Ekun’s Thanksgiving Bonanza #3

It is Friday and I am thankful for so many things today! I hope that through this season of thanksgiving you will reflect on things that you are thankful for, even if they are silly things—thankful thoughts can lead to a life of overall contentment. Now that I have shared my Zen momo of the day, let’s get to the Thankfulness!


I am thankful I have one more week before Lore Unnie and I start a new Super Fun Chat Time! We have so much fun discussing the drama, life, and getting to see another perspective if we do not agree! Super Fun Chat Time will be featuring, one of the Loves of My Life, Jang Geun Suk’s new drama Pretty Man! Any time I can discuss my unexplainable obsession with Geun Suk is a win- win for me! Be prepared Lore Unnie- I tend to be a bit irrational when it comes to my boo’s! HA!

Pretty Man

I am thankful I only have 2 more weeks of watching The Suspicious Housemaid. This drama started out as something then took a turn that I was fine with, but now I am fatigued and just need it to be over. At this point, the only reason I am watching the show is because of Song Jong Ho’s Cray Cray Psychopath portrayal of Seo Ji Hoon.

Cray Cray

Once this drama is over I can feel a weight lifted off my shoulders! I have enjoyed the show overall. Especially these two adorable boys. They needed more screen time seriously:


Last thing I am thankful for is Mozzarella Sticks. I had some for lunch today and I truly thought it was the most amazing thing I could be putting in my mouth besides a nice glass of wine. Call it the fat kid talking, but I was really REALLY excited to be eating them at that momo.

Mozz Sticks

There you have it my fellow thankful- ettes! Don’t forget to enter the “Stone Cities Giveaway: What are you thankful for?” Contest. Deuces!!

4 thoughts on “Ekun’s Thanksgiving Bonanza #3

  1. I can’t wait to start up our super fun chat times again!

    Oh, and how do you feel about cheese curds? Because I have a major obsession of late. Yep, I am totally thankful for cheese curds. And sourdough bread. Aish, why is food so good?!

  2. Don’t worry, Ekun. You’re not the only one that finds JGS a little captivating : ) I even wrote a blog post rehashing Love Rain while anticipating Pretty Man. He’s one K-drama actor that knows how to film a kiss scene. Fingers crossed that Pretty Man just adds to all his squee-worthy Youtube clips : )

    • AAAHHH!!! Another JGS lover! I hated the drama love rain, but the kiss he had with Yoona and the jazz rendition of Prince’s “Kiss” made butterflies in my stomach! Do not even get me started how in love with him I was in Hong Gil Dong…

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