Ekun’s Thanksgiving Bonanza

Tis’ the season to be… Thankful—not “Jolly”… at least yet. Every few days I will post a silly thing that I am thankful for in Dramaland or real life!

Today I am thankful to have “favorites”. There are a lot of things that I cannot say “Oh! That is my favorite!” and mean it whole heartily; but there are at least 3 things (as of age twenty—) that are absolutely my favorite!

1. Tablo is my favorite rapper! I love music from all over the world, from every genre, at any time. But there is just something about Epik High’s Tablo that sends chills up the spine when he raps. Tonality? Content? Flow? Don’t know and don’t care, I just dig him.


2. Grey is my favorite color! I know people say your favorite color is reflective of your personality, blah, blah, blah—but I simply love the color Grey! The simplicity and elegance and its ability to pair well with any other color make me love it even more.


3. Katori Shingo is my favorite SMAP member! Why? Don’t know—I just think he is absolutely adorable and hilarious! Oh—some of you are wondering who SMAP is. SMAP is a Japanese pop group that has been around what seems like forever (20+ years)!


Few random tidbits about Ekun in my otherwise hum drum life. What are you thankful for on today?! Don’t forget to enter the “Stone Cities Giveaway: What are you thankful for?” Contest. We have some adorable prizes to give out to the person who is most thankful!

Ramble On...

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