Master’s Sun Episodes 13, 14 &15: Super Fun Drama Chat Time

We are back, and we have a whole lot of Master’s Sun to talk about. Warning, the following chat contains major spoilers. Further warning, there is a picture of the couple that will not be somewhere in the following post. Yes, I am still traumatized. Cheers!

MS131415 1

Lore: So, we have 3 episodes of Master’s Sun to discuss…..Starting with the beginning of ep 13 – Master is alive!!! Yay! But he has amnesia. Argh!

 E-Kun: That was a given. I was not surprised by anything in episode 13 except for the book he was reading, only because you mentioned it in an earlier post. I did like the episode though, I liked all 3 episodes. Seriously, Master is ruining my life! Lee Chun Hee Master too!

Lore: Amnesia still makes me groan, because there are too many Korean dramas that screw everything up with this plot twist. I liked all 3 episodes too! And Chun Hee, oh Chun Hee how nice it was to see you! So, how did you feel about Gong Shil making a deal with Madame Ghost matchmaker?

E-Kun: I felt it was a tricky maneuver, but I would probably do the same thing if I knew it could save the one I love.

Lore: Agreed, to save the person I love I would probably do that too. What about her decision to keep Master’s memories tucked away?

MS131415 2

E-Kun: I wasn’t mad at her about that either. She had her reasons for doing it and I respect them. It is hard because Master is so darn great, but I get it Tae Yang.

Lore: Yes, seeing his ghost and knowing he was injured because of her is scary stuff. She had her reasons and I can respect that. So Gong Shil keeping her necklace o’ memories was okay, but when Han na went out and bought the fake necklace o’ memories a chill went up my spine. What a freaking creepy lady…

E-Kun: I told you she liked Joong Won! She a crazy ho! You kill your twin, bounce for 15 years, and come back thinking Master is going to fall for you? What the Hot Pocket in Hell are you thinking?! Sorry, I am getting ahead in the story, I have a lot to say about that wench

Lore: You called it! She was a crazy ho. That’s okay, it is hard to not jump ahead with everything that happened in the last 3 episodes. So big reveal in Ep 13- Secretary Ahjussi is Uncle Ahjussi!!!!!!! Whaaaaaat?! Thoughts?

MS131415 3

E-Kun: I knew he knew her when he said Master found out about Han na. But I didn’t think they were blood related. It is kind of hurtful what this does to Master and Secretary Ahjussi’s relationship… I need them together!

Lore: I need them together too! I hate this shake up. But I have faith that eventually, hopefully these two will reunite. Sorry, now I am jumping ahead 🙂

E-Kun: ExtraKun note: Reader’s we will be all over the place- thanks for understanding.

There, all fixed! What’s next? Lee Chun Hee showing up talking about how he dated ghost Gong Shil for 3 years!

MS131415 4

Lore: Yeah! What in the, I did not see that coming. One thing I found interesting was how anti climatic her actual accident way, it seemed like we were building up towards some major horrible past event that would involve some of our other characters in some way, instead she got lost in the mountains. Of course the story of the aftermath of the accident, her becoming a ghost girlfriend of Chun Hee for 3 years was a pretty big piece of news. It just seemed like her actual accident would be more dramatic (though I am pretty sure it would be horrible to be lost in the mountains for 10 days).

E-Kun: Heck yea! This is a conundrum I was not expecting. She got two hot guys (who are both known as a Master) to choose from? Do I need to start seeing ghost to get a boo (but seriously, if she does not end up with “THE MASTER” this will be the worst show of 2013)?!

Lore: If Gong Shil runs off with non So Ji Sub Master I am going to throw my computer, fly to Korea, knock on the Hong Sisters door, and and  and and….voice my displeasure without getting arrested. This may involve lots of curse words and or a squirt gun. Probably both.

E-Kun: Make sure you call me so we can make sure we arrive in Korea at the same time. We can buy the squirt guns there so we are not held up by security… things are cray cray to catch a flight!

Lore: Ready the I Love Master jet – be warned Hong sisters! But of course if Gong Shil ends up with Master, then we are okay. No worries.

MS131415 5

E-Kun: Absolutely, we can send an I Love Master gift basket.

Lore: That would be a nice gesture.

E-Kun: I am all about courtesy, it’s a part of my job.

Lore: If Gong Shil seriously dumps Master for good, I would be so disappointed. I really think she will not leave on the trip come the beginning of episode 16, I don’t think Master will let her go. After he said that his world would be destroyed if she left, I think he will go after her.

E-Kun: We have to wait until it unfolds. For once E-Kun Sensei has no answers. Hong Sisters are good for doing that to me with their endings.

Lore: Lesson of the day: there are plot twists even a Sensei cannot predict. So what did you think about Chun Hee’s character in general. The whole finding a girl whose ghost he dated for 3 years. Kind of a strange guy in my opinion…..

MS131415 6

E-Kun: But I love that Chun Hee is playing the character. Doesn’t he have that quirky look about him anyway? I am not sure how to swallow the whole thing in general. You want the real her to run off into the sunset with you but you are just looking for her now? What the happy heck is up with that?

Lore: I know, why did he wait until now? I mean, I would think if he loved her he would have found her years ago after she woke up. I love that Chun Hee is playing the character too, he fits it well.

