Running Man Headlines: Beijing Fan Meet Edition

Next episode we get to meet Lee Kwang Soo’s Dad. Mark your calendars, I think this is going to be freaking hilarious. Cheers!

RM Ep 164

Ratings Episode 164

1. MBC Real Man 18.6

2. MBC Dad! Where Are We Going? 18.4

3. SBS Running Man 14.1

Next episode on Running Man…

The cast is sans guests as they embark on a mission given to them by a mysterious fangirl. Unfortunately this fangirl is not me. Because if it was, my first mission would be “Fly to the United States and have lunch with Lore”. Dreams….Check out the preview clip below:

This week in Running Man headlines…

Not a whole lot happened. Seriously, pretty much nothing. HaHa was rumored to have started a facebook page, but then it came to light that was not his legitimate page. Gary was supposed to have responded to the recent idol love scandals by tweeting “Let’s see what SM is going to say *snickering*” but it was quickly revealed that his twitter account was not the origin of the tweet (it was a fake Gary twitter account that sent out the message). So, yeah, not a whole lot going on.

While the news has been slow, part of the Running Man cast (Kim Jong Kook, Haha, Gary, and Suk Jin) did take part in a fan meeting in Beijing this past week, so I have decided to make this the Beijing Fan Meeting edition of RM Headlines. So, without further ado, I give you a dump of pics and videos from the fan meeting. And who ever chose It’s Almost Paradise as the opening song- you are my hero. Cheers!

Beijing Fan Meeting 1 Beijing Fan Meeting 2 Beijing Fan Meeting 3 Beijing Fan Meeting 4 Beijing Fan Meeting 5 Beijing Fan Meeting 6

Parting Thoughts- yep still watching it

4 thoughts on “Running Man Headlines: Beijing Fan Meet Edition

  1. Hi Lore, it’s not that Gary’s account been hacked since it wasn’t his real account in the first place. The source was @fakekanggary58, and his real account is @kanggary58.

  2. I stumbled upon this site a few days ago, and I must say… I really love these “Running Men Headline” posts! Catching up on big K-Pop sites have been a chore when I only really care about a selected amount of people, so this is perfect. 🙂 Plus the ratings are an extra plus when I’m curious on how Running Man did this week. Thanks for doing this!

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