Stone Cities: 2013 Korean Variety Moments to Remember

I watch a lot of variety / reality shows. More than I care to admit. Ehhhhhhh-who am I kidding. Here is me admitting to it. Get ready for:

Korean Variety Reality Super Majestic Year End Panda Wrap Up Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why is there a panda? Because you can’t say no to a panda. As evidenced by exhibit #1:

Henceforth are the variety moments from the last year that have rocked my world, literally, figuratively, and- um- not so much. I can’t believe 2013 is almost over, so I decided to drown my one year older sorrows in some variety memories. Cheers!


Infinity Challenge: The music goes on

The Infinity Challenge song festival is a big deal for a reason- it combines amazing television with fun songs and a tangible outcome. 2013’s song fest was no different; especially given the birth of the G-Dragon/ Jung Hyung Don couple. Another reason that Infinity Challenge continues to reign as the King of Korean variety shows.

Running Man: Flower Boy Challenge

This is a weird one for me- I have the absolute understanding that this is not the best episode of Running Man this year. But I kind of think it is based on my laughter alone. I just can’t help it- I have rarely laughed so much.

Infinity Challenge: Princess Special

This is disturbingly funny no matter how you look at it. Watch it and then tell me what you think.

Weekly Idol: Henry

So….you are an extremely talented young man that appears on a show. And then the hosts are like “We are so bored with you- can you phone a friend?” Granted the hosts are joking, but Henry and his general confusion over his appearance on Weekly Idol made my variety senses go all wild. Loved it. A whole lot.


Running Man: The Monday Couple kissed

Kinda sort of. Actually Gary gave Ji Hyo a peck on the cheek. I am still happy. The more I watch these two the more I am on the fence about what it all means, with the….wait- did Kwang Soo just fall in the pool?! Hahahahahaha! I am over deeply analyzing this. Seriously. But I love them. A lot. Probably more than is healthy.

We Got Married: Reality is Kind of Fun

I have a love hate relationship with this show; my major problem is that hate it or love it I will always watch it. I feel like me and this show need to sit down and get drunk sometime, get it all out in the open, then fly to Jeju for some reconciliation. Season 4 of WGM gave me something that I thought was partially lost from this show – pure entertainment.

Amidst all of the “will they hook up in real life!” and the “awwwwwww” there were two couples this year that reminded me why this format can be so watchable and fun- the real life couple Jo Jung Chi & Jung In (congrates on your recent marriage!) and the extremely likeable mismatched duo Jung Joon Young & Jung Yu Mi. There is a variety god after all.

Dad, where are we going? : Yoon Hoo and Jia

There is something very peculiar about wishing 2 kids under the age of 10 grow up and get married. So, it is a good thing I do not (but based on the web a whole lot of people do). But I still can’t help but smile when this adorable pair try to figure out everything while just being kids. From conjecturing that being 20 years old means being a Mom and Dad (uh-oh looks like I am way behind) or just finding simple happiness when they can play at the playground together, these two are so sweet, innocent , and cute I almost want a kid. Almost is the key word here.


Healing Camp: Baek Ji Young addresses her miscarriage

Baek Ji Yong, the beautiful sing with an unfortunate past (via a very nasty situation years ago) seemingly found some peace with her marriage to Jung Sok Won. Tragically, Ji Young suffered a miscarriage. Even more tragically some people become downright nasty about her on the web during this time. On October 7th Ji Young appeared on Healing Camp and addressed the whole situation. I respect her immensely for this- I cannot even imagine the pain she has felt over the last year. I had a whole lot in my eye during this one.

WIN: The Finale

YG- this show made me want to mount a pitchfork and torch bearing mob to invade your cafeteria. After we eat we will make our demands known. WIN was the story of 11 young men and their dream to debut as the newest YG group. The finale revealed which ones would be sent back to the practice room to possibly debut at a later time. I am still upset that they could not just form one large group ala EXO or Super Junior. Why! Why! Park Bom cried!!!


The Romantic & Idol: I still don’t know what to say

Take a bunch of idols. Ship them off to a MT. Then dictate they partner swap (nooo- not dirty partner swap but speed dating like partner swap) through frivolous games. Then witness how much they generally ignore each other’s feelings. I know why there was not a season 3 of this show; in nine out of ten cases those appearing on this show came out looking horribly insensitive. WTF. Seriously.

SNL Korea: Clara says she is sorry

Clara is one of those celebrities that shot to stardom on the wave of hate and love. Some people like her, some people hate her. And then she goes and lies about a lot of stuff. So how do you make it right? You apologize on SNL, at least according to the Clara strategy. Ummmm….maybe you should have never lied in the first place? Nay?

Clara Apolagoy

Radio Star: Goo Hara and Kang Ji Young are…um…

I don’t know what type of cray cray pills these two took before their September 4th appearance on Radio Star, but there was something going on. From the much talked about bottle “throwing” to the aegyo inducing tears (seriously, this one- WTF WTF WTF) I had a whole lot of questions after watching this episode. Oh, and my respect for both of these ladies took a nosedive. Sorry, but if you are going to appear on a program like Radio Star you need to anticipate a certain type of question. And you both failed. WTF.


Strong Heart: A Heartfelt Goodbye

Strong Heart, the semi-addictive SBS Tuesday talk show, called it quits in February of this year after its three year run. Strong Heart was a show that was only as good as its guests – after all the premise was all about guests telling their heartfelt stories for a prize. This show was something I sporadically watched depending on the lineup, but I have to admit that seeing it end (to be replaced by Hwasin- which I did not care for) was a bitter pill.

Barefoot Friends: Go somewhere or eat something

Barefoot Friends could never figure out what it was about, and that was its problem. There was a lot going for this show- the cast was stellar and basically shouted a potential variety hit. Yet, this show went from travel show to cooking show to who cares show until it died a variety death. I loved its potential but was happy it ended. Sometimes a disaster is just that.

Barefoot Friends

1N2D: Season 2 Closes Shop

1N2D is a show that can be amazing – or terrible. The cast makes this show. Spending 2 days and 1 night somewhere full of fun, games, and psychological mind f**ks takes a certain cast of characters to pull off. Season 2 of this show closed up shop this year, giving birth to season 3. A lot of 1N2D fans have voiced some kind of frustration at this show after the amazing PD Na left the show; 2014 should give everyone a lot to look forward to (or criticize) given the new cast.


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