I Hear Your Voice: Best Drama of 2013?


I love this show. Love it. In a wish I could hug it tightly and buy the writers five puppies sort of way. And I have already decided that I Hear Your Voice is probably going to be my favorite drama of 2013. I know it is only July but this drama will be hard to beat in my book. Full of well fleshed out characters and robust writing I am in love. Did I mention I love this show.

ihv 2

We are up to episode twelve of I Hear Your Voice and I have written naught of the show until now. I think it is because I have been simply enthralled by the entire sequence of events, so enthralled I found little time to comment. So now I need to…in the most obnoxious fangirl way. Sorry everybody, but if I was not already redundantly annoying I love this show.

ihv 4

I Hear Your Voice is the story of Park Soo Ha and Jang Hye Sung. The duo first met due to tragic circumstances, Hye sung witnessed the murder of Soo Ha’s father. She subsequently testified to that fact and was threatened by the murderer in turn- he would kill her if that was the last thing he did. Mr. Murderer, AKA Min Joon Gook went to prison for ten years while Soo Ha dedicated his life to protecting Hye Sung from his father’s killer. Mind you, Soo Ha lost track of Hye Sung for ten years and only found her thanks to her public promotion to public defender. Did I mention that Soo Ha also has telepathic abilities?

Yes, this setup could be more makjang than watchable but it is not. Why? Well…..

The Writing

Makjang is makjang for a reason; outrageous plot devices are used to keep people hooked. But at what price? Well, at the price of quality. It is kind of like advertising a sneaker that may make you fly….may is the key word. So while a lot of makjang dramas use plot devices that I Hear Your Voice is currently utilizing they do so in a way that is less than symbiotic and more a deception- in other words they use shock value in the face of plot consistency. What I Hear Your Voice does differently from the bad makjang dramas is to use such devices with consistency. While there is amnesia, the device moves the story forward and not in an unbelievable way.


Soo Ha is afflicted with memory loss, which actually makes everyone around him grow as a person. Unlike a makjang, which would prey upon amnesia like a vulture at a wide open burger stand this drama uses this trope as a jumping off point for our hero and heroine to understand each other in an honest way. Yes, this show has birth secrets and amnesia, but it never dampens the story as a whole with bogged down unnecessary twists and turns. The entire shifting of the plot is in sync with our environment and our characters, which makes me love this show even more.

The Actors

IHV 15

I admit it. I never watched School 2013. However I have a burning desire to do so. Why? Well, the actor that plays Soo Ha is in it. And his performance as Soo Ha is first rate in my opinion. Lee Jung Suk portrays the telepathic high schooler that grows into a man and he does a phenomenal job at the role. From anger to amnesia to simple puppy like innocence I am in love with his talent.

V 55

Lee Bo Young is no joke either. As the still-figuring-it-out public defender Hye Sung, Bo Young makes me like and cheer for her character effortlessly. I have seen many a heroine that left me shaking my fist at my laptop screen for all of their simply idiotic behavior (that goes for heroes as well) but this character is not fist shaking material. She is growing in front of viewers eyes- from her first steps as a lawyer to her reliance on Soo Ha to her actions in the face of his amnesia and murder trial we are treated to a woman that is learning from her mistakes (albeit in a way that makes me cry, just a little).

My love for this show would be incomplete without the acting that makes these characters come alive. For that I salute the cast of I Hear Your Voice.


Suspense & Romance

I know that this is technically part of the writing portion of the production of this show but I have to call it out on its own- this is one suspenseful drama. My heart goes all crazy during any given episode; with the expectations and twists and turns I never know what I will feel at the conclusion of sixty minutes of viewing pleasure. I am literally perched at the edge of my seat, shouting all sorts of things at my computer (sorry hubby, I promise I am not crazy).

love 2

The romance of I Hear Your Voice could easily be controversially played out. After all, Soo Ha is a high school student when he first meets our heroine. However our writers brilliantly moved the story forward to the point he was twenty years old so all of us noonas out there could feel a little better about things. A lot better actually. Instead of being a creepy age gap story Soo Ha and Hye Sung are on equal footing as adults as of episode 12- and I am ever so happy about this. Eight years is a gap, but as adults not an insurmountable gap. Which makes me ever so happy.

So watch it. Serious- this is Nine good. Actually, it is better than Nine. It may just be the best drama of 2013 so far. Cheers!

5 thoughts on “I Hear Your Voice: Best Drama of 2013?

  1. This is definitely the best offering to have come out from the Big 3 (SBS is nailing it!) and that, is really something since it’s coming from a regular cable drama-watcher (I have a long established relationship with tvN lololol). It’s not without its flaws (the law and procedure part of it still leaves much to be desired) but the emotional payoff that you get, is SO. WORTH. IT. I was fine with either ship anyway but looking like it’s shaping up to be a Suha-Hyesung ship now (I approve, that kiss scene in episode 8 was so swoonworthy omg!). Kwanwoo is such an adorable dork with such a flair for heartfelt speeches, but the chemistry is definitely on our OTP’s side. Even if the writer-nim decide to do a 360 and ship Hyesung-Kwanwoo anyway I’d still be happy cause it’s show that’s well-deserved of its ratings. 😀

  2. Yepppp, I love this drama! I really love the writing aspect of it. The writers are really doing well with developing this drama. There is the amnesia but that was used as a springboard and not as the cliched drama device. I am waiting anxiously each each for the eps to come out, like every Wednesday and Thursday I am always checking whether the subbed eps are out yet! This is what a good drama does to you!

  3. I am not sure it can beat NINE. I continue to be weirded out a bit by the noona crushes, but admit, I am counting the hours till I can see the next two episodes of this drama and glad they are extending it for another two. Kind of would love to see Hyesung with Kwanwoo, but get why Suha wins. The supporting cast is amazing, Attorney Shin and his scrunched up face! Hyesung’s mother broke my heart. And the actor playing the crazy Min is superbly nuts. Thanks for loving this drama as much as I am.

  4. It’s 2016. I’ve just entered the K-drama world. IHYV is the 4th drama I’ve watched. And I think I might have peaked too early. Everything pales in comparison now.

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