Good Doctor: Check it out!

Good Doctor, the new medical drama from KBS2, premiered this week. I had reservations about this show, because…um…Joo Won gained my ire with Level 7 Civil Servant. I was extremely hesitant to see what project he picked next (I guess I anticipated the bad aura of Level 7 would follow him for a bit). So I was pleasantly surprised when I watched the first two episodes of Good Doctor. Not only is this a well written and engaging show, Joo Won is back to being one of my favorites. Okay, he always was a favorite (bad roles or not), I just try to take a stubborn stance.

Drama Club Good Doctor

So check this drama out! And, after you watch, please tune into the newest Drama Fever drama club. I will be reviewing this show with two daebak bloggers, Powerz and Shai. Every week we will squee, and dissect (this seems like a fitting word for a medical drama), and ponder the latest twists and turns of Good Doctor. You can find all of our reviews on Drama Fever’s blog. Cheers!

2 thoughts on “Good Doctor: Check it out!

    • Daebak indeed! Happy to be part of the drama club with you and Shai! Have you watched the latest episodes? The preemie surgery had me turning away more than once!

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