The Worst Dramas of 2013: The Halfway Point

Kukmin Ilbo recently released a list of the five best dramas of 2013 thus far (according to critics). Which made me think, 2013 is half over? Seriously?! Slow down already. It is hard to believe we are pretty much halfway through this year, especially when I am finding more to watch at the moment than I have in the past five months.

unfortunateI largely agree with Kukmin Ilbo’s article so I really do not have that much to add on the “best dramas thus far” front. But I do have a whole lot of snarky comments in regards to the absolute crap that has been shown this year. As a disclaimer (I hate disclaimers but it feels appropriate before I go on this rant) I like watching things that most people find awful. I have been conditioned to love the so bad they are good- I grew up watching a mixture of campy horror films and MST3K, a perfect primer in the world of nonsensical storytelling and poorly written cinema. In short, I like the bad but sometimes the bad is…just so bad I have to rant.

So here is…drumroll please…the Worst Dramas of 2013 so far according to Lore in Stone Cities. And the awards go to…



Level 7 Civil Servant

Why it is horrible: The drama started out with a promising (if a little scatter brained) premise that devolved into an absolutely horrible unrealistic show about fumbling spies that could rival Maxwell Smart…too bad this was not a show about comedic espionage.

rabid opposum

What it is worse than: Sharing a hotel room with eight rabid opossums

I feel sorry for: The cast. I really do respect the actors that appear in this drama and thought overall they did a good job; it was just the writing sucked. Really sucked. Liked sucked beyond belief. I still love you Choi Kang hee and Joo Won, I won’t hold this one against you I promise!

Iris 2

Iris 2

Why it is horrible: Iris 2 is an action story. So there must be a fast paced awesome story that builds the suspense, right? Wrong. There is no story. Plus every single character makes zero sense. Literally no sense at all. And they are busy fighting for nukes. Yes, I said it- these nonsensical action stars are fighting for weapons of mass destruction. Which should make this at least a teensy bit exciting given the stakes. But it is not. How is that freaking possible! I would say watch this show to find out but I would never subject another to the awfulness that is Iris 2.

threw up

What it is worse than: Do you remember that time your friend threw up all over your new car? Imagine if that was four friends- and your car was a Lexus.

I feel sorry for: Iris. Because the first entry in this thriller series was pretty good. I hate to think it is now associated with the horribleness that is Iris 2.

nail shop paris

Nail Shop Paris

Why it is horrible: No character development. Plus the characters consistently display a lack of simple common sense, which…drives the story forward?! They help people that try to poison them and then give said person’s husband a manicure- to heal the relationship?! WTF. Seriously, is the writer on drugs or drunk?


What it is worse than: You know that delusional guy that hangs out downtown yelling about nonsensical things and imaginary places? Imagine if he wrote a drama…wait, that might be kinda funny!

I feel sorry for: The writers. The fact that this show, while so absurd it is laughable, is actually fun to watch makes me feel like the people behind the story are probably not on the same wavelength as I am especially when I am giggling over the latest plot point. I have a feeling the writers of this drama take their story seriously while the rest of the world is laughing because it is so bad it is good.

So what do you think- what are your worst dramas of 2013 thus far?


4 thoughts on “The Worst Dramas of 2013: The Halfway Point

  1. Loved this rant! It’s not only informative (No L7 for me, Joo Won notwithstanding!) but entertaining as well!

    Let’s hope the 2nd half of 2013 brings less terrible & more awesome!! ^^

  2. True, Iris 2 was pretty damn horrible,specially the use of CGI, plus a lot of actions lacked common sense. For example: yeah we are spies of the Korean Government but we go together to train and have fun on the pool at a hotel in Jeju with our uniforms so everyone knows. Nail Shop Paris is also very weird, I have been seeing it because of Gyuri but almost everything is solved with a good manicure. So I think should go to a nail shop to fix my own problems, that drama based in a world of fantasy.

    • According to NSP a manicure really does fix everything. I am with you- time to mosey on over to a nail salon and solve all my problems 🙂
      I love your example of Iris 2’s lack of common sense actions! This drama was horrible, it made me feel sorry for the first entry in the series to be associated with such crap.

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