Running Man Headlines: Join the Discussion. Yes, I mean you.

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What are your favorite Running Man episodes? Do you love Monday Couple or is SpartAce more of your style? How about favorite guests? Get ready, because this edition of Running Man headlines is all about you!


Yep, you be the news this week. I know there are a lot of Running Man fans out there (thank you each and every one of you that visit this site for Running Man news and the episode guide. Hugs), so I thought it might be fun if we get to know each other. Please come to join the discussion…otherwise I am going to feel like I did all through school. Come on, someone wants to sit at the nerd table, right?!

Don’t be shy, we are all fans!

Running Man

Okay- here it goes. Let’s talk about our Running Man favorites in the comments section of the post. Here are some starter points so we can all get to know each other. And please…don’t make me relive high school!


What are some of your favorite Running Man Episodes?

How/ when did you start watching Running Man?

Favorite cast members?

Favorite guests?

Do you have any ideas for games the cast could play (Irene – you already had your chance!)?

Monday Couple? Spartace? Easy Brothers? What are your favorite cast pairings?

Join in on the fun in the comments section. I look forward to getting to know all of you. Running Man fighting!


20 thoughts on “Running Man Headlines: Join the Discussion. Yes, I mean you.

  1. What are some of your favorite Running Man Episodes?

    I love any of the Asian Dream Cup episodes. Episode 18 (the birth of Seumdwa) makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. Oh, and the super powers episodes!

    How/ when did you start watching Running Man?

    I was checking the show out to watch some of the actors that I had seen in dramas, the rest be history.

    Favorite cast members?

    I can’t pick a favorite, it would be like picking a favorite child!

    Monday Couple? Spartace? Easy Brothers? What are your favorite cast pairings?

    Monday Couple FTW. Love the Easy Brothers as well. I have a special fondness for the Betraying trio, and for Kwang Soo and JI Hyo.

    • Yes- I am replying to my comment on my post 🙂 I just can’t help it! I forgot to give a shout out to KJK and Haha’s Hyung / Dongsaeng relationship!

      So…anybody out there? Wanna share your favs?

  2. I don’t want to make you relive high school so here I’m am. There is so much to say about running man that I don’t know where to start. I started watching in high school 10th grade because my friends recommend to me. They loved Monday Couple. They have stopped watching but I continued and it’s my favorite show. I love all the shows so it’s a hard decision. I love all the old episodes because of the wacky games and i would wish to see those again. I guess any one with name tag pulling or water makes my list. Also episode 141 where they go to a zoo is one I like to re watch a lot. Favorite member would have to be Kwang Soo. I loved him since the beginning when he was shy framer Kwang Soo and I loved watching him grow into a lovable member. My favorite pairing is Tiger and Giraffe because they love to fight but I can still see their strong friendship. As for guest my favorite would be Big Bang and YongHwa mainly because I’m a super fangirl. I also love when there are no guest and it was just the members together because they get to poke fun at each other. I love Running man because it’s a show that represent family and bonds we form with others.

    • Thanks! I just really want to meet and greet fellow Running Man fans! Episode 141 was golden! I loved the interactions between KJK and Jae Suk as they tried to complete their respective missions. One of my favorite Kwang Soo memories (that is not really the man himself, but about him) happened in ep 165 when Kwang Soo’s fan girl talked about seeing him at a film premiere “He looked like he was surrounded by flowers”. Oh, you Running Man maknae you. Yonghwa is an awesome guest, mainly because he is number one in appearances. And I agree- Running Man definitely has a tone of family bonds and relationships in general. The cast has an awesome dynamic (one of the main reasons I love this show).

  3. I love all the members so so much… but i will admit that im super biased when it comes to kwang soo.For pairings i love the yoolee couple and kooksoo couple. They remind me of the realtionship i have with my brothers, the way the hyungs will tease him but mean everything with love^^
    The 2NE1 episode is one of my favorites, as well as the Animal Kingdom episode and the episode that Irene made. Epsiodes that have a couple theme are all among my favorites too!! Guests that i really want to see on the show are haha, yjs, and jsj’s wives with yoon eun hye. That would be awesome.