E-Kun: I know, he sending creepy coffee boy to keep tabs and whatnot… Unnichan says it a possibility you are never certain of when it comes to the characters Chun Hee plays. I like it but you never know the cards he is holding.

Lore: Yeah, his role in Cyrano was like that too.

E-Kun: Exactly.

Lore: What did you think of “Little” Sun and her meddling in episode 13? I was cheering her on when she tried to get Master to meet Gong Shil at the restaurant.

MS131415 7

E-Kun: I think her motives were skewed (as usual) but as long as the result= Master being with Gong Shil? Meddle away “Little” Sun, meddle away!

Lore: Yes. Good meddling “Little Sun”! But then her meddling did not really achieve making Kang Woo like her instead of Gong Shil…But they did have a date, which I think lasted at least thirty minutes! So there was some kind of improvement.

E-Kun: It can’t. It is like what he said in episode 15. She is pretty and cool, but his goal was someone else when he met her. Sorry “Little” Sun, seriously- I wish he would consider you a little bit more, but it is that whole Sun Woo Na Na situation all over again.

Lore: Noooooo! The couple that will not be! I can’t take it again!!!!!

MS131415 8

E-Kun: Sorry to bring it up Lore Eonni… I know that is a sore spot for us

Lore: Flashbacks, horrible flashbacks!

E-Kun: Bring it back to I Love Master!

Lore: I am in denial. Yep, until the end I am in denial. Wait…did you say I love master? All better now.

E-Kun: Good. Back to the subject at hand. Since we mentioned Master, let’s discuss the abandonment issues this man will have (or currently has)! Mom is dead, Han na- Joo is dead (since they like to play games with who the heck they are), daddy is distant, Secretary Ahjussi is leaving, and Gong Shil?! Master?!

MS131415 9

Lore: You mean everyone up and quitting at once, and finding out he does not hate his first love and that her evil sister was responsible? I really wish secretary Ahjussi was still his employee, Master is going to need some freaking therapy (and we know Secretary Ahjussi is a licensed psychiatrist). Poor Master. We would never abandon you!

E-Kun: Heck no! We own the I Love Master therapy Spa. Come visit any time!

Lore: Stay for a month, or a lifetime!

E-Kun: I like the latter

Lore: So do I (sshhh I was trying to trick him into staying a lifetime by giving him a lesser option first), thought it would sound less like “Stay a lifetime! That is an order Master. I mean please stay a lifetime!”

E-Kun: Oh ok… he can come and go- as long as he make sure he comes back!

Lore: Deal. Speaking of Han na whoever she is, should we start our rant?

MS131415 10

E-Kun: Please! I will start…. Cha Hee Joo a silly crazy WENCH!

Lore: I hate her!

E-Kun: You gain pleasure from others misery. What the heck are you?!

Lore: You horrible, sick person. How could you have let your twin die in your place you psycho!

E-Kun: She a Psychotic B*****! That’s why! You so desperate to have your name tied to Joong Won that you are even ok with the thought of your ghost “haunting” him?! Girl Bye! She was outta pocket for real! I could slap the taste out her plastic mouth!

Lore: Sick, sick, puppy. And I feel bad for even associating a nice word like puppy with this scum of the earth.

E-Kun: I know, puppies are cute.

Lore: So she is more of a sick, sick, gargoyle or troll or something that is not cute when placed in a basket.

E-Kun: Troll! Troll!

Lore: But not the old school ones with the hair, those were kind of cute in a weird way. Nope, she is a nasty ugly troll that eats people or something like that.

MS131415 11

E-Kun: The troll that lives under the bridge trying to scare people-troll. I can’t believe she has been fooling people for years like this? Poor Secretary Ahjussi. His heart was broken when he found out.

Lore: Yeah, that is the troll I am referring to. And what this did to secretary Ahjussi was horrible, I hate how this tore his life apart (essentially, I mean he quit Kingdom). It made me hate the troll even more, Secretary Ahjussi did not deserve this. What did you think about him saying he would stick by her until the end once she was arrested?

MS131415 12

E-Kun: I think it was something he would say. He truly loved his nieces, I am sad Hee Joo never got that from him. She was just eaten up by jealousy. I mean seriously, all Han na did was say hello to baby Joong Won.

Lore: I would say so, her jealousy consumed half her life. Going overboard in the envy department anyone?! She was totally psycho in regards to her jealousy.

E-Kun: Agreed. Final thoughts?

Lore: Master – Go after Gong Shil, you know you want to. Gong Shil – Chun Hee master is a great guy and all, but stick with the So Ji Sub Master, I beg of you. Little Sun and Kwang Woo – This better not turn into the couple that will not be, my mind cannot take this twice in one year. Secretary Ahjussi – Hugs, hugs, hugs. I am sure you and Master can patch things up. Hong Sisters- We were serious about the squirt guns.

E-Kun: Han Na- Joo- You a cray cray troll wench who is going to jail… GOOD! Master- I can make snacks if you come to the I Love Master Spa. Gong Shil- Please don’t board the plane with Chun Hee. Chun Hee- It was so good to see you being as you were given the short end of the stick in Cyrano. Kang Woo- you got “Little” Sun singing Tae Yang, “Only Look at Me”… can’t you look once?

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