarious!

      • I love the idol debut shows. I haven’t see the BEAST one or big bang- I’ll look them up. If you just watch one episode of Mama Mia, watch the one with Seo In Guk. Did you see the clip? HILARIOUS!

        I always wish I could slide into that ball pit. If I ever go to Korea I’ll make up a problem just so I can get on the show.

      • Haha! Yeah I would make a problem too if I got to slide into the ball pit. Seriously that is the one part of that show that has always left me both excited and scratching my head. ” Let’s talk about issues- BUT FIRST SLIDE INTO A BALL PIT!” More shows need to operate like Hello Counselor! I have not seen the one with Seo In Guk (the clip) , I will have to check it out. Oh, and if you want any other idol shows to watch I would recommend some old SuJu shows like the explorers of the human body. Pretty entertaining. Have you seen Exo’s Showtime yet? I just wrote a post about it, one entertaining show.

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