    • Kwang Soo is too hilarious and I love him when he is paired with Yoo Jae Suk as well! I have an older brother as well and I could see that sibling comparison in regards to their relationship. The more I look back at the Animal Kingdom episode the more I appreciate it. And the wives plus YEH- dream episode. I would love to see that happen (and probably watch it five times in a row)!

  4. What are some of your favorite Running Man Episodes?
    – I love Survival Best of the Best 1 and 2, Reincarnation, the episodes in China, Thailand, Vietnam, Macau, the very first episode is also epic with Hyori. Fun With Weather (the lie detector with jaesuk was so touching), Hip-Hop Special (TIger JK is awesome), Prison Break, Greek God 100th ep, King Of Running Man (kwang soo as king soo funny!), Christmas special with the snowball fight.

    How/ when did you start watching Running Man?
    – I stumbled upon the first episode while browsing on Youtube. Just last year but now I’m addicted.

    Favorite cast members?
    -Very hard to pick a favorite but I love gary, jaesuk, joong kook also haha.

    Favorite guests?
    -Yonghwa, Hyori

    Monday Couple? Spartace? Easy Brothers? What are your favorite cast pairings?
    -I prefer Monday Couple but I know it won’t happen. I also love Easy Brothers, Jk and his two kids, Betrayal Trio., Jaesuk and Sukjin.

    • The reincarnation episode was really good, I agree. And the prison break episode, loved it as well. Yonghwa is a great guest, love his dynamic with the cast given his number of appearances on the show. Wait- Monday Couple won’t happen?! I hate reality…kidding. I still think they are the best couple I have had the pleasure to watch in variety television whether they have any chance in reality or not. 🙂

  5. What are some of your favorite Running Man Episodes?

    I love all RM episodes; my favorites are ep. 8, 18, 20, 43, 58, 59, 90, 127, 168, 169, Princess Episodes, Zombie Race, Running Man Hunter, Best of the best match & Survival series, Football & Baseball Episodes, Asia Race, Christmas Episodes, and Hip-hop special.

    How/ when did you start watching Running Man?

    Just stated to watch RM recently, guess I’m a newbie here! I started to watch RM because Kim Soo-Hyun was the guest, but then I totally fell in love with the cast. I went back to see all old episodes to catch up (4 years in a month!!!). Finally I’m at the present episode now!

    Favorite cast members?

    All – I really miss Joon-ki. All members compliment each other so well.

    Favorite guests?

    Park Ji-Sung, Han Hyo-Joo, Jung Yong-Hwa, Choi Min-Soo

    Do you have any ideas for games the cast could play

    No idea for the games. But I miss Morning Missions! There’re sleepovers in the few latest episodes but no morning mission 😦

    Monday Couple? Spartace? Easy Brothers? What are your favorite cast pairings?

    Monday Couple – of course!!! They’re one of the reasons I watch the show.

    Yoo Jae-Suk and Gary – maybe it’s only just me but I love the dynamic between those two. It’s always fun to watch them team together with a guest. I hope they could be paired, just two of them, in the future episode. It’ll be really interesting!

    • The hip hop episode was great!

      Oh, a newbie! I am impressed you watched 4 years in a a month! I got into the show around episode 100 and it took me far longer than that to catch up. Your dedication is admirable.

      I also miss Joon Ki. The few and fleeting pics I have seen of him after entering the service make me miss him all the more. I really hope that after he is discharged from the army he makes a guest appearance on the show.

      I like the YJS Gary pairing too, it seems like we have seen more and more of this over the last year. It is kind of a weird combo- the sometimes capable one and the consummate comedian. They make for an interesting pair, that is for sure 🙂

  6. What are some of your favorite Running Man Episodes?

    I can’t decide! Love the soccer specials (95, 96, 153,154) , Yoomes Bond anniversaries (91,140), fan-created episodes (165, 182), Best of the Best eps (42, 74 – loved the superpower theme, 130). I especially liked the TruGary Special (60), the Reincarnation ep (130) and the recent RM vs PDs (178). No guests episodes are also good.

    However, I don’t really like overseas specials (they are special yes, but not exactly good. The one in Bangkok (right?) and in China was pretty nice though.). I also dislike Running Man hunting!! Choi Min Soo is sooo scary! I nearly cried in one of the eps because I was so frightened of him (especially when Ji Hyo screamed in the forest and the finale where Jae Suk mistakens Kwon Ryul as Min Soo). >..<

    Favorite cast members?

    I like all of them, but Ji Hyo is definitely my favourite.

    Favorite guests?

    Park Ji-Sung, Han Hyo-Joo, Lee Dong Wook. The guests in the recent episodes fit the members well too.

    Do you have any ideas for games the cast could play?

    Hmm…a game where everyone is blindfolded and made to tear nametags? Or balance on one leg for a mini game! Or writing with their left hands! Or opening their mouths for the longest time! Haha, all these are so random, but I think it would be funny on television. (Imagine saliva drooling and unreadable words and all the wobbling and bumping into each other!)

    Monday Couple? Spartace? Easy Brothers? What are your favorite cast pairings?

    SpartAce!! Kooksoo, hahyo, kwanghyo, candy alliance (haha i'm sooo Ji Hyo biased.)

    Sorry for the long post and the so many brackets! Oh and I want to add: These 2 weeks, its like a preparation for the day RM ends. 😦 (Wait do I make any sense? Sorry for awkward phrasing!)
    Ohoh! And Happy Birthday Jong Kook!

    • Choi Min Soo is scary- Running Man Hunting episodes always freak me out, you are not alone!

      I really want to be Ji Hyo in my next life, for whatever that is worth. She is just so, so…cool!

      I like your idea for a game. I wonder how that would play out, blindfolded name-tag ripping. Sounds daebak.

      I hate to think of the day when RM ends. When that day comes you will find me in a cave somewhere, clutching a basketful of plushies (a grasshopper, cat, tiger, monkey, impala, giraffe, and penguin to be exact). Let’s not think about that.. 🙂

  7. Going to ramble….

    What are some of your favorite Running Man Episodes?
    Yoomes Bond 1 and 2, Sherlock Holmes, Virus, Reincarnation, True Gary, Superpowers part 1 – I love it when Running Man merges a good homage/spoof with games. It is very high concept and there are a lot of duds but when they get it right, they can really get it right.
    Episodes with multiple guests/Teams – The Idol Olympics series, Busan F4, King of Idols, Couple or Gold, anything with the multiple older comedians male or female. These can produce a lot of laughs while being focussed on the games.
    For sentimental reasons, the end of year producers vs RM – from laughing at Jenga to shedding a few tears in the Han River crossing – this was the best showcase of the cast’s athletic skills and personalities separate from their variety personas.
    This is different from the episodes and segments I re-watch frequently which is anything with all of them just being silly and having fun in games.

    How/ when did you start watching Running Man?
    Got on a Gong Hyo Jin kick last year and so ended up watching her Running Man episode on youtube and never looked back. I have watched around 90% of the episodes.

    Favorite cast members?
    Song Ji Hyo – I want to be reborn as her or at least her variety character. Also Suk Jin for his perseverance and his ability to let himself be mocked as the race starter when he is really a smart man. Him tearing Jong Kook’s name tag was awesome. I love all of them though. Can’t imagine the show without any of the 7. Joong Ki can ease back into civilian life with a return to RM – just saying.

    Favorite guests?
    Hard one – there have been so many good guests. I have a soft corner for the regulars like Yong Hwa, Sulli, Lee Joon, Kim So Roo. They feel like cousins of the family. But I will go with Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae because they are my favorite Korean musicians, they are bad ass and the episode was awesome too. Also Jackie Chan, Park Ji Sung and Patrice Evra (diehard Man Utd fan).

    Do you have any ideas for games the cast could play (Irene – you already had your chance!)?
    Nope. Not creative enough.

    Monday Couple? Spartace? Easy Brothers? What are your favorite cast pairings?
    Gun to my head – HaHa JiHyo. They pull each others’ legs, it is no holds barred when they face off and yet you know they have each others’ backs.

    I love all the pairings though. I ship the Monday Couple, especially their latest incarnation as work husband and wife.
    Spartace, Easy Brothers, Yoo Jae Suk vs Kim Jong Kook.. name it and I love them. The cast interactions is what makes the show special.

    • After I pressed post, I realized there are a lot more guests that I consider part of the running man extended family like the HHJs, IU. They do a good job with the frequent guests.

  8. What are some of your favorite Running Man Episodes?
    Superpowers 1&2, Hip Hop, TruGary, 124, 58, 93, 95. 104, 108, 113. 120/121. 130, 147, 162, 163, 168, 169, 178, 190. 192

    How/ when did you start watching Running Man?
    Less than a year ago with a friend’s recommendation

    Favorite cast members?
    Kookie when he is strong. Don’t like him when he deliberately loses to a girl.

    Favorite guests?
    Han Hyo Joo, Park Bo Young, Doohee, Gong Hyo Jin, Ji Jin Hee, Dae Sung and Seungri, Joo Sang Wook, Jung Woo sung, Shinhwa, Park Myung Soo, Lee Seung Gi, *Ryu Seong Soo*!

    What are your favorite cast pairings? No preference.

  9. Lee Dong Wook is a cool guest because he’s clearly such good friends with Ji Hyo, and I love to see that.

    Kwang Soo is one of my fave’s (like you and a few people above), although he can be really annoying sometimes. He plays up his character a bit much sometimes. I love Ji Hyo, the guys don’t back down when they’re going against her either. I love the fact that Kim Jong Kook will talk your ear off if you let him; he doesn’t seem that sort of person but quite a few guests have said he talks a lot. He seems really nice.

    What I really like about Running Man is when it introduces me to actors I didn’t know before. Like Cha In Pyo or Han Hye Jin. People that seem to enjoy themselves or really get involved. Or, people that have no clue what they’re doing; both of those types are fun to watch. Lee Seung Gi? Come on, dork, what are you doing? Park Ji Sung is awesome too. And, Jang Ki Ha.

    There’s an actor that I don’t remember the name of and it’s annoying me. He was like a big chubby teddybear, totally adorable, he kept laughing at everything. I wish I remembered his name.

    I started watching Running Man a couple of years ago. It took a while for me to get into variety shows, I remember seeing part of an episode of RM (the Thailand episode with Nichkhun) and I didn’t really understand it, so i didn’t bother watching anymore for ages, and then people just kept on recommending it, so i finally watched a full episode and got hooked.

  10. What are some of your favorite Running Man Episodes?
    ep.137 is absolutely one of my favourite! i can’t stop laughing from the very beginning till the end! i also love the hong kong episode when Ji Hyo suddenly appear, and not forgetting how interesting the double agent episode when at last Gwang Soo could give his team a victory in 132.

    How/ when did you start watching Running Man?
    i am a newbie fan actually, when a lot of my friends in high school was busy talking about it, i paid no attention.. but one day, i was so bored and got nothing to do, so i try to watch it and i fell in love with it.. and it was like, when the episode was 100s, and i’m still trying to catch up the episodes up to now cause i watch them one by one starting from the first =’)

    Favorite cast members?
    hmm… i love them all.. they all have their own character. I adore and admire the personality of Yoo Jae Suk, the strong but cute and soft-hearted commander, smart superwoman Song Ji Hyo, cheesy innocent Gary, silly betrayer giraffe, weak but passionate Ji Suk Jin and playful Haroro. Honestly, I even like the presence of Song Jong Ki as he is brainy and active but always ousted at the beginning haha..

    Favorite guests?
    noh sae yon is soo funny! but i like park ji sung, the idol ace yong hwa , and jackie chan as well

    Do you have any ideas for games the cast could play (Irene – you already had your chance!)?
    yes definitely! i’d really like to give my ideas for the game like Irene!!! do you know how could i participate?

    Monday Couple? Spartace? Easy Brothers? What are your favorite cast pairings?
    monday couple is the best!!! :3

